The old priest has been humbled for too long, and now Pu Luocheng, demon fairy and Pu Kui are expected to break through the demon saint, so they just put their hands and feet together to fight for it.

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The status of the Sandian Saint has been extraordinary.
Then the old priest explained to Poirot who should pay attention to before leaving for the demon palace three days later.
Wu Minglai also wants to know more about the chaos of a Shan Gui family, but the old priest doesn’t know much about it. They used to serve the servants of chaos in the Demon God Palace of Shan Gui’s ancestors. Their ancestors’ chaotic temple was completely broken after chaos disappeared and was expelled.
Soon the demon palace will be in sight.
Different from heaven, although it looks like heaven, it is actually another time. The Demon God Palace is not so big, but a huge floating island.
"It seems that the Demon God Palace is going to move the details."
Wu Ming felt more than ten demon holy breath in demon fairy.
I don’t know if I can kill anyone
However, after a long journey with Sanzang in Hezhou, Xi Niu went to a mountain in the third spring to look at the beautiful scenery. It was wheatgrass who embroidered butterflies and danced bees, but she was affectionate.
"Realizing this mountain is extremely high, and then the sky is clear," Sanzang laughed.
Along the way, the four apprentices have changed, but now they are like a family.
Monkey said, "Since ancient times, the Tianshan Mountains have been even more mountainous, but they have not been connected to the Tianshan Mountains."
"Monkey, according to you, Kunlun said Tianzhu?"
"Guy is dissatisfied with the position of the northwest mountain, so he has a strong will."
"Monkey, I heard it was because of the Queen Mother."
The four disciples talked about the noisy entrance into the mountain, and the tigers and wolves blocked the way. They were all beaten away by the three disciples. They crossed the ridge safely, but then they saw a burst of auspicious light and colorful fog, which seemed to be a temple.
Monkey felt a little fierce when he set up the arbor with his hand.
"Brother, are we at the Lei Yin of Lingshan?" Caution asked
"I’m not an old man, but also a frequent visitor to Lingshan. Where can I not recognize him?"
When the four disciples went in to see it, they saw four small screamo temples with bronzing ancient characters in front of the mountain gate.
Sanzang’s faces are all frozen. There was a big screamo temple. What kind of small screamo temple was there? What kind of demon dares to be so bold?
"Master, this is also a Buddhist place. Shall we go in and worship? Brother, you change clothes. "Friar Sand asked.
"What do you think?"
"Some fierce old me looks bad."
Sanzang nodded. "Well, let’s move on."
"Master really won’t worship?" Walker asked, although there is a high probability that it is a trap, Walker thinks it is necessary to cooperate well.
"Poor monks don’t worship fake buddhas"
Then he rode on, and the three disciples took the horse and carried the burden, so they couldn’t hide from each other, but he didn’t want to pretend to visit the fake Buddha.
And that little Lei Yin Huang Mei is blindsided.
"Is this thief and monk blind to see my mountain gate?"
Chapter 46 Road resistance small Lei Yin all the demons San Gui.
Xiaoleiyin temple
"Your Majesty, what should I do if Lao He doesn’t come in yet?" Next to a change Jia Ye honour person small demon asked.
Huang Mei said somberly, "Since he won’t come in, let’s go out and ask the children to take weapons and I’ll go and catch the Tang Priest together!"
Hula, a group of small demons didn’t even lift the smoke screen, so they went out of the hole with Huang Mei with swords and soldiers.
Sanzang and his party didn’t go far, and he didn’t think it was difficult to avoid it.
Not long after, I saw some Buddhas, Lohan, Little Demons and so on coming to surround them with swords and soldiers.
Huang Mei changed into a Tathagata and walked forward with a mace. "Are you a bold Tang Priest who won’t come to my Buddha’s land to worship?"
Looking at this nondescript picture of it, Monkey immediately cursed, "You evil animal dare to impersonate the Buddha. I blame my master for not knowing you, so how dare you come and beg for a beating?"
"Hey, hey, Sun Wu, don’t shout. I know you say you are well-connected. Today, Buddha, I’m going to try your weight. Dare I fight a few times? If you fight too hard, I’ll spare you. If you fight in the past, you won’t be killed. I’ll learn from the scriptures and see the Tathagata. "Cried Huang Mei.
When Monkey saw this, he knew that he would not beat back the evil spirits, and he should not immediately ask Friar Sand to take care of Master and go to meet them with iron bars.
"If you realize that this monster knows your life and dares to threaten to kill, you must rely on it and be careful of its means," Sanzang charged.
Walker heart a clot nodded casually pull a monkey hair to knead in his hand.
"It’s very bold to pour evil animals and dare to ruin the Buddha’s reputation. Don’t go and eat me!"
Monkey couldn’t beat Huang Mei with his stick. He had planned to throw a gold cymbal as soon as he shouted.
Fortunately, Sanzang woke Monkey up secretly, but he left with a body double gust. The gold cymbal swallowed body double’s head and feet with his head and feet.
"Ha, ha, ha, what’s the Monkey King Sun Wu?"
Huang Mei laughed and was very proud, and the little devils also hissed and echoed.
"Come on, grab the Tang Priest back for me."
Dispatch troops, the small demons, warned Friar Sand to immediately protect the master and beat the demons without getting close.
"The monster said that my brother is shameless than fighting but secretly using magic weapons!" Stop cursing
"Joke I said can’t magic weapon? Get me this stupid pig. "
Don’t raise the nail palladium, cover the left and block the right. Sanzang rides a horse and dodges, mindful of his safety.
Monkey, on the other hand, was not in a hurry to start work. The monster was treacherous and I don’t know what to do. Let Sanzang give it a try.
Sure enough, when Huang Mei saw that the demons were too slow to quit, they couldn’t help but get angry and took out a bag from their arms. When they came and went, they threw a shout and rang, and three people were put into it.
"Good evil livestock! What is this baby? How can it be so easy to install them? " Monkey was secretly shocked that this evil beast had two treasures.