Tengyun frowned at her. Don’t sleep after work. Wash your hands, put on makeup and come back.

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Don’t leave until you’re done with your account.
Jiang Wen immediately raised her hand and then saw her finger blare. It was a shame to cry. She immediately ran to wash her hands and came back to get the cosmetic box.
He gently pushed the lounge door and saw the woman lying on her side in bed, sleeping lightly, and all his worries were swept away.
Gently walk over and sit next to her, watching her face ruddy and her skin involuntarily raise my hand to touch her face, but I noticed that my hands were a little cold and put them back.
When tenderness felt that the line of sight was too dark and slowly opened her eyes, she saw that he was sitting there facing her soft eyes. The gentle eyes in the dark eyes made her heart tremble.
"When will you come back?" She sat up and asked him with difficulty.
"Just now!" He smiled and continued to stare at her face.
Gentleness is ashamed of him. What are you looking at? Do I have flowers on my face?
"It’s so beautiful that I can’t move my eyes."
Gentle heart swings out again. This man’s sweet words and glib tone are absolutely good for women.
"Did something happen today?" He always asks out.
It suddenly occurred to me that Jiang Wen woke up at noon and immediately told the whole story. When I came out of the house this morning, I was pulled to the Wenlong car by two people. Puyang Ruifeng saw it at that time and followed it. Later, I came out of the Wen family and he was still here. I came here in his car. Everyone in the office building seems to be talking about it today.
Although tenderness is a brief statement, he is already white
Now living in a community with Puyang Ruifeng, it is not unusual for Puyang Ruifeng to see her. He is a little worried that Lin Wenlong will be bad for her.
"What did Wen Long say?"
"I guess I wanted to ask you for help, so I said I was capable before he spoke, and then I ate some fruit." She also smiled when she finished, and it was funny to think that Wenlong was beaten at that time.
Today, the whole family tried to benefit her, but Wen Long didn’t dare to talk nonsense, and the mother and daughter didn’t dare to talk nonsense.
"It’s not the kui that I trained a woman with foresight."
He hooked her into his arms easily, and then dallied with her.
Tenderness was not stopped until someone knocked at the door behind him.
Later, Teng Yun went to sign the papers, and when he turned back, he was dressed and came out. "What are you looking at?"
"Going home is torturing you. Now I’ll give you a gift first."
"What gift?"
Gentle eyes immediately stare big thinking of his time to send jewelry to his family.
Who knows that manager Teng actually picked it up from his desk and said a few days ago that it was not too late to buy it until now?
"But my parents have already bought it, and we have seen it."
"How is that the same?" Teng always said to turn over a guide inside.
Then gently look at those words, and the little face turns red, and then pick it up and force the hooligan into his face.
Later, the two men quarreled for a while before going out of the office together.
Jiang Wen is still working hard on the keyboard. She is so serious. She is so busy.
Seeing Jiang Wen so tenderly, I couldn’t help but be curious. By this time, I would have run away. Why are you still here today?
Jiang Wen …
Mr. Teng didn’t say anything, and didn’t wait to say that Director Han had come so late. Are you still angry that she didn’t give me this brother’s face?
Gentle …
"She looks really busy," Teng always said lightly and walked ahead with his arm around his wife.
Gentle hand holding the bag while walking, still muttering what happened to this girl today?
Han Xi is watching Jiang Wen still typing with her brain in her arms, but she is impatient to give her the brain directly.
"Does my class have anything to do with you?" Jiang Wen is more indifferent than his tone.
Han Xi looked down at her cold eyes. What do you mean?
"I’m just at work." Jiang Wen took another look at him and typed the notes again.
Han Xidian nodded and counted me as sentimental.
The man left after speaking. Jiang Wen sat there, his fingers kept tapping on the keyboard, but he couldn’t help but feel sad after his back was getting farther and farther away.
She kept deleting her finger by pressing the delete button, and she didn’t know what she had typed.
I haven’t had a good drink since the quarrel
Allow healthy car followed behind them again.
Looking at Teng Yun tenderly, I can’t help looking back, but I’m curious to look back at Teng Yun, but I raise my hand to cover her eyes and let her look back.
"What are you looking at?" Gentle and curious to see him ask
"I’m just looking around!" Teng always said with a smile
"I’m just looking around!"
So Teng always frowned, but he didn’t care. This little woman seems to love learning from herself more and more.
Gentle and want to turn back, he immediately hugged her tightly with his head.
Professor Teng is not in when I get home. Professor Yuan is choosing vegetables. Professor Teng has gone to the laboratory, and I’m afraid he will be late.
Gentle smile said nothing, anyway TengYun can cook.
Professor Yuan also said with a smile that it was this intention.
So later, two women sat in the living room, eating fruit and watching the man bless them.
Teng’s seriousness really surprised and delighted the two women.
"By the way, today someone claimed that your uncle sent you this!" Professor Yuan suddenly remembered something, then went to the living room and came back with a box in his hand.
Looking at the black box tenderly, I can’t help wondering that she just met Winlong today.
Wenlong did want to give her something, but she didn’t want to accept it.
The reason is very simple. My ex-grandmother didn’t even receive a gift. She is a junior.
Later, I gently hit the box, which contained a real estate license.