"I remember someone crying before. What happened?" Xiao asked.
Playing Ning is a wry smile. "It was a person before, now you take a closer look."
When Xiao asked to gather his eyesight, he saw that six or seven people in more than 30 people were sitting on the ground with their heads deeply buried in their knees. Touching the bones around you with one hand and pulling your hair with the other; Others wander around the bones like a lost soul and never stop crying …
"Now they all believe that the decline of the animal way more than 90 thousand years ago is true," Yan Ning said
"Uh …"
So many giant fairy beasts died here, and they were all dragons and Kirin. In fact, Xiao Wen had already seen some clues, but he never thought that he would be so close to the bloody history one day …
At that moment, Xiao asked, it’s a good thing Cai Linfeng isn’t here, or tears will surely add one to him …
As time went by, those who were around the beads obviously didn’t give up, but after an hour, they didn’t think of a way to take them away.
It’s almost the mountain, but I don’t know what will be waiting for them in that palace …
"Get ready for action, everyone."
A moment later, everyone flew out of the hill and saw that they had reached the foot of the hill. Suddenly, an eagle-eyed person shouted, "Someone is coming."
"Wait for them."
It turned out to be two waves of people, and two waves of people soon flew to the crowd. One wave was Xun Yu, and the other wave was three people, but Han Xiuxiu and two other twenty-seven brothers.
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Chapter one hundred and fifty-nine Coffin
Xiao Wen was relieved when he saw Xun Yu’s illness. Ming Jianzong came together. Since they both came together, he also hoped to go out together. Although Xun Yu looked down on everything, it seemed quite different. He felt that he was intimate, but Xiao Wen felt bad about him and appreciated some characteristics of Xun Yu.
"You’re here" Xiao asked to Xunyu nodded sincerely smiles to say
Nazhi Xun Yu’s expression was a little odd, and he was more or less ashamed to be seen clearly by Xiao Wen.
"What’s the matter?" Xiao asked
Xun Yu coughed twice before saying, "I could have arrived earlier because I saw the magic doorway, so I arrived later than you."
Many people laughed, and Xiao asked directly, "Is this a clever mistake?" But I didn’t know I was under illusion until later. Did you know from the beginning? "
"It was not long before I found out that I was in the fog." Talking, Xun Yu turned to look at those bones, and soon his eyes were fixed on the distant bead. "That’s where the fog originated, right? Is there a bead inside? "
Xunyu smiled and then withdrew his eyes as if he didn’t care about the rest of the bones. Xiao Wen couldn’t help sighing in his heart that it was really a big deal for this person except life and death …
By this time, others have already said hello to Han Xiuxiu, but Han Xiuxiu is obviously absent-minded and is lost in the huge bones here.
Moments later, a total of 37 people finally set off again and flew to the top of the hill.
Although the hill is steep, it is not too high, at most, it is 200 feet, and soon everyone has already flown to the top of the hill and will have a panoramic view of the palace.
Looking around, we can see that the palace is divided into two outer floors, four auxiliary halls at the four corners of the outer floor, and a high wall is connected to the floor. There is a tip that almost reaches the main hall in the miasma layer. It can be seen that the palace is grand and magnificent, but it must have been as magnificent as twenty-seven cases and one patriarch’s hall at the beginning, but I don’t know how many years this palace has been in disrepair, and many bricks have fallen off, which is quite a bit bleak.
Now that it is known that it is at the bottom of the valley, they can tell the direction and fly to the auxiliary hall in the northeast corner nearest to them.
There are still dozens of zhangs left, and they all slowed down in unison. Because there was a huge ring around all the palaces, you will know that it was a law and a ban.
The belt is about two feet wide, and most of it is still buried in the earth and stone, and a few of it is exposed. From those exposed parts, you can see a faint light, so you say that the array is still effective.
So the question is how to get there?
"This palace has signs of ruin, and the outer law should not be as powerful as it was at the beginning. Let’s step back first, and we can throw stones in the distance to test it." The Yu Xiang of Zi Jizong said.
Purple extreme cases, after all, is the eldest of 27 cases, and other people’s opinions will fall back according to the words.
When it comes to strength, it is obviously the biggest way to cultivate immortality. Soon Ouyang Yue was pushed out and heard a baby fist-sized bluestone thrown out by Ouyang Yue. Everyone watched the bluestone throw into the ring belt.
"whew! !”
A firm but gentle wave flew out from the ring belt and smashed the bluestone, but it flew to the miasma layer with no reduction in momentum …
This is less true fairy level attack!
Thirty-seven people were afraid that Han Xiuxiu could block such an attack, so at that time everyone looked at her.
"Sister Han, what are you looking for in this palace?" A brother who entered the valley asked
Han Xiuxiu smiled and said, "I’ve found what I’m looking for, but I’d like to go to the temple with you. Let me cast spells to help you pass."
"Thank you so much!"
These younger brothers are obviously not all fascinated by Han Xiuxiu. At the moment, they have already used Han Xiuxiu as a gun, but it is a rare pressure for Han Xiuxiu to cooperate so much.
Then they went to the edge of the ring belt again, and Han Xiuxiu hit a defensive tactic and laid it flat on the ground, blocking the party’s "choking, choking" impact on the shock wave, and the people left passed quickly one by one.
Xiao Wen flew over early, then looked back at the girdle and rushed out of the firm but gentle dark feeling, wondering if he could also stop the attack at this level.
Then Xiao Wen heard a light yi coming around him, but when he turned his head, it was a brother from Zhao Ri who was familiar with Zhanyi. Xiao Wen also remembered that the name of Zhao Ri’s brother should be Rocky.
"Is there anything wrong with Brother Luo?"
That rocky shook his head and said, "It’s really strange that Elder Martial Sister Han made this defense tactic look familiar to me."
Xiao asked with a smile, "I am a layman. In fact, I think all defense tactics are similar."
Rocky’s heart withdrew his eyes and asked Xiao, "There are too many similar strategies in this world, so they are homologous."
Finally, Han Xiuxiu was the last one to fly in when they were talking.
Actually, people who fly in first can’t help but want to rush into the nearby auxiliary temple as soon as possible, but Han Xiuxiu hasn’t come yet, especially when they go out, they have to let Han Xiuxiu help them kick down the ladder, and it can’t be so obvious …
Then 37 people flew to the main entrance of the auxiliary temple together, and someone couldn’t help it. They quickly grabbed the front of the crowd.
The door of the auxiliary temple was kept open, but it was completely intact, but at the door, you couldn’t see the inside.
"Go in," said Yu Xiang.
Moment they don’t hide all suddenly accelerated into the doors of the temple!
Just as soon as they entered, they gave an exclamation that the huge temple was filled with coffins on both sides! There is nothing in the temple except those coffins!
At that time, everyone froze and stopped in the middle of the hall. The light in the temple was not bright, and the coffins were really scary in the Y and N shadows on both sides of the hall.
However, there are not many of them in the end, and some people still have the courage to fly to the coffin on the left. When they are close, some people exclaim!