Hsuanchan also asked Ge why Yu Xin’s degree of cultivation would be so high in the world. It was ten years before slow three actually cultivated until the late Du Jie. According to his original estimate, Yu Xin could also reach the realm of Mahayana.

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Ge explained that Yu Xin’s physique has not been completely transformed and perfected yet, and it needs to be baptized by the apocalypse and then broken through to the first order, so that it can be regarded as the transformation. The transformation effect of heaven and earth is qualitatively different from that of manpower. Even if this is the acquired transformation, we should try our best to borrow heaven and earth. This is the so-called congenital difference.
Only by transforming the acquired with innate strength can the acquired transformation be closer to the innate.
Although it’s not Taibai, Hsuanchan doesn’t ask Ge any more after hearing this. In that case, he naturally has his reasons and waits for the result with peace of mind. At the same time, Hsuanchan is also looking forward to what will happen to himself after he has made a breakthrough and reached the first order. He has always been looking forward to it.
At the moment, the imaginary party is ringing with thunder and thunder, and the punishment crack is still slowly flying in the rain. Xin has come from Hsuanchan’s arms, and the two hands have been brought together and looked up at the imaginary party together.
There, dark clouds with soft blue light are slowly gathering together without pulling, and it is really amazing that the four people will blink for a hundred miles. The blue arc flashes from time to time and a frightening momentum is pressing on Yu Xin’s heart, and the power of Armageddon appears.
It’s hard to say that Hsuanchan’s face is sombre, and it’s hard to say that there are thousands of people in the form of Du Jie’s Armageddon. There may be thousands of kinds of words that can be written in advance and their own state can be adjusted to the best. This is king. It’s hard to say that everything else has been prepared, and it’s impossible to make it face to face with luck.
Although very sure, Chen Xuan still has a feeling that he is a little uncomfortable. Now others are helping Yu Xin. Everything depends on her.
Suddenly, an old man dressed in a black robe stood in front of four people and stopped them from flying forward. Hsuanchan’s eyebrows suddenly frowned and saw a strange flame sign on the old man’s chest and heart. Who else could it be if it wasn’t the palace?
Ge and punishment crack smiled at each other strangely, and punishment crack took the lead in saying, "Isn’t this the three elders of Lian Palace?" Excuse me, what can I do for you to stop us? "
At this time, Yu Xin quietly explained to Chen Xuan, "This man is the third of the seven elders in the Palace of Susong, and he has achieved the goal of worshipping the hermit in the early stage. Both Ge Bobo and Uncle Xing have the seventh-order late and mid-term repairs. I am worried …"
"Hum, what is it?" Worship the fierce cold so way "what did you do in Qinglian Pavilion? You even have the face to ask me. Since you don’t speak morality first, don’t blame us. You’re welcome." Said Worship the fierce sen coldly looking at Yu Xin and Hsuanchan. "Today, I’m smart enough to take this girl away and this little … I can’t stay in this world or you will all die."
It’s obvious that she has already known about Hsuanchan and Yu Xin. It’s only necessary to see them holding hands now and everything will be white.
"Why? Elder Bailey chased us all the way for so long to say these meaningful words? " Ge light irony way
At the same time, the crack of punishment also sounded in Hsuanchan and Yu Xin’s ears. "Two little guys, you go first and find a place to cross the sky to go here. My second child and I are not worried that our strength is a little inferior to this old guy, but at least we can stay for a while. Master elder brother and fourth child are now hiding in the dark and ready to support us. This time, we must let the king of the palace get more than one bargained."
"Ah …" Chen Xuan couldn’t help zheng and looked at each other as quickly as Yu Xin. It turned out that this time they deliberately walked so slowly, but it was the best opportunity to seduce Yu Imperial Secretary. Now Yu Xin’s Armageddon is coming.
Jueliang and Yan Qingwu are here. If that’s the case, it’s hard not to lose money this time except for the most two Qinglian pavilions.
"Go" Chen Xuanguo broke a rain Xin and flew to one side at the fastest speed. The three of them were better off fighting themselves.
Armageddon followed the two men all the time.
It seems that several other disciples in Qinglian Pavilion are very unhappy with the Lian Palace. This time, it seems that they are ready to repay them. When Yu Xin was reincarnated for tens of thousands of years, it was just a waste of time. I don’t know that Shui Qinglian, the Lord of the Lian Palace, has a good friendship with the East. What kind of reaction will it have after knowing this?
