Hearing Yang Yun’s words, the bald head directly trembled with fear, and then hurriedly said, "Elder sister, we can’t help it if you calm down. Our leader gives it to us. We can’t refuse it. We don’t want to ambush the drug god Valley Lord."

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Then Yang Yun shook his head with a silver needle in his hand. "Which side do you belong to?" Anything to ambush me, the god of medicine, the Lord of the valley, has attracted me one by one. "
Baldheaded looking at Yang Yun’s hand that a pair of silver needles shook his face muscles for two times and then hurriedly said, "I recruit me for everything."
Then the bald head made it clear about his origin and what he wanted to ambush the drug god Gu Yuan.
After stopping the bald head to explain, everyone suddenly realized, "Oh, that’s it."
It turns out that this bald man is a small captain in a medium-sized base. He led more than 20 people here to ambush him, just to seize the owner of the drug god Valley and let his old man’s house treat the head of the base.
It is said that one of the top leaders in their base is seriously ill, and they are dying. He is in charge and asks the Valley Master, the God of Medicine, to help him.
However, the owner of Yaoshen Valley refused their request when he heard about the things in their base.
The leaders who invited people were almost half angry and almost lost their temper on the spot.
However, the strength of several leaders is not very high, but the sixth-order drug god, Gu Gu, was thrown out.
When these leaders are not angry, they discuss a plan to send a high-end team to ambush the Valley Master and catch him in the past.
Some time ago, the god of medicine, Gu Gu, went out on business. He left and was still alone.
The bald men here are waiting for the Valley of Medicine God to launch a sneak attack and capture the Lord of the Valley alive.
But what they didn’t think was that they didn’t wait for the medicine god, Gu Gu, but waited for Lin Ying.
And they were all knocked unconscious.
Yang Yun frowned after hearing the bald head explanation and said to Lin Ying with some worry, "Since these people want to catch the Valley Master, will they lose their patience and go directly to the Valley Master to catch him?"
Lin Ying said with the wave, "I don’t think so. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been waiting here all the time. They don’t know where the valley has gone."
At this time, Qing Muyang pulled out a sword and made a gesture toward the bald neck. "Eldest brother, do you want to cut them down? After all, we have to hurry. "
Qing Muyang said that the bald head was scared to pee directly and quickly pleaded, "Please don’t kill me, please don’t kill me. What do you want? I’ll give you anything if you let me go. "
Qing Muyang didn’t move at all, holding a long sword, continuing her bald head and neck strokes, and measuring the best position of the knife by hand.
The bald head trembled with fear. "Brother, don’t kill me. I can give you a lot of supplies, food and women. I can give you as much as you want. Please don’t kill me. Don’t kill me."
At this time, Yang Yun suddenly waved at Qingmuyang, saying, "Crazy, wait, let him live first. When the Valley Master comes back, we will let him carry something to Yaoshen Valley.
We don’t have the habit of storing grain at ordinary times, but now we are almost out of food. Didn’t he say that he can give us whatever we want?
When the time comes, let him pull me a few hundred tons of grain. "
Bald just breathed a sigh of relief and fell into panic again after hearing Yang Yun’s words.
He begged for mercy and said that most of these were false.
Now people can do anything and say anything if they live.
Who cares if you say those things are not true?
Now Yang Yun wants him to transport hundreds of tons of grain. Isn’t that killing him?
However, on second thought, the bald man wants to have a chance to remain immortal after he dies.
Wouldn’t it be nice to think of a way to fool around with food then?
Thought of here, the bald head immediately said, "Thank you, this girl, for not killing Eun. Thank you, thank you. After this is over, I will definitely pull you 100 tons of grain to repay you for not killing Eun."
Chapter one hundred and seventy-five Things have changed