That’s a super expert in Shinto realm!

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Don’t look at him, Bai Lie has reached the peak of Dan Dao’s nine-fold cultivation, and he has to become one or two Shinto masters to practice his avatar body, and he has an artifact from Zongmen. However, if he is allowed to accept the Shinto realm, it is still impossible to have the slightest chance of winning!
Shinto bombards the sea to practice the brain’s calculation ability, and its ability to observe some nuances of the external vitality is more than 100 times stronger than that of the Dandao realm department!
Gu Qing’s instantaneous killing of stars at the speed of 300 times, even if a master of Dan Dao and Jiu Zhong can detect his killing trajectory without using magic weapons and magical powers, but a master of Shinto can detect his attack trajectory clearly, and calculate the evasive action in that short time to one second to reach the body and dodge.
This is Shinto. Terrible!
Shinto, immortality and perfection are two completely different realms of comparison.
Deeply understand this. Elder Bailie was shocked by Zhuge Ming’s move out of Nahe Venerable at this moment, so how depressed he was. Strong anger burned, but he was suppressed by Nahe Venerable’s title, which made him sad and almost vomited blood!
But no matter how sad he is, he can bear it
Once the Xinghe Commercial Association moves, it is really angry that it wants to destroy a certain power, which is definitely more terrible than the return of a sword Sect.
"It’s not that easy to provoke me here!" The fierce elders almost shouted, "Guqing, aren’t you capable? Give me out of the Xinghe Commercial Association if you have the guts. I will be interesting to see …"
Elder Bailie’s words haven’t been finished yet, and Zhuge Ming next to him added lukewarm, "Out of the Xinghe Commercial Association, it is the scope of Heaven and Earth City … Heaven and Earth City belongs to a sword Sect!"
"You …"
Zhuge Ming blinked, and the appearance seemed very koo.
"good! Ok! Ok! I’m waiting for you outside the world. Don’t be lucky enough to cultivate a strange avatar and kill it. I have 10 thousand ways to break it! Come and die quickly outside the world! "
As soon as the words are finished, the fierce elders once again gave a roar and rushed out of the Xinghe Commercial Association to drive the flying sword to the outside of heaven and earth! He came together, and two masters of Dan Daozhong hurriedly followed him.
The third volume The stars gather together to fight back to the ninety-seventh fear
"GuQingGe …"
See the fierce elders aggressive blunt go out Zhuge Ming, Liu Qing two people at the same time GuQing worried.
Elder Bailie is in charge of Xuanyang Tianzong’s punishment. After so many years, he has received various benefits, bribing and not counting. Plus, there is an elder behind him, yan wang, who has an artifact in nine cases out of ten!
Artifacts can be different from idle horoscopes and extreme horoscopes, but they have already been initially born. They can not only be keenly aware of the crisis, but also protect the Lord’s autonomy and can conjure up all kinds of terrible power. It is difficult for Dandao experts to resist coercion!
Like Hou Tian Jiuyang, if these two people are entangled with each other, there will be some kind of enter the dragon. However, with Hou Tian offering the artifact of the lost soul clock, the elders of Jiuyang will be shaken to distraction on the spot. If there is no ancient green to contain this period of distraction, Hou Tian will have killed the elders of Jiuyang ten times.
This shows how much an artifact can increase the strength of Dan Tao practitioners.
But now GuQing incredibly want to and have an artifact body hundred fierce elders begin …
At this glance, I was worried that the two of them, Gu Qing, naturally felt that the so-called shook his head. "I have my own discretion in this matter because of the smashing of the incarnation. This hundred strong people have always been bitter about me. Our grievances will be solved sooner or later. Since this time he intends to take the door gauge to pressure me, I’d like to see if even if this so-called door gauge really depresses me, he has the strength to carry out this door gauge."
Say that finish guqing is no longer the two wordy directly out of the No.2 living room driving up the vitality to fly in the direction of the periphery of heaven and earth city.
Seems to be afraid that Gu Qing ran away from the Xinghe Commercial Association, and there was also an elder who was waiting for him to see him fly out. He snorted, "I still think you will continue to be a little puss-head in the Xinghe Commercial Association! Dare to walk out of the Milky Way Business Association. You finally let me respect you a little. "
Gu Qing glanced at the law enforcement director Dan Daozhong and said indifferently, "This is the third time that your language has disrespected me. I hope it won’t happen again!"
"once! ? Haha, if you are doing the right thing, you will not be afraid of being pointed at! ? I think your root is … "
The master of Dan Dao’s heavy Dan Dao didn’t finish his words, but Gu Qing’s figure suddenly moved for a moment, and people have appeared near his range!
However, this Dan Daozhong elder is not an idiot. He knows that Guqing is daring and can do anything to provoke him. When he saw Guqing leaving instantly, he was the fastest to dodge and missed Guqing’s sudden approach!