The late immortal snorted and retreated more than ten steps. A wisp of blood spilled from the corner of his mouth and his look was full of shock.
Qi You didn’t move in the same place, but he didn’t continue to rush. His mood calmed down a lot. He stared at Duanmu Yunhai and said, "Don’t you think it’s naive to try to tell me that this is the first trick in history to give up his seat and feel that he is worthy of my rescue?"
"If the younger generation has half a lie, it will be punished immediately!" Duanmu Yunhai sneered
"This …"
Heaven’s punishment is obviously not enough. Duanmu Yunhai is not lying. Qi Youfeng is stunned on the spot. "Impossible … There is a history in the celestial world for hundreds of millions of years. No one can escape Heaven’s punishment. No one can escape the first thunder …"
Even there are eleven thunderbolts in Heaven’s punishment. I don’t know where the truth comes from. All the people who have been punished by Heaven have never heard of avoiding the first thunderbolt. Who knows how many thunderbolts there are in total?
With Duanmu Yunhai, I vowed on the spot to confirm that the punishment that is true is indeed eleven thunders.
However …
It’s shocking that he can survive the Eleventh Thunder. So to what extent has his talent increased and his combat power reached?
Qi Youfeng and Ji Mutian were tongue-tied as if they had been immobilized. The news was too shocking.
"Who the hell is he?" Qi Youfengyin trembled a little.
"Chen Han"
Duanmu Yunhai was not afraid to look straight at the past and said slowly, "I can form a Covenant with Qingtian Sword Sect for my brother, and someday Qingtian Sword Sect can stay in the celestial world and have ten times more territory than today."
These words are arrogant to the extreme, as if this day has become cold, and he is distributing vassal territory to his hand.
"You are too arrogant!" Qi Youfeng is very unhappy.
"Because I believe that my brother wants him to live to the celestial world and respect him in the three realms!"
"Isn’t it enough that he can punish her in heaven?"
"That’s enough …"
Qi Youfeng has to admit this fact, but he has his own pride after all. "But now his life is hanging by a thread and his repair is too low, so you are not qualified to say this to the seat, or you can kill him in the cradle after the seat is over. It is also a flash in the pan!"
At this time, Yu Xifeng, who has been silent, said in the previous step, "So, do you want to kill me? If I die, the Imperial Palace will fight with the Heavenly Sword Sect. If I die, I will be in charge of the Imperial Palace one day, and I will fight with the Heavenly Sword Sect. "
"You dare to threaten? !”
"The younger generation dare not. This is not a threat, but the younger generation speaks from the heart."
"Just a small background?"
"Because we were born and died together in heaven, because he saved our lives in a crisis, because he is my sworn second brother."
After several consecutive reasons, Yu Qifeng breathed a long sigh of relief. "And because all of us regard him as a pillar, he gave us the greatest blueprint and the future predecessors. Killing him is tantamount to ruining all our dreams. At that time, we will not only deal with the Heavenly Sword Sect, but also have the Imperial Palace, the Immortal Pavilion, the Xuanling Shengge, and the Youquan Gate. My second brother is buried in the celestial dark chess."
Dark chess?
Qi Youfeng gasped, not to mention the so-called dark chess. These three forces alone cannot be countered by Qingtian Sword Sect.
From each other’s seemingly calm but determined eyes to the extreme, it is certain that what Yu Qifeng said is not a threat, and he will definitely do that if he dies of cold.
What the hell is this little guy?
Not only do you have incredible talent and fighting power, but even more amazing is that your identity and cultivation have such deep feelings and close ties with so many strong backgrounds.
"Is he Fang Renshi?" Qi Youfeng changed the subject.
"Boundaries soar"
"How long?"
"The realm of scattered immortals has soared in more than 30 years."
"Is it like a chance to let him rise to the realm of purple and mysterious fairy?"
"No chance"
Qi Youfeng was stunned by Duanmu Yunhai’s answer again, and the sound became sharp. "No chance? Taiyi Jin Xian has no chance to rise to the late stage of Ziwei Xuanxian. Is it so easy to deceive even if it takes a thousand years for you to be a peerless wizard? "
From the early stage of Taiyi Jin Xian to the later stage of Ziwei Xuanxian, there are more than three great realm spans across the two levels of Da Luo Jinxian and Luo Tianxian.
Don’t say it’s him. Even if the core of those super powers lies in the fact that there is no special Dan medicine forced to rise, other resources are available and people with excellent talent will never achieve it without a thousand years.
"He’s not in the late stage of Xuanxian, but in the early stage. Does the elder have to make the younger generation swear?"
"Early …"
There’s one reason why you feel that your spirit is about to collapse, but you show the breath of the late Yuan God in the early stage of Xuanxian.
He didn’t think about the fact that how much time would be shortened from the early breakthrough of Taiyi Jin Xian to the early stage of Ziwei Xuanxian, not the later stage, even if it was impossible to achieve it in the early stage of Ziwei Xuanxian with peerless talent and resources without 500 years’ assistance.
The key is that he has the strength of two gods higher than his own realm. What does this mean?
"He must join the Qingtian Sword Sect as I must!"
Qi Youfeng’s sharp eyes swept at the crowd and said, "If not, even if you are against the imperial palace and other forces, you will kill him!"
It’s almost expected to tell all the secrets of Chen’s cold body in exchange for his efforts. The other party is bound to bring this wizard into the people’s minds. Otherwise, what are you doing to save him with the holy medicine? Is it hard to cherish talents? If you don’t work for yourself, this talent is also another talent, and you may become an enemy in the future.
"The emperor can start work. I know his second brother’s character very well. He can’t submit to power. After all, his ambition is too broad." Yu Yun Feng Nai wry smile way.
"What can I do?"
Qi Youfeng really can’t bear to kill Chen Han. Once this person becomes a Heavenly Sword Sect, it will play a decisive role in the future development of sects.
Several people looked at each other and Duanmu Yunhai shook his head and sighed, "I want to hold on to my brother’s life, and all I can do for him is to make a decision. The condition is that if he succeeds in the future, the Giant Sword Sect will expand tenfold. If he is allowed to join the Giant Sword Sect, the younger generation will not be able to do the main slight cold, and it is impossible to promise unless …"
"such as?"
"Slight cold is stubborn and does not lose his predecessor. If he is forced to die, there are two results. One is that he would rather die than surrender. The other is to find a way to avoid this robbery and take revenge on the Qingtian Sword Sect in the future. The fact that he does not belong to the Sect is not appropriate even if he joins the Qingtian Sword Sect. However, if the predecessor wants to benefit from him, I am afraid that the result will be counterproductive, losing his wife and losing his soldiers."
"What does this mean?"
"Second-class universe, I live with him. He changed from a mortal to a hegemon, and he once again changed from the bottom to the hegemony of the two worlds. In less than 500 years, did his predecessors think that he relied on strength only?"
"You mean …"
"He is a terrible mind and means, not a junior alarmist, I’m afraid …"
"I’m afraid what?"
"I have never seen a person who is his opponent. If you play with him, you will not only gain benefits, but also lose a lot."
"What should I do with that one?"
"This …"