"Do you believe it or not?"
"then let me tell you what I think."
Li Yuanba hesitated a little and then said, "I don’t think Kantevez is fit to be commander-in-chief. His involvement with capital will make this war complicated."
Ji Xinghe’s expression "Then let your father not unload"
"If you don’t unload it, it will really get messy." Li Yuanba sighed. "I think Tu Yuan is fine. If you hadn’t broken his leg in public, he would have a great chance."
Ji Xinghe is silent.
Li Yuanba continued.
"It’s a small thing that you broke his leg, which really made Tu Yuan’s chances slim. At that time, he took the blame for you, that is, he wouldn’t let you take the independent regiment to the War Mark Canyon for support.
This seems to many people to be a very selfish line.
And this blame also leads to another blame, that is, he won’t let you take the heroes’ bones home.
Many people think this kind of feeling is very suitable for being commander in chief, but people don’t like this kind of feeling. I support Tu Yuanqing and understand his feelings, but I don’t like it either.
And you asked the Federation for that account, so that seven people died and more than 100 people were arrested, and some of them are now dead.
Many people seem to be fighting because Tu Yuan wants to be commander-in-chief. Middle-level officers don’t know the specific reasons and can’t know the truth. They will think that Tu Yuan, a civilian general, is not suitable to lead the army because the army should not engage in these things, although they all know that this is inevitable.
So I think you should help Tu Yuan. After all, if he didn’t take the blame for you and wouldn’t let you break his leg, your independent group wouldn’t get 300 pieces of mountain cutting, and your rank of major general would have to wait until now. "
Li Yuanba said Ji Xinghe’s expression remained unchanged or facial expression.
"You speak more than I do. Your father is also a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. More than half of the people respect your father. You can’t help Tu Yuan. How can I help him?"
Li Yuanba laughed.
"I didn’t talk to you about these things before because I knew you couldn’t help Tu Yuan, but now it’s different. Xingyue can help Tu Yuan."
Ji Xinghe frowned slightly. "How can I help?"
Li Yuanba’s expression is indifferent. "The easiest way to kill Kantevez."
Xingyue was shocked. You are my master. What a big boy!
If it weren’t for the fact that they were too close together, Li Yuanba’s hearing was very strong, and the truth of Xingyue must be screamed out in Ji Xinghe’s ear.
"The moon and the stars can’t do it."
Ji Xinghe told another white lie. Although he has decided to do so, he is not going to let anyone know about it.
"What can’t be done?"
Li Yuanba asked some unexpected questions: "The moon and the moon can control three mecha at the same time. This ability can invade the worse. It can be done by manipulating individual exoskeleton armor or manipulating various robots. Even if you don’t want to cause too bad influence, you can kill Kentevez by mild means, such as poisoning the worse. Almost all food is made by robots."
"Because of Nu Wa"
Ji Xinghe once again proved a truth that a lie often needs dozens of lies to supplement it.
"If the moon and the moon act like this, they will be discovered by Nu Wa and reported."
Li Yuanba suddenly laughed again, and the smile was brighter than before. Forty teeth were exposed neatly and very white.
Xingyue finally couldn’t help it.
"Don’t show off your forty teeth. You really have forty teeth. Are you the Buddha? Ji Xinghe now has forty teeth harder than you. "
At the same time, Li Yuanba and Ji Xinghe sounded in their headphones, and both of them could hear the sound in each other’s headphones.
Li Yuanba finally closed his mouth and then opened it.
"Then forget it."
"What about the independent regiment? How do you arrange it? "
"You have to take this responsibility?"
"I’m not suitable. I want to know."
"Give it to Li Han."
Li Yuanba finally gave up talking to Ji Xinghe about this kind of thing.
"What’s with the anger?"
This time, Ji Xinghe didn’t hide what he knew about everything, whether it was confirmed or guessed and analyzed.
Li Yuanba reached out to Ji Xinghe after listening.
Ji Xinghe did not hesitate to hold Li Yuanba’s hand, and then he passed away. Now that he has mastered the spirit, it won’t hurt people. If he can’t find a gift method, he will come to treat the children of Ji Rongxinyue.
Whether it takes ten or twenty years, he will be cured, even if it will make him unable to participate in this war and continue to take revenge.
After getting the spirit of Ji Xinghe, Li Yuanba let go and felt all the changes carefully.
After a while, he reached out to Ji Xinghe again.
Ji Xinghe is angry again
This time, there was a roaring wind in the boxing room in Li Yuanba, which looked amazing.
Ji Xinghe frowned slightly. He could see Li Yuanba’s approximate strength from Li Yuanba’s state of practicing boxing.
If you don’t make the gas force really fight, Li Yuanba and he should be 50-50
It’s a pity that this guy doesn’t want to beat himself, so he can’t beat him up for revenge.
Ji Xinghe regretted that Li Yuanba had stopped to reach out to Ji Xinghe for the third time.
Xingyue couldn’t help but say, "What do you take Ji Xinghe as? Didn’t I leave you a duke gorilla? You can inflate it. "
Li Yuanba walked over and said, "That orangutan may not be obedient. What if it wants to kill me?"
"Don’t you always want to die?"
Just because I want to die doesn’t mean I’ll die.
"Then you’re not afraid of Ji Xinghe destroying your mouth?"
"I can’t come back today if he wants to kill me." Li Yuanba looked at Ji Xinghe and kept smiling. "Am I right?"
Ji Xinghe was noncommittal. It seemed easy to be angry with Li Yuanba for the third time.
When Li Yuanba was angry, he had already shut up and closed his eyes, and then once again, he realized his posture.