Establishing a research team is a must for most modern scientists. The common language of returnees is the so-called "project". The history of the team first made it Edison, an intellectual exploiter. He recruited many researchers to complete the research work together, and then registered patents in the name of the company to make profits. Edison’s team was established until modern times, and all research and patents were owned by the team.

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So Mr. Edison gave birth to more than two patents and the early China class attributed them all to Edison, which made the exploiter and Einstein in the same position and called "two loves"
It was about later that the editor Cong took all kinds of praise from the primary school class when they learned that Edison was a scientific capitalist-Cheng Jinzhou did not expect to have patent profits, but he really needed a better team model.
The usual way of few star warlocks is not suitable for the fast pace of joint venture world.
The carriage made a "tap-tap-tap" sound. In summer, craftsmen still didn’t like the shock absorber, so Cheng Jinzhou simply ran the anti-gravity star array at an appropriate node to make the body float.
It is not easy to make the body float without moving and keep the carriage consistent with inertia. What Cheng Jinzhou has done so far can be included in the textbook of the outer peninsula, which is the perfect control of the star line.
The carriage didn’t stop until Miyagi was commanded by two court guards. Cheng Jinzhou stepped on the back of a servant and walked with his head held high, then looked at the guards with contempt.
That posture is to make him look like a dude.
"Jiang Huang star warlock star warlock residence?"
"Yes, yes," the attendants looked at Cheng Jinzhou’s 14-year-old warlock mark, some stunned first, some small second, and Ma Yang got up.
Cheng Jinzhou slightly lifted the bar.
The court guards were all smart and energetic, and the two immediately scrambled to say, "I’ll show you the way."
Cheng Jinzhou went straight ahead.
The news that warlock Liu Kuang-xing received the royal star warlock is that Jiang Huang-xing warlock can live in the official residence until the official order is reached. If he wishes, the royal family will probably leave the official residence and build a new courtyard for warlock Liu Kuang-xing instead.
No country has too many idle astrologers, and he hopes to return to the central government without astrologers thousands of years ago. He still wants astrologers to compromise in the end.
More precisely, the Xia Dynasty always asked the astrologers to compromise.
When the compromise fails, the dynasty means the end.
Cheng Jinzhou slightly organized a language before knocking on the door.
Behind the ink, the guards will be driven far away.
Even without the title of Royal Star Warlock, Jiang Huang Star Warlock is still the most powerful person in the whole summer, and a star warlock apprentice will come to the door soon.
"Mr Cheng Jinzhou?" Apprentice recognized Cheng Jinzhou at a glance with a slight surprise.
"I’m here to meet the warlock Jiang Huang." Cheng Jinzhou looked in. "Can I come in?"
The apprentice of "I’ll lead the way" is very clever. He can’t refuse a high-level sacrifice in the temple, but he can determine the other party’s behavior by leading the way.
Chapter two hundred and twenty-nine Artillery Mathematics
Jiang Huangxing warlock is still doing complicated calculations in his workshop.
Mathematicians are actually stubborn, intelligent and stubborn, but they almost label that they will not believe in spoken words unless they have conclusive evidence, but will insist on their own research.
Tragedy lies in the fact that it is very difficult to have a conclusive proof in cutting-edge research. Usually, the arguments for and against the conclusion will be in dispute for some years, such as the theory of historical quantity of historical calculus … As a result, more and more mathematicians will repeat their research.
Of course, some professors who are called mathematicians live by repeated research. They are the sweet end and painful starting point of the scientific pyramid at the bottom of the advanced pyramid.
The real scientist is unhappy and the disguised researcher is happy. In Jinzhou’s past life, he hoped to be a happy pseudo-researcher, but when he seemed to be about to succeed, he came to the summer and seemed to be a real researcher of uncertain happiness.
Nothing is more wonderful than this.
The apprentice of the former Star Warlock in Jinzhou deliberately stepped on heavy steps, then stopped in front of the workshop and said slightly loudly, "Sacrifice my Lord, please let me report to the inside."
When you get to the second door, you can’t say that you are treated. Cheng Jinzhou can’t check it. He nodded and motioned for Shi Mo to wait outside.
Star warlock apprentice took two steps forward and pushed the door just enough for Cheng Jinzhou to see the whiteboard in the room.
From the dense numbers and curves, it can be seen that Jiang Huangxing warlock also studies calculus.
He did not give up basic research because Cheng Jinzhou created the whole.
Cheng Jinzhou couldn’t help shaking his head. Although he may have robbed Jiang Huang or some other gentleman of the honor of "Creating Man by Calculus", it has little influence on the mathematical world-if there is anything to say, it will be a loss to others at most.
Mathematicians will discover calculus almost at this time.
However, it is a pity that the warlock Jiang Huang will repeat the research in time.
Until entering the Jiang Huang Star warlock project, Jinzhou still recognizes this.
But soon the problem of Jiang Huang’s star warlock made Cheng Jinzhou himself underestimate the intelligence of the star warlocks.
"According to your theory, we can accurately know the tangent and direction of the curve, and we can understand the curve a little. Is this the case?" Jiang Huangxing warlock said that simple answers can be derived from calculus.
Cheng Jinzhou nodded naturally.
"That we preset star array situation can make the original curve attack more accurate? For example, a trebuchet or a physical launching star array. Well, maybe wave attack and light wave attack can also be used to determine the attack position? Or a projectile? Hit from one direction and want a position? " The problem of Jiang Huang’s warlock made Cheng Jinzhou alert.
But Cheng Jinzhou still nodded in respect of science.
Jiang Huangxing’s warlock performed a simple and simple artillery measurement technique to Cheng Jinzhou along with the paper-calibrating the triangle ranging of various elements and even moving after attacking and then attacking …
Cheng Jinzhou was completely stunned.
The most beneficial science is war-it’s like a mistress who values reality and ignores the environment and the future. Everything is now. Now rich and powerful men pursue it, most of the time it’s a secret, and sometimes ordinary people want to put an end to war and mistresses. Generally speaking, neither goal can be achieved.
The warlock Jiang Huangxing didn’t pay attention to the expression of Jinzhou. He lit a whiteboard full of images with a quill pen and said confidently, "It is indeed more convenient for you to design calculus than me. The wisdom of young people is always unexpected."
Then he went on with calculus to describe his new discovery.
Obviously, Jiang Huang’s astrologer has changed Cheng Jinzhou’s calculus, but the quality is the same, but it is more suitable for astrologers, which makes him have an advantage over Leijiacha etc.