As if this moment solidified.
Elder broken arrow still kept his sword posture and did not move.
ChuDonghe and Yinjia resin king looked at each other and saw tension from each other’s eyes.
"Who won?"
Two people wonder broken arrow elder moved.
Seeing that his hands were full of magic swords, several cracks suddenly rose inch by inch, and then Elder broken arrow flew out of the forest like a broken kite, and his life and death were unknown.
"Elder broken arrow … defeated?"
Chudonghe heart became hoarse with a vibrato.
Silver armor resin king is also swallowed incredible rubbed his eyes glaring and asked "Li Xuandao why so earth? He … is really the strength of the mysterious realm? "
"Tongxuan boundary layer?"
ChuDonghe slightly breath hurriedly watched intently.
Sure enough!
Li Xuandao’s strength has been cultivated in Tongxuan boundary layer!
"Damn it!"
Chudonghe cursed and felt fear at the same time.
It’s only been two days. How could Li Xuandao rise to Tong Xuan?
It’s terrible to break through one layer a day, isn’t it
If I had known that Li Xuandao had cultivated to the Tongxuan boundary layer, Chu Donghe dared not come to Li Xuandao for trouble.
However, it is already too late.
"Chu Yushi, what shall we do now?"
Silver armor resin king uneasy asked.
"What should I do?"
ChuDonghe face ferocious way "what else can I do? Of course it is! Will you Li Xuandao let us go? "
The king of silver armor resin swallowed saliva and recalled that Li Xuandao couldn’t help but make a cold war with a murderous expression on his face. "Of course it’s impossible."
"In that case, let’s fight!"
ChuDonghe bold way
Just at this time, Li Xuandao had already flown over the heads of the two men, and there was a sound of murder. "Are you two going to apologize yourself or are you going to let me give you a ride?"
"Li Xuandao, don’t be crazy. We haven’t lost yet!"
Silver armor resin king growl a broken right arm into the soil.
Immediately Fiona Fang hundred meters scorched earth instantaneous boiling coils of black ripples like the tide have gathered in the direction of the king of silver armor resin.
After three breaths, the right arm of the king of silver armor corpse has been completely repaired and moved freely, but this right arm is made of mud, and the whole body is dark and stinking, and the whole body looks out of place.
ChuDonghe also took out a purple sword from Gankun Ring, and the purple flames were burning all over, and the look was full of determination.
"Death to Li Xuandao!"
When the word "dead" fell, the figure of the king of silver armor and corpse disappeared in situ. When the word "when the bar" just sounded, his right hand had already printed Li Xuandao’s chest with a pungent smell.
The body breaks the barrier!
Yi Long Juli!
How powerful is a dragon?
More than one million Jin can easily crush a mountain.
However, this time, Li Xuandao did not fly backwards like the second time, but glided for more than ten meters and had stabilized his body
Because the right arm of the silver armor corpse king is made of soil, the explosive force is less than 50%, which failed to cause harm to Li Xuandao, but Li Xuandao’s chest was printed with a dark palm print and smelled bad.
"Jie Jie Li Xuandao, how powerful is this trick of mine?"
King Yin Jia’s corpse laughed wildly. "Although this palm is not powerful enough, it can condense Fiona Fang’s 100-meter underground Shaqi and ptomaine. Even a dragon can’t bear it. How do you feel that your body has become stiff and slow?"
Silver armor resin king laugh wildly Li Xuandao look cold.
He stretched out his chest finger and played the black handprint, and the shocked eyes of the king of silver armor resin slowly disappeared.
"This, this … how is it possible?"
Silver armor resin king look dull has completely speechless.
He took the palm of his hand from the ground, thousands of people died, and scorched earth ptomaine has reached a very horrible level. Although it is exaggerated to poison a dragon, it is no problem to poison a dragon.
However, even the dragon could not bear the poisonous palm and was easily resolved by Li Xuandao.
This simply subverts the common sense of the king of silver armor and resin
"I told you that my body is invulnerable to all kinds of poisons, even the poison of the flying corpse emperor is no worse for me, you little tricks?"
Li Xuandao expression way
Silver armor resin king latosolic red eyes suddenly big drink a way "how dare you say I poison palm is a trick? Looking for death! "
"The corpse master!"