Like the literati in ancient China, Cheng Fu had to worry about life and had a weak concept of money and body.

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Speaking of curtilage, Mother Cheng mused a little, "Let the village outside the city send five more stones of grain in the middle of each month. Tell the housekeeper before you want anything."
"Good" busy day to get such an answer Cheng Jinzhou also said that it is better to be disappointed or satisfied.
Note 137 is a prime number, and the square and cubic values of prime numbers are usually remembered.
Chapter 17 elimination
It’s a pity that Cheng Jinzhou’s ring is a bottom hole, and how many resources are never filled. It can be said that an extra five stones of grain a month can be said to be better than talking.
Five stones is equivalent to an extra one. Two silver moon cases can read more than 10 thousand words and pages.
But for farmers, in this era, five stones are less than 15 mu of sloping land, and one year’s labor is equivalent to the output of mu of flat land, which is also a lot of money for ordinary rich people.
Numbers are a cruel thing. It takes a few seconds to work out the answer. Cheng Jinzhou has no expression except a wry smile.
In the next few schedules, Jinzhou has returned to class to see the state. Cheng Mu’s bounty can still be exchanged for 4 taels of silver. It is still a big sum of money to save some flowers. Even if I bought two taels, I didn’t encounter anything valuable.
Although they are all very nutritious, Cheng Jinzhou went to the other hospital and asked the accountants to copy them in the Tibetan room to see if they could play their roles in the future.
Naturally, the most troublesome thing is Cheng Fu’s school work, and the magistrate’s adult is not pedantic. He has an advantage in mathematics and physics, and he will also concentrate on the basic aspect. Cheng Jinzhou’s knowledge is the foundation, and it will take a lot of energy just to learn to read and write again.
Many new technologies can’t get the same hard pen, and the reason why they are not favored when they first entered China is that the old gentlemen are too skilled. There is a good legalist who can make brush writing faster and better than pen writing. Although the former needs more efforts, you can’t find enough reasons to eliminate it. Until the 1970s, China still produced a large number of soft pens with pens like brushes. Of course, new technologies should be subject to this conservative test. In fact, there are far more eliminators than those who pass, although elimination is not necessarily successful.
In this way, after about a week, some people in Jinzhou can’t stand it. Every day, when it’s foggy, they go to the private school to accept the poison of the gentlemen. They will wait until noon to explore their relatives and have a cordial and friendly meeting, and then read it by themselves later. It’s a pity that Cheng Jinzhou didn’t work so hard when he took the doctoral exam.
Jinzhou can’t ask him to have a firm, brave and positive heart. Of course, he really wants to be positive to him, but he hates the hard work of a new generation of young people. His performance is very reasonable.
By the time the food arrived in the month, Jinzhou had accumulated a strong resentment and got a copy of "Ancient Portuguese Grammar" again. At last, Mr. Ke said in a stylized tone, "Congratulations on your Star Alliance level reaching 1: 00, and now it’s level 2."
Cheng Jinzhou resentment immediately couldn’t hold back any longer. He almost gnashed his teeth at Banzhi. "So, won’t you give me this kind of garbage again?" How many terminals can I keep? "
Guest 1 was unmoved and emerged from the ring face to reveal his head. "The terminal can keep 2 in the category of membership. You can buy the Star Alliance Library Exchange Form and choose what you like."
Cheng Jinzhou took out the disadvantages of the examination room and said seriously, "I am sure I can’t afford this exchange form, but the exchange will not increase your burden. Is it necessary to give me something?"
"We have limited rules"
"Then I should have a choice now that the level of the Star Alliance is one level higher?" Cheng Jinzhou knows it’s not that simple or tries to say, "If you want to have something you like, how can you say it from me? I’m the only one you should do business with, right? Is it this planet or what scope? "
Guest hum two "in the material price problem …"
"I know, I know you have a list of materials, don’t you?" Cheng Jinzhou laughed and said, "But it’s not in your best interest for me to spend money on this side. Say what you like and I can go here. I still have some ability to sell food. I’m tired and you’re tired."
Mr. Ke said, "It takes a certain amount of resources to identify the materials in your area, and it is meaningless before you can afford it."
Cheng Jinzhou hates toothache or is it kind to say, "A fresh area always needs investment, doesn’t it?" How long have you been writing if you want to accumulate by yourself? If I develop fast, do you know that getting resources is not more? "
He also wants to spy on some information by the way
Just two people talking to each other, without thinking too much, quickly said, "Xingmeng is a multi-media trading alliance. At present, your classification of Xingmeng is the maximum."
"Then why don’t you translate it and give me Chinese? English is barely acceptable." Cheng Jinzhou is also a nai. I really want to say that before the 6th century AD, Greek was mostly followed by Arabic, and then Latin was the most advanced German industrial research in the 2nd century. Naturally, English is the most advanced in the 21st century. Maybe Latin is more reliable, and English German is barely enough. The coverage of Chinese is still too small. Academic circles have no influence. No matter how big-name China scholars don’t learn English, they have to get along with two or three English thieves and graduate students in the back.
Mr. Ke said quite rigidly, "Your Star Alliance level is insufficient."
Cheng Jinzhou’s heart is full of enthusiasm. "This is a good thing for you, me and everyone. You see, with the help of Xingmeng, my development will definitely be fast, and the more you help me, the more I return. Now I’m not unwilling to pay. I want to let myself choose more, so that your choices will be lower, but your profits will be higher, and you will be more skilled, right?"
Guest 1 was silent for a moment, saying, "The adjustment of categories needs to be limited."
"Oh, you see, I knew from your words that you had the power to pwerful, right?"
A long list of compliments may really have some effect. Comrade Ke said in silence for a moment, "You can choose to translate some books at a price of 5% for the support of low-level astral circles."
"What about him?"
"Without his preferential treatment", Hakka comrades returned to dry tone.
Cheng Jinzhou breathed a sigh of relief in his heart, which is less affordable.
Chapter 10 Private school
As usual, I went to a private school in the morning to be influenced by the old professor. Cheng Jinzhou’s calligraphy has improved quite a bit. When copying books, I can make it awkward.
After listening to the old professor’s course, Jinzhou was full of abstinence, so he got up and was ready to skip class. No professor except Cheng Laotou would really care whether Cheng Jinzhou took classes or not.
With two or three young people behind him, Cheng Jinzhou grandly picked up the three-character sutra and left without waiting to leave the classroom. The angry shota had previously risen to the road. "Cheng Jinzhou, a noble, is too rude. Class is not just a process of learning knowledge or a process of learning respect. You can’t …"
"Who’s calling?" Cheng Jinzhou also used his own primary school methods to deal with this angry man.
Little angry too soon after studying in the 21st century, he was rushed out of his finger by qi and blood and ordered him to say, "You must stay …"