"Like what?" Said impatiently turned to look at the screen again.

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"More like a large-scale pre-era technology."
Chapter three hundred and fifteen Looking for JiXuan (5)
In the post-plane era, people look forward to and miss the great plane era, just like the beautiful sentences in Europe in the 19th century describe the classical era.
However, people who are at the forefront of every field want to know more about the era before the great position, the era when human beings developed and created.
Then the war mode in the plane era seems to be more and more like that before the big plane era, just like the spiral ladder in that theory.
However, for such a huge country with three planes, they have no chance to experience that era personally.
The bag was filled and looked at repeatedly. Colt even looked at it.
Saeed mumbled a few words, so he didn’t say anything. He knew the packing ability. If he said that this gun had a big face and traces of the times, then the base could be sure.
Kevin pronounced "The 45th game" on the screen. This is the 45th game of Ji Xuan’s fourth round. He won 45 games and won 45 games in a row. His score reached 2.25 million, but that’s not the point. Let’s take a look at his amazing record. The average time of each game is 221 seconds. It takes him an average of 221 seconds to destroy each opponent. The fastest sentence takes 345 seconds and the slowest takes 115 seconds.
After a pause, Kevin continued, "Ji Xuan’s habit is to fire two shots quickly for the first time, which is two shots in a row. If you ask me, there are some waves. In fact, we often see that Ji Xuan’s first shot can hit the opponent’s head and other key points, but for many running distance players, this shot is enough to end the battle. The second shot is to smash the body."
Bao Bao raised his head slightly thoughtfully and asked, "How much control does this season’s energy fineness have?"
"1 nanometer"
"more accurate"
"Maybe 6 nanometers or 2 nanometers?" Said shook his head.
Pack and pat the shoulder, a small blue ball of light jumped out from there, which turned out to be the highest limit of a level 5-3 plane base.
Speaking of it, this is much more money than Mr. Comas’ 3-level traveler limit, and the combat power that can be obtained by the highest limit is not comparable to that of the relatively low limit.
"It’s 4 nm" Bao Bao quickly waved the plane base back and quietly looked at the screen Huang Xuandao. "4 nm energy synchronization can be said to be a 6-level network limit, but how can he participate in the competition for the first time?"
Saeed doesn’t talk. He doesn’t like to think when he comes.
"The Norman family hid the secret weapon in the snow?" Bao smiled when he was thinking about it, and then he thought about it, and then there was a terrible association …
Will swing the back of the bag and fill Colt back to Said and ask, "Where do you have this gun prototype?"
"Of course"
Everything in the network needs entities.
"Lend me a study?"
"Generation C33"
"… no"
"Add C34?"
"… no"
"plus the periphery"
"……….. no"
"Adding 10,000 points to the peak matchup is enough for you to enter the fifth round."
Said immediately laughed and said, "Deal."
The "old rich man" kept saying "Deal" even though he kept cursing.
Huang Xuan is getting into the state.
From the root, he is a brave, ruthless and gratifying young man, just like most aristocratic brothers. As far as the heart is concerned, Huang Xuan doesn’t want others to say that he lives at home and doesn’t want others to say that you have nothing but a hero dad.
However, there are not many things that can make Huang Xuan compare and compare his own strength.
The summit confrontation may be the best occasion to satisfy his idea.
Kevin Taiwan was shaking with excitement. The First Man is, after all, the largest media in the world-so his ratings are much better than those of other media that also broadcast the game. The figure of 2.6 billion people may be more than all his audiences put together.
Next to Guo Cheng’s Yadong Times, it is much worse. Although Guo Cheng seems to be more vivid and interesting than Kevin’s explanation, he has only won an audience of 40 thousand.
Looking at the energy screen, Kevin laughed out of his bones. He would be happy if he could press Guo Cheng next to him.
Kevin glanced at Guo Cheng to get up the courage and continued, "If we win, it will be Ji Xuan’s fifth consecutive victory. His opponent is also in a five-game winning streak. Yu Zhong, a master, has a score of 1.45 million and a winning rate of 7%. I should say that Yu Zhong’s player is very tough in a venue, but here I have to regret to predict that Yu Zhong’s player will lose his fifth consecutive victory. The reason is very simple. So far, our season has no problem in dealing with rapid-fire players, because others are the best rapid-fire players."