The friendship between them is really good. It is the best proof that Shui Qinglian promised to marry Xiao Yang without asking Yu Xin.
"Hum, hum ….." Bai Lie looked at Hsuanchan and Yu Xin, two people left the back, and a sneer at Ge and the punishment crack. Two people looked at him with strange smiles. Don’t Ge’s usual temperament is elegant, but his bones are also full of blood and evil. This is probably because men have one side and punishment crack, not to mention fighting together. He is passionate, but this time he can ruthlessly go to the palace and has been unhappy with the punishment crack for a long time. Naturally, he is excited.
"Burst …" Hot fire waves flashed randomly and were broken into a long mouth, while Ge and the criminal crack had already flashed away, and they fought fiercely to draw a comparison. These seven-order masters who were fighting in the sinking Xinghai Xiao Qian and the Sundial had gathered a lot, but although there was no earth-shattering scene, there were some dangers in the battle, and three people knew that if they were not very good, they would die. Compared with the two battles, Xiao and Japan, it seemed a little childish.
Of course, it was Hsuanchan who saw the ice and gave it to him. Jade Jane realized that there was a fierce battle behind him. At this moment, he had no feeling that the apocalypse would come soon. Now he is moving away from the three-person fighting place as quickly as possible.
At this moment, a young man with a yellow robe flew not far from the hypotenuse. According to the calculation, he should fly over Chen Xuan from tens of thousands of miles away. He was slightly tight in his heart. He said that he was at least in the third-order these years and rushed to the road of fate. They naturally met many strange clouds and immortals. At that time, there were natural things like Ge and punishment.
But now I can’t guarantee it
Let’s not say whether this man is lurking in the palace, even if he is really an ordinary passing fairy, they are both in danger now.
In this way, Ge has given Hsuanchan a talisman, saying that it is Shuiqinglian himself. His refining effect is very powerful, which can prevent the ninth-order repairman from seeing through his enlightened identity. But now Yu Xin’s head is facing the apocalypse, and anyone can see at a glance that they are "smuggling" from the boundary, because this immortal will not improvise and give birth to any evil intentions.
The theory of punishment cracking and Yan Qingwu are hiding in the dark at the moment, waiting for an opportunity to attack the imperial secretary, but who knows if this is true or not? Maybe it is the feeling of punishment cracking to comfort them? Hsuanchan can’t ignore this. It may happen in case.
I’m always nervous and ready at any time.
The yellow robe people suddenly waved a roll and a strong suction after two people passed by. At once, two people hit Hsuanchan and Yu Xin and their bodies moved uncontrollably to the yellow robe people. Even though they were ready in advance, they still couldn’t help themselves.
Chen Xuan’s heart sank to the ground. This man was really attracted to the palace. What should we do now? It’s rare … Just at the moment, an old rusty sword, like the original one, has been there all the time, and naturally appeared in a thousand omens and crossed the yellow robe youth neck, and a stream of hot blood sputtered out.
"Uh, well … rude sword, guest" The light in the eyes of the young man in yellow robe is dim and his head moves. His neck is separated, and there is still a hint of disbelief in his eyes.
A cold figure appeared next to the corpse of a young man in yellow robe. From his lonely figure, Chen Xuanxun recognized that he was Qinglian Buddha’s eldest brother-a man who was called a heartless swordsman by all circles in the middle of the order.
"Little girl, you don’t run anymore, just stay here in Du Jie." The magic rusty sword disappeared from his right hand as soon as the tunnel wrist was turned over.
"ah? Oh, "Hsuanchan suddenly during the rain Xin is smiling at him now. Hsuanchan can’t help staring back and then retreating to one side. It’s really a little embarrassing to feel in his heart.
It’s the first time that Hsuanchan’s sword can be so handsome, unique and cold, and the style of that sword is really handsome and cool. That kind of free and easy feeling makes him feel dark and cool. It’s really a "good sword" to chop and chop the virtual evil sword like that before.
Rain Xin spat out his tongue and smiled a little naughtily, then immediately calmed down and called out all the defense magic weapons to prepare for the coming of Armageddon.
Chapter 14 Nature of Water Armageddon
The water blue arc is flickering, and the clouds are full of water attributes, and the power is violent and soft, giving people a very contradictory feeling.
