Mark and his crew slept in the guest room. When Rex opened his eyes, he had already flown to Afghanistan to transport troops …

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Three months later!
Rex took part in an operation and retreated when he was hit by a man-machine missile!
No one is alive, no body is dead!
Anna had a cold war with Mark after learning the news!
Anna and Mark parted ways …
Knowing that this is the movie plot, the so-called fog of war suddenly dissipated …
After all, when the ice floe base appeared in the film, it was the time when college students’ girlfriends accepted the essence of Mark.
Mark remembers it vividly!
Knowing that it’s the dark hand or Anna’s brother Rex doesn’t mean that Mark will be soft-hearted for a while!
What a joke!
If a little brother-in-law comes, he will show his humanity assassination.
Mark thinks he’s done business!
Not this mouth!
This damn little brother is crazy, and the nano-worm controls his own sister
Unforgettable! ! ! !
Chapter 2 Knock on the door
The next day!
Originally scheduled for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization headquarters in Brussels to show SMRS industrial nano-warhead weapons exhibition!
After watching the exciting PP and brief introduction, the member States of the Convention organization are ready to place orders in succession.
I don’t know what made Mr. Temakulun come clean about the original plan before many member States.
Including, for example, letting one’s own people hijack the goods when transporting them.
Include three produced nano-worm warhead aiming at that direction …
The whole venue is instant frying pan!
Justin would sit on the stage when there was a lot of disturbance, frowning and watching Justin flash into the background quickly
Justin looked back at the dark-skinned Secretary of State sitting next to him and smiled faintly. "Mr. Secretary of State, it seems that our evaluation is over."
The black secretary of state looked blankly and didn’t go out and drank directly and asked for the League of Nations with himself. They couldn’t help but nod their heads!
When McCullen walk out of that headquarters of the North Atlantic treaty organization and pas by a shady path.
His figure rippled like a wave.
One second!
Restored to blonde appearance, the eldest cousin Ruiwen walked into the door of Mark Qi’s entrance to the inner world!
In the inner world!
Raven glanced at the barbecue grill, and McCullen looked at Mark and said, "What about him?"
Mark shrugged his shoulders, turned his head and looked at McCullen lightly and said, "Congratulations, Mr. McCullen, for daring the headquarters of the Convention Organization to make a big speech to level the whole world. You are the first one!"
Mark looked at Raven and casually said, "Throw him outside the meeting."
Raven nodded his head!
White Queen Emma said, "Wait a minute!" as she was about to walk out with McCullen toward the delivery door.
Emma said, stepping on the beach with clean white boots, and her right hand gently brushed McCullen with her mouth blocked.
A long time!
Mark looked at Raven like dragging a dead dog and dragging McCullen out.
Leng leng!
There is quite a feeling of fear!
Can’t help but mark raised a little bit of joy!
Fortunately, whether Jiumei likes it or not, Mark is passively attacked by various minds and minds!
Without this function.
Mark thinks
My field is estimated to be almost the same as this one, which was stirred up like paste by Emma’s slight means. McCullen is almost the same!
Mark sighed happily and turned to look at five or six people ready to go!
Fung Wong-Nui Qin, Storm Aurora, Laser Eye Scott, Wan Ciwang Eric, White Queen Emma …
Mark looked at Aurora and said, "You can’t get up your skills at the ice level of Aurora."
Before Aurora could speak, Mark looked at Chin again and said naively, "Honey, don’t you think you and Emma have overlapping abilities?"
"Ah …" Haven’t waited for Chin to speak. When I heard the title of Mark, Scott was holding his heart and his face was like being pierced by an arrow.
In an instant, everyone looked at Scott with different expressions!