"That one is also manipulating you now. You still look resentful when you submit to it. It’s not as realistic as me, so you just keep it. You don’t want to raise three wolves."

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"It’s not necessarily a bad thing to be a puppet. Besides, the four sides are competing, but you can’t obey one side. You can’t be a good person, an evil person, an evil person and a strange person. You can’t get a result in the end."
Yuan Huang’s self-address also became indifferent, instead of being close to me, he put pressure on the three kings from a high position.
In an instant, the majesty of the heavenly heart makes them breathless, as if they were going to die for an instant, and their form and spirit were doomed!
Suddenly, the king of Tianluo was poured cold water on his head and immediately bowed and said, "I dare not!"
"It’s a thing of the past that was cited by the traitor … at that time, the Taoist temple of the Great Sage of Buddhism and Dragon, Wang Fangshi, Luo Yong, Mr. Jin Han, the Confucian scholar of the six kings … I waited for the emperor, but the success or failure of the quartet puppet was all about the quartet competition, not our strength! Now, if you give us divine power, we will not be tempted by the four ways to make prosperity. "
"At that time, we will wait for the Heaven Road, that is, the Heaven Road, that is, the Heaven Road, and we will serve the Lord from generation to generation with two hearts!"
Tianluo Wang made a sincere speech and Yuan Huang laughed.
"Don’t be so afraid."
Tianluo Wang "every word is true and absolutely false!"
Lai and Tian Zun also said, "Please show me the beauty of the chaotic fairy. We are stupid and don’t know what is wrong with this good and evil without a collar. Will the fairy human body still suffer?"
"But to say, I’ve been waiting for immortality, but I don’t know if it’s because of the underworld …"
Emperor Yuan: "You are chaotic fairies. Who are you, Du Jie?"
He sighed without shaking his head.
Too stupid.
I have already helped you, because you have been a fairyland since ancient times, but only recently returned to the source. The Yuan Tianzun was born in the late Han Dynasty, Wei and Jin Dynasties, and the gods and demons were attached to the Yuan Tianzun. How can you be tested by these later things?
Even in ancient times, there was no magic test.
There is no magic bullet?
Yuan emperor issued a chuckle.
Perhaps it is precisely because all immortals think so that God’s will, which has been sleeping, was finally awakened and sent its own "substitute".
One thousand three hundred goodness is just like the same. There is no devil’s world in the world that fears heaven and mind.
"Although your heels are ancient, you don’t have to go through the magic test."
"But who told you that there was no disaster after soaring?"
"Immortals don’t have a view of good and evil because there is no heaven in their mountains and rivers, and where is the disaster punishment? But now god’s will is no longer difficult to ask, and the disaster that really belongs to the fairy has already come. "
"Chaos fairy benefits you will gradually know that this is really binding and not bound by the world. You are Vientiane, Rosen and Vientiane, and you occupy an image. Let’s tell you a similar possession method first …"
"Although you can’t touch the Heaven any more, you will soon understand that you don’t need to touch the Heaven any more. So-called Taiyi and Daluo, you must also understand the state of mind of heaven. That is a very distant road for you, and it is not something you can think about yet."
Come and wonder with the Buddha, "Are you not a chaotic fairy?"
Yuan emperor "those who are chaotic are not necessarily chaotic immortals"
Brother Jade Qing’s identity is much higher than that of Chaos Fairy, but sooner or later, Brother Jade Qing’s identity will die, and that’s when he really gets complete.
Chapter two hundred and twelve Was a decent man.
"See you again!"
"I don’t know if you still have a seat!"
King Lu shouted at Ji Xiang and predicted at the same time.
"I am rebellious, but you dare to trespass and slay a dynasty captaincy! Great sin! Your consequence will soon appear. "
"First, don’t let Emperor Wanli believe you now, so you can pretend that nothing happened."
"Second, you may not know that Wang Neng was killed by the emperor! Once you kill the king, then a wish will emerge from the great power and add to your body, which is a kind of poison. "
"When Emperor Zhengde came here, Wang Yang put down Ning Wang’s rebellion, and Wu Zong came here to release Ning Wang again and capture him. Then a fire rose and burned him alive. Guess what this is?"
"vanity is on the one hand, and on the other hand, it is to avoid harmful things."
Words will say that finish Qin Nvxiu then took the woman.
"So there is no problem if you don’t have the prestige of the court to kill you?"
Lu Wang’s neck Qin women’s long Dao has suddenly chopped down!
However, when the weapon was added to the body, King Lu suddenly collapsed like dust and then disappeared in full view!
Long knives fall to the ground and cut everywhere! A fairy realm knife wind rises from the ground, making many monks in the field fly away towards the Sifang mountain forest!
This Dao Mang chopped all the way to Xiaoling Shinto and was dissolved. In an instant, Xianwei was scattered and it was difficult to shake the Mausoleum of Mao.
"This is, is this a solution!"
Qin Nvxiu stared at the sight of Wang Lu’s physical body disappearing, but he went away. There is no doubt that Wang Lu was already very weak at this time, but he let him enter the "military solution" with a knife!
Military solution is to solve a kind of external killing force and perform such solution when destroying one’s physical body. The spirit and flesh are separated, and the soul can escape into the underworld. The Ministry of Skill turns to the soul. The good deeds and evil deeds done in the previous life are all cleared up with the military solution, and when the physical body is rebuilt, the robbery has disappeared and the immortal can be achieved!
Ji Xiang reached out and turned the whole Meihua Mountain with her left arm from the west at the same time!
Smash the void!
Outside the Xiaoling Mausoleum, the virtual world oscillates inch by inch, such as the Lei Zhen landslide sound, and the double straight peaks are repeated, and then gradually decrease. Finally, it seems that nothing has happened.
Smashing the void didn’t shatter the soul of King Lu, but it killed many wandering ghosts outside this mountain.
"The soul is gone."
Ji Xiang frowned, but soon her brow relaxed.
Due to the slow manifestation of King Jing’s brand at this time, perhaps the roar of King Lu’s last death was very hostile, so King Jing’s brand actually added the state of King Lu at this time.
"It’s a little unexpected!"
Ji Xiang looked at Qin Nvxiu. "It’s not a soldier’s solution. He is indeed dead."
Qin female Hugh surprised "what? No, the body touches me, and the blade collapses like dust. This is the state of liberation. The Yuan God replaces the death of the body and the soul gains a lifetime of merit and destroys all the evils before liberation. "