Hsuanchan secretly estimated that this time the rain Xin Armageddon should be pure water, and it will not be abnormal like other times. There is a great chance that the five elements will be safe in Du Jie this time. After all, it should be easier for her to be a practitioner of pure water attribute constitution to survive the pure water attribute Armageddon.
Kuang Yuxin is not as unprepared as he was in other times, even lacking in Dan medicine to supplement his skill.
"Shout …" A deep and remote blue snake turned straight.
"Where to go" is rare. Suddenly, with a sip of rusty sword, it reappears in your hand, and your body suddenly disappears. It suddenly appears in another position hundreds of thousands of miles away. Before … Three blood lines burst out with the same three bodies, reappearing the heads flying high, and the mind consciousness has been completely destroyed, leaving a dead body.
Four separated bodies floating in the universe and three people lost in the palace.
The water-blue flying sword is still the flying sword that made the spirit water attribute when Yu Xin fixed the true boundary. It is not that there is no better replacement, but that she is used to this one. It is better to change it now if she wants to change it for a short time.
And at this time, Yu Xin-xiu is not suitable for those first-order and second-order magic weapons, and the words of the spirit device and the spirit device now seem to have little meaning. It should be that this flying sword has been modified after it arrived at Qinglian Pavilion.
"Burst …" The light-flashing snake can’t be evaded by the flying sword, but it can also attack and confront except the body.
At the beginning of Armageddon, it is better to attack and resist if it is not forced like Hsuanchan, although it will consume a little more real money.
This handle was transformed once by Ge after it arrived in Qiyun Fairyland. The performance of flying sword is really extraordinary, although it is not too powerful, but it has been turned over several times. Otherwise, Yu Xin would not choose this flying sword Du Jie.
The first wave of Armageddon was so easily split by Yu Xin’s sword. Hsuanchan saw that she didn’t have 70% strength … The first wave of Armageddon was so easy. There will be a few more waves. It’s hard to say. Guess there will be seven waves less! This is still a conservative estimate. Some people have nine waves, ten waves, thirty-six waves and seventy-two waves.
However, the robbery that was scattered by the rain Xin did not disappear, but turned into several clouds of water attributes and continued to fall to the rain Xin, where the flowers flashed.
A few clouds of haze are not so fast, and the next day’s doom is not urgent. Chen Xuan relaxed a lot in his heart. The force of these fogs is not very strong, and Yu Xin wants to block natural measures.
However, to Hsuanchan’s surprise, Yu Xin didn’t want to hide or attack at all, and his clothes were dim, and some seemed to be ready to carry it hard.
"Rain Xin" Hsuanchan can’t help out.
Yu Xin turned her head and smiled sweetly at Hsuanchan. "Don’t worry, Xuan, I am measured. I feel that these fogs seem harmless. Let me try!"
"Oh," Hsuanchan nodded, and Yu Xin was allowed to take back her mind immediately and looked intently at the flowers wrapped in clouds.
Chen Xuannai, who is not from Du Jie, naturally feels Yu Xin’s feelings. If those few fogs are really harmless, but he just forces Yu Xin to split them, the result is likely to be that she missed a good opportunity in vain. After all, Yu Xin’s Armageddon is also special this time. Maybe these fogs are refined before Ge said?
He doesn’t have a better way to think about it, but he’s still a little uneasy. He’s a little scared of Armageddon, but if Ge were here at the moment, he would definitely have a good laugh. Third, his heroism would not be cracked by punishment.
A few clouds of fog fell lightly on Yu Xin’s body and attached to her lichen surface, which prevented Hsuanchan from worrying about Yu Xin’s clothes. The defense law did not let the fog directly contact her body, which weakened the defense soil strength.
"Boom …"
A huge muffled thunder seems to indicate that the second wave of Armageddon is about to rain. Xin looked up and looked at the micro-meditation, slightly relaxing some external defenses, and one of the fog suddenly disappeared into her body.
Yu Xin immediately closed his eyes.
Chen Xuan and Jueli keep a close eye on Yu Xin, who is watching her change. Is it beneficial or a trap? Everything will be revealed soon.
"Well …" Rain Xin’s face suddenly showed a comfortable look with her eyes closed … like a farmer who had been tired in the field for ten days and finally finished all the work and went home to lie down in a soft bed.