Ji Xinghe didn’t continue to watch the stars and the moon next to him. This situation won’t be a problem. When he got along with the stars and the moon for a long time, Ji Rongxinyue won’t make any mistakes. He reassured his mechanic.

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Children are happy to play with the stars and the moon, but Ji Xinghe is not happy because it is not training or playing at all, but a birthday present.
Today is Ji Rongxinyue’s sixth birthday, and she didn’t really turn six until today.
A few days ago, Ji Xinghe asked Ji Rongxinyue what birthday gift she wanted. After thinking for a few days, Ji Rongxinyue finally told Ji Xinghe the answer earlier today.
"I want them to drive the stars and the moon."
"Because they all want to drive the stars and moons … they are as poor as before."
No one knows how sad Ji Xinghe was when he promised, just as no one knows Ji Rongxinyue hid in the corner last night. She was in the machine repair area with her bracelet on and asked Xingyue seriously if she would like to.
Of course, Xingyue will say yes, because it comes from the instructions of Ji Rongxinyue, and it obeys all the instructions of Ji Rongxinyue. This is its meaning one.
Everything went smoothly, directing the children to take turns to experience driving the mecha, and Rong Xinyue didn’t seem unhappy.
But is this really a birthday present for Ji Rongxinyue?
Is she really happy?
Ji Xinghe, an ongoing mechanic, did not disturb the rhythm of his work because of these thoughts. His hands were very stable and his efficiency was still high. He also made a decision.
Little by little in the past, the children finally took turns to experience the’ driving’ mecha, which made them feel more emotional than.
Ji Rong Xin Yue saw the progress of Ji Xinghe and made a decision. She asked these children to take turns driving the mecha again.
After taking turns twice, it was already dinner, and some children didn’t go to the cafeteria to eat. Ji Rongxinyue didn’t go, but she had to wait for her grandfather to eat together.
Ji Xinghe stopped what he was doing and went to the side of Xingyue, Ji Rongxinyue.
"Want to try it?"
"No, Grandpa, I can drive the stars and the moon every day. Go to work and let’s go to dinner together."
"When I say go, I mean go to the noodles."
Ji Rongxin was shocked. She knew that the base of life was everywhere, which means …
"Want to go?"
Ji Rong Xin Yue Xin laughed and followed Ji Xinghe into the cockpit of Xingyue and sat in her exclusive position. This is still her exclusive position, because Xingyue only has a real driver when she sits here.
Ji Xinghe, the designer and builder of Xingyue, is also a temporary driver and a driver.
Shen Mu, Su He and others didn’t know that a birthday cake was prepared in the dining hall of No.5 base when the moon and the moon left the base with their grandsons.
"Su He, aren’t you with Lao Ji every day? Why don’t you come to dinner?"
"You asked me to come and help you prepare your birthday party, or I wouldn’t know what Lao Ji and Yan Yan were doing."
"I let you help? I’m not ready when I’m working hard. What do you think you’re prepared for? "
"You mean I’m free, so I’ll go?"
Chapter 147 It’s unfair to them
"Does Xinxin want to try driving the stars and the moon in a real sense?"
"Is that okay?"
Ji Rong Xin Yue cheered and then tried to exercise according to the method he learned before.
Different from all the federal systems, there are two sets of driving systems in the cockpit, like two seats in the cockpit. This design scheme is not the first time that the most federal designs have been made after the emergence of the mecha. Those mechs with larger bodies and an average height of about meters have used the double driving mode design.
One driver is responsible for controlling the movement of the mecha, and the other driver is responsible for controlling the firepower system of the mecha. In a sense, this kind of mecha is more like tanks and armored vehicles.
However, after many experiments, it is found that this design is not desirable. When the height of the mecha reaches about meters, the self-weight will increase, and it is necessary to carry extra ammunition boxes to ensure the sufficient firepower system, which will greatly reduce the moving speed and flexibility of the core engine mecha with the same power.
This way to build mecha is not as good as directly building tanks or armored vehicles.
"Grandpa, I’m ready."
"Come on"
Ji Xinghe gave up the exercises on the stars and the moon, which made the stars and the moon calm down. He can clearly see all the exercises of Ji Rongxinyue from the perspective of the visual window. If there is a problem, Xing Xinghe will refuse to carry out the exercises. If it is the intelligent unification of the stars and the moon, Ji Xinghe can also stop it at any time.
Ji Rong Xin Yue is very cautious. She wears glasses to show almost the same picture as Ji Xinghe. Without joystick and pedal, there are two ways for her to operate the moon and the stars: voice interaction and brainwave induction.
The former, as its name implies, tells the moon and the moon what to do. If the instructions are in the moon and the moon database, the moon and the moon can make them.