Ma two dog is not in a good mood, because he didn’t give much play to the general defense position layout of the empire in today’s battle. Driving a double-breasted horse, Rong Xinyue, is enough to complete the rapid annihilation of the whole battle process, just like driving a mecha, which appeared in the ancient battlefield of cold weapons. There is no difference between those conventional fire weapons and fire sticks in front of the defense force of tungsten steel and gold.

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"How long are you going to play?" Ma Ergou questioned the tone and said that "the plane can’t hit and he is a dead shot?" The king of Qin fights better than you. "
Ma two dog score-1 Qin Wang Zhan score-3 I score+1.
Lin Shu’s mind came up with the idea that he would never tell anyone. He walked over and said, "Don’t worry, it’s just raining."
It’s hard for them to feel the rain wash now. Although the sudden downpour has been flooded from the beginning, their mecha will not be affected for a short time. How could it be that they can come to the planet environment like Imperial Star to fight against the stars and the moon and Shen Mu’s first-generation maintenance team without perfect consideration?
"The same trick can’t be done twice," Ma two dog said angrily. "If you wait any longer, that is to say, you can just knock out three or two planes. Can you still wait for an imperial space battleship? If you want to learn from the old man who captured space battleship on the battlefield, you don’t take a piss and look at yourself. What do you look like an old man? "
Vulgar language score-1
Although Lin Shu knew that Ji Rongxinyue wouldn’t understand these words, after all, they were exposed to great pressure during their birth and growth. Adults were born and died away from their homeland, and the war failed. People always put some scruples and swear words before the pressure, which is really something, and these are completely understandable.
But he just wants to reduce Ma two dog’s points and this time he didn’t come to the Imperial Star Qin Wang War.
"Wait to wait not to come with you? You can’t play again. "
"Ha ha ….." Ma two dog suddenly laughed. "Yes, I won’t fight you and the king of Qin."
Lin Shu regretted that he was quick-tongued, which didn’t conform to his commanding position of the famous corps. But in the end, he was only fifteen years old, and he was one year older than Ma two dog and Qin Wangzhan.
No matter how many precocious experiences there are, how can you really become an adult?
The three little friends have no pressure on the current predicament, and the explosions around them have caused shock waves from the imperial firepower and flying debris with high speed, which can not affect their normal mobility.
Their speed is indeed much slower than when they first came out, but their defense has not changed. Moreover, the rainstorm created by the Empire with the help of the original weather also interfered with the accuracy of the imperial fire attack. In fact, the accuracy is not too bad. Instead, the targets with slower speed, less flexibility and lower defense have long known how many pieces they were bombed into.
Without the pressure of life and fighting, Lin Shu had other pressures, so he found a solution-changing the subject.
"The Imperial Mecha is coming. Don’t wave. If it causes your mecha to be damaged, the moon and the moon will kill you first."
"You say?"
"Then what do I say?" Lin Shu’s tone suddenly became serious. "Speaking of which, we are absolutely alone now. We all went deep into the situation that the posterior route of the Imperial Star was broken … Do you want to change the name first? If there is anything, the name Ma two dog will have to be written into history."
Ma Ergou was silent, but he really didn’t like this name, but he never thought about changing it because it was his parents’ reason for naming him because he was cheap and easy to live. This situation is normal for children like Ma Ergou, just like the nickname’ Xinxin’ of former Ji Rong Xinyue, Ma two dog two dog, which is also not in line with the times but is very suitable for their situation.
"If you want to change it, it should be them."
His tone is a little angry, but both Lin Shu and Ji Rong Xinyue know this anger and that they and Ma two dog say that "they" have sacrificed the alien battlefield because of "they"
Who has the anger?
Six huge figures quickly changed from small to large in the dark sky. They were not equipped with escort planes, so they swaggered and smashed, and there was a continuous rainstorm. The team of Ji Rongxinyue returned to the transition base and then successfully landed.
In this process, the federal transition base did not know where the imperial rebels attacked them.
However, the troops in the Chinese Empire did not feel happy because they all knew that they would die today, but they rushed out and rushed to the team of Ji Rongxinyue after the sky transport stopped and opened the hatch.
Six day transport ships brought one hundred and ten imperial mecha, all of which were Jue Jia (federal array-breaking level).
Federal and imperial standard mecha Blue Star and Imperial Star have little fighting capacity in the planetary environment. Federal Mountain-looking mecha and Imperial Baron mecha are far from being cheaper, have more firepower and have a longer attack distance. Tanks are not as good as armored vehicles.
There are federal level mecha and imperial level mecha, but they are only limited to this normal situation. Even if their number is as high as one hundred and sixty times that of Ji Rong Xin Yue, the team can’t do anything except send Venus.
However, the current situation is very abnormal, and the rainstorm continues to lack the support of meteorological satellites and other equipment. Although it is difficult for Tu Yuan, Chen Xun and others and those technicians to determine the duration of the rainstorm, it can be determined that the rainstorm lasts less than half an hour.
In this case, one hundred and ten cannon fodder mecha interceptions are likely to make Ji Rongxin’s team completely mired in mud.
"They can be bypassed at a slower speed than us." Lin Shu looked at the sight range and the imperial mecha quickly made a judgment and gave the circuit diagram for the first time, but he continued "but it is not necessary" before Ji Rongxinyue and Ma two dog said anything.
Ma Ergou’s anger has completely disappeared at the moment and his heart is laughing.
"If you have a debt, you will be called Ma two dog!"
He roared at his mecha Yang device and roared at the Imperial Star’s special atmospheric environment Yang device, which sounded far beyond the sound of heavy rain and the roar of gunfire. Then he took the lead in launching a charge, but neither Lin Shu nor Ji Rongxinyue stopped him. This is a three-person team that has already made plans, and the current situation is that these imperial mecha are difficult to cause harm to Ma Ergou.
When there are fewer enemies, the team of Ji Rongxinyue did not choose to spend more time pulling tactics, but chose the strongest stance to tear the enemy mecha formation. Ma Ergou was the first, and Ji Rongxinyue was the second.
Lin Shu sighed with some regret, "I really think space battleship is a spaceship to transport mecha troops because it transports more, but I didn’t expect them to look down on our transport ship so much."
Ji Rong Xinyue, who has been silent and has launched a charge, suddenly said, "It’s because they are too afraid of us."
Lin Shu leng laughed again.
"Yes, yes, they are too afraid of us. Although we haven’t lost our temper yet, the old man said that their fear is our strength."
"Where forced where have finished? I will kill you! "
Ma two dog’s preface is to Lin Shu, but the latter is not a sudden explosion. He has rushed into the group state. In the imperial mecha formation, two tungsten steel and gold combat knives are generally waved and three Venus have been won in one sentence.
This wave of imperial mecha is true. It’s imperial cannon fodder, but it’s also imperial cannon fodder. Ma Ergou didn’t end the intelligent life at all. Nausea, guilt and panic have an unprecedented feeling of dripping fun instead.
The Imperial Mecha Corps, which was blocked by Ma two dog, did not lose its fighting spirit because of Ma two dog’s fierceness, even when Ji Rongxinyue joined.
Instead, I finally feel lucky.
"Humans didn’t use that kind of magnetic rifle. They couldn’t bear it because they didn’t support us!"