The Great Immortal of the Five Poisons stopped to take off his clothes and robes and read the truth!

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Wave and throw the feather robe out.
Seeing that the robe was fluttering in the wind, it immediately turned into a cover and enveloped the top of Fiona Fang Baili Mountain, a view of five poisons, together with this place.
Suddenly fell into darkness, but it didn’t affect everyone. Those ordinary soldiers panicked and the gods were flies.
The three men who were running for their lives, together with the red phosphorus python, looked up and saw the cloak that covered the sky.
When horrified
Who the hell is this Five Poisons Immortal with such magical powers?
"Brother, he stretched his clothes too much in this way. I think the clothes will break it without hitting me!"
Road flyover toad drinks a lot.
No one can escape without breaking this cloak.
Immediately, a lottery staff and a Fang Tianji jumped up and stabbed at the robe.
The Great Immortal of the Five Poisons used this magical power, and he also took a breath and took a rest. When he saw two good disciples stabbing his cassock, he was in a hurry.
Although his cloak is also made of fairy silk, it is not a good fairy, and it is really possible for them to break it.
Leaving all the demons and poisons behind, the Great Immortal also got up and made Mana a big hand to catch them.
A stick and a halberd hit the surface like gold and iron, but it was a joy for both of them to look at the faint seal.
It’s good to have it.
Just then, Daxian reached out to catch it.
Two other disciples immediately greeted with magic weapons.
The three of them got up in the middle of the battle.
The Great Immortal is angry, and the two demons are arrogant, and the Great Immortal is angry, and the two demons are arrogant, and they protect their lives.
It’s dark, and a large number of soldiers are killed. Road flyover Bones is a group of demons, and they are driven by the corpse king and others.
But it’s time for the intersection of Yin and Yang to come.
"Brother, it’s almost time!"
Upon hearing this, the Great Immortal of Five Poisons was suddenly surging.
"I won’t play with you two."
Suddenly, the big fairy seemed to be poor and big, and the two of them had not reacted yet, and suddenly they were swallowed up and fell into the dark.
A recruit took two younger brothers and left a prototype to hide, and scorpion essence was immediately caught out.
Three people were captured again.
Wu Ming doesn’t even have a chance to display the closet avatar. The gap is too big
The red phosphorus python was even more like an earthworm when it was slapped in the hand.
It was only when he reached the Great Immortal of Mountain Five Poisons that his horror was revealed.
All the demons, whether they are the big ones or the demon king, count one and catch one.
The corpse king, the bear king, the general Zhang, the general Bao, the green chariot king and Baishan were all captured.
On the contrary, it’s a matter of doing human things.
"Let’s keep it for a while and see if your flesh and blood are enough."
Take back the clothes and robes
A group of resin demons have also been recovered, and less than 10,000 soldiers living in the mountains have been crying and wailing.
Two-way rotary five-poison view
Seeing the Great Immortal and casting spells, the pavilions on Qiongtai vanished like a dream bubble, leaving a four-legged tripod in place.
"Teacher younger brother, go back and cast spells to gather Yin, and I will gather Yang, Yin and Yang to help each other and make it a true fairy road."
Road flyover Bones nodded and got up and flew to Shanbei.
The Five Poisons Immortal immediately instigated the pulse and a flame burst out from the ground.
In an instant, the grass withered and the stone burnt.
He took out a rope from the sleeve to tie up four disciples, such as Wu Ming and Road flyover toad, and threw them into Dan furnace and put them aside.
Maybe I can collect a few mounts after my success.
The fire blazed and burned.
The Taoist Bones in the north of the mountain returned and entered the Lingguan Hall.
The Lord is dying.
"Can’t die now"
Road flyover Bones took out a Dan medicine to feed him, and the Lord suddenly woke up faintly.
"What the hell are you doing!"
Road flyover who ignored his bones pulled out a dusting silk and hung him in front of the deep hole.
And make a method immediately LingGuan temple was removed ShiShan blood emerge foaming at the mouth of Yin qi to form a dragon roll down foaming at the mouth.
Yin and Yang are in harmony. Road flyover Bones pierced a small eye with the finger of the Lord, and drop by drop of blood was put into the hole.
At the same time, the concept of five poisons in Shannan