Baiye looked up at the two men. Mr. Luo and Wu Lin looked at each other and attacked at the same time.

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Wu Lin’s weapon is the combat knife. He has been sacrificed and refined, and he can get most of the tactics recorded in the telepathic knife. Now he makes it out with a vicious knife and makes a "buzzing" sound as if he is screaming with excitement.
Mr. Luo’s puppet, although he is also attacking forward, there are clouds of black light in his hands from time to time. When these black lights are scattered, small puppets the size of fists are revealed. They are lifelike, like shrinking people, with weapons in their hands, and some are still banning the spirit tactic.
"It’s not a good thing for a man who wants to turn me into a puppet and a man who wants to kill me and take my aunt’s combat knives!"
Baiye silently said "move" in his mouth, and his figure immediately became trance. He turned jade ruyi into a dagger in his hand, cut those little puppets one by one, and then greeted the combating Dao with a humming light.
The air around the "bomb" stirred up and the little puppets fell to the ground one after another. Baiye and Wu Lin each stepped back several steps.
Wu Lin stopped to adjust the state, but Baiye quickly flashed past to avoid Mr. Luo’s attack. Mr. Luo is much stronger than Wu Lin. Although it is a puppet and some small spells, it is strong in accuracy and cunning. The ability of those little puppets is endless, which makes Baiye impossible to prevent.
Baiye’s battle this time is not as different as that of Qianchen Mountain. Although it is dangerous, Baiye has a hearty feeling. It has been a long time since he fought like this. In this state of mind, it is easy for him to think of the ultimate moment of penance in Baijia Xiyuan, which can make him wield more power.
Mr. Luo and Wu Lin pressed Baiye hard, and both of them were tired, and Baiye looked like a horse would fall down.
Just as the two men could kill Baiye if they worked harder, Baiye shook as if it were going to fall down, but suddenly stopped and burst into a powerful force, knocking them back several steps.
According to Baiye’s previous plan, the battle would have ended long ago. Now he has too many means to make all kinds of forbidden spells, the spirit ball, be better than Yuan Ying’s fairy heart. But at this time, he intends to enter the pre-limit state and let Baiye feel it. At the same time, he has a strange obsession, as if he is about to break through something.
Just when Baiye wanted to vent, a tingle in his brain made him come over in vain and hurriedly stopped to break through the footsteps and looked at the sky with concern.
"Had a narrow squeak. Now I’m not prepared for one thousand Armageddon. I’m in danger …"
At the beginning, Baiye felt that she would be like a yogi in Du Jie, and because of her special status, this disaster was also strange, which was actually the same as nine times. But at the beginning, he didn’t feel that Du Jie was just now, and he suddenly realized that if he broke through the nine times again, he would immediately appear together!
Forcibly interrupt the feeling and burst into a powerful force to stop the two men at that moment. Baiye manually got up. It was not just Wushu, but a series of streamers. At the same time, the body spirit ball kept running. All its own reiki in this island moved, and the sky changed color and thunder flashed.
"Do you want to refining I kill me? Hehe, come! "
The white leaves were a little embarrassed, and all the heads were scattered. At this time, he slowly raised his head, his eyes were shining with cold light, and his fingers stretched forward to his fingertips to "scratch" light.
"Let’s go!" Mr. Luo casually threw out several clouds of light, which dispersed into several huge puppets, and then he flew away in the distance to leave.
Wu Lin is a little confused whether he has seen Mr. Luo or not, but when he saw Mr. Luo running away, he quickly followed him
However, the two of them just arrived at the edge of the island, and a spiritual wind blew over them, and they bumped into the ban. Mr. Luo’s heart was cold and his legs were numb. I don’t know what, but he suddenly felt that he was going to die. This feeling was so clear that he doubted whether he was under illusion.
Just as he hesitated, a pair of hands full of light showed bright red blood from his abdomen and was swept away by the spirit wind in front of him.
Mr. Luