"This gan-ning Hui-ren also talked about the water war, and everyone thought of him." Zhang Xiu just came here and was not familiar with the people here, but he liked it himself, but instead focused on another person’s heart and was quite angry.

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Li She can’t know what Zhang Xiu wants to see. Zhang Xiu’s face doesn’t smile. "Don’t be angry. This Jiangdong land is blocked by water fighters. Instead, it’s freely. This gan ning is a water war. It’s natural to think of him when talking about water wars."
"I am afraid of this land in the east of the Yangtze River when I step on the water!" Zhang Xiu is still not.
Li Sheyu, do you all ride red hare, or do you regard Jiangdong Shuidi as a small puddle?
"Ok, Zhang Xiu, you are so confident, then I will take you to prepare first." Li She wants to have a good water war. Gan Ning and Zhang Xiu will both crush Jiangdong together.
Zhang Xiu’s great contribution is expected to "thank you for your master’s success". He leaned down and informed those fighters that there is still an idea in his heart that he must be higher than that Gan Ning.
This has already sent two generals, and the rest of the generals are eager to try. In the eyes of the flames of war, Wang Rui died in the hearts of the people. It is the responsibility of Wang Rui and the people to protect him. This time, it is also a good idea to make amends.
Only one general said before, "I know that my strength lies not in attacking and fighting, but in the territory that I want to keep guarding the city."
Li She took a look at it and said that it was true that he was not good at attacking the city and nodded. "After I left, I will bother to work in Wenze territory."
"A job" returned to the seat in the ban.
Li She looked around and said again, "Huang Zhong, Le Jin, Niu Ba, Xi Zhicai and Bian Bing all left Guo Jia to go with me."
It’s better to leave Huang Zhong’s trump card in the town when the weather is turbulent. After all, Li She is much more relieved to have Huang Zhong in the town.
Yu Lejin, the veteran cavalry, already has Zhang Xiu here. It’s a bit redundant to send him again. It’s better to stay in the town to protect the territory and enjoy himself. I’m a little depressed and I’m still thinking about how to make the first contribution before the war. Now I don’t even have a chance to go out.
Let alone Niu Ba and Bian Bing. Niu Ba is the patrol captain. Bian Bing is the deputy mayor. After Li She leaves, he needs to preside over all the big and small things in the territory. These two talents are the most important people in the territory. Although they have no incomparable power and no wisdom, they can’t work without their territorial roots.
The reason for staying in the drama is simple. Li She has planned to send Guo Jia as an army strategist. Naturally, the drama will be left. It is obvious that Li She is a person who likes the new and hates the old.
They don’t want to and want to go to war with the army. Li She’s face sank, which suppressed the crowd and shouted, "This is what I mean. Now it’s natural and unchangeable."
Nai, all of them still have regrets in their hearts, such as Huang Zhong, "I haven’t been stained with blood for many years, and the broadsword in my hand is afraid of rusting soon."
Do you think I’m blind? The blade of that big knife is as smooth as a mirror. Where is there any sign of rust? Li She doesn’t know what to say.
Anyway, no matter what people say, Li She just won’t let go and there is no way for them to give up.
In the evening, Li She wandered around with the bride and said nothing quietly. Li She already knew about the attack of the opening angle. I heard that the lame Taoist priest brought in the bull’s head to solve the problem. At first, Li She was exaggerated by others, but now she has experienced so many strange things. Li She has already held the belief mentality.
It occurred to Li that this lame Taoist priest could attract a cow’s head and horse’s face. I wonder if he could attract the ghost of Wang Rui?
Who cares? Ask first.
Li She holds hands tightly with the little girl’s hand. Every time I see the sad face of a beautiful woman, I secretly hate myself. Is this still the girl who always jumps around?
Li She, who had already enjoyed the scenery, took the mother and went to the place where the lame Taoist lived. The mother wondered, "Menglang, where are we going?"
"The lame Taoist priest knows some occult skills. Let’s ask him if he can get his brother’s ghost to come," said Li She.
Speaking of Wang Ruiyun Niang, there was a trace of tears in her eyes.
The two men walked quickly and stopped at the door of the lame Taoist priest. It was still a small house with the door closed, but a piece of white paper was posted at the door, which seemed to have written something.
Li she took a look before she knew what she had written. It turned out to be a price list.
Ask money for a pot of wine;
Ask the official to transport two pots of wine;
Ask life three pots of wine;
Ask Fuyuan four pots of wine;
Ask five pots of wine about marriage;
Ask sun six pots of wine;
Other things that only the lucky ones can ask are mainly determined by the weather, the Gregorian calendar and the mood at that time, and it is out of date to open for one hour at noon every day.
"It’s all fun to make a storefront," Li She muttered, knocking on the door and shouting, "Shutter the lame monk!"
There was no response from Li She, so she kicked the closed door, and a foul smell came to my nostrils, which made the mother couldn’t help but hold Joan’s nose. "It stinks!"
The hut is small, but it looks very spacious, because there is a square table and a wooden bed in it, and there is no other furniture. Maybe the wine gourd lying on the table can be called a piece of furniture.
At this time, the lame monk was lying on the wooden bed and snoring with his back facing in. Li She and Yun Niang Li had such a big noise that they didn’t wake the lame monk. I have to admit that the lame monk slept deeply.
"Lame Taoist!" Li she shouted again, this time a decibel higher, and the lame Taoist priest still reacted
Li she-nai thought to herself before he put up with the stench of the lame Taoist. Is this lame Taoist not bathed? This smell is really strong.
I didn’t know that the lame Taoist priest had already stood up and looked at Li She with a big smile before he walked into the distance of about three meters. "It turned out to be the mayor. I said who is so rude?" Look behind Li she immediately jumped out of bed and cried, "Mayor! You pay for my door, but it’s expensive to wait for solid nanmu! "
Li She said, "If you can do me a favor, it won’t be a problem to pay you a hundred gates."
"If it’s a ghost in Wang Rui, you don’t have to say much. Wang Rui has already drunk Meng Po Tang and entered the reincarnation generation. It seems like a report. You don’t have to worry about it." Lame Taoist took the lead in saying.
"Coco, did you hear that? This lame Taoist is a great fairy. He can’t make mistakes when he speaks. Don’t you often dream that your brother says it’s cold over there? Now that your brother has been reborn, you can rest assured that he is still a prince." Li Shexing said to the bride.
"Well, thank you for being with me all these days." Mother finally revealed a smile.
"Say something stupid is already an old married couple. Why do you say thank you?" Li She finally left a big stone in her heart and walked away from this stinking monk, ignoring the lame monk behind her. "What about a hundred doors?" Don’t tell the letter! "
At night, the mother-in-law lay meekly in Li’s arms, her eyes wide open and she didn’t know what to think.
These days, Li She slept with her mother and took care of her emotions. Other beauties were smart enough to not disturb the two people’s world. The cabin was left to two people, Bian Shi and Zhang Ning, who went to the previous room. Cai Yan went to Zhoujiacun for a visit, but Zou Shize, who had just returned, made a room alone. After all, she was not familiar with it. Give her a room alone to adapt to the surrounding environment.
At this moment, the maiden said, "Meng Lang, I heard that you will go to Jingzhou to shepherd Liu Biao tomorrow."
"Yes, remember to miss me after I leave!" Li she laughed
"No, I don’t want you to go." Mother suddenly encircled Li Shebo and kept shaking her head in Li Shebo’s arms. "I know you are going to war again. I heard that Sun Jian is very good. You won’t be his opponent. Don’t go!"
Li’s wet eyes will block the hair on the face of the mother, lift her watery eyes and say, "Fool, how can my brother get revenge if I don’t go?"
"But that Sun Jian is very powerful. How did you hit him? Besides, my brother also said that I wouldn’t let you take revenge. I don’t want you. I took such a big risk." Tears have slipped out of control from the corner of my eye.
"Coco, don’t be too sentimental. I’m not alone. Your brother is also good to me. With this, I can’t help but take revenge on my brother." Li wiped tears from the corner of her eyes.
Mother kept beating Li’s chest. "Damn it! You are so annoying! "
Li Shemeng hugged the mother tightly and made a promise that "Coco will have a good sleep and I will definitely come to see you with Sun Jian’s head!" to be continued
Chapter two hundred and seventy-nine Meet
I don’t know if I got the news that Wang Rui has been reincarnated and reincarnated. This night, the bride slept soundly and didn’t wake up from her nightmare as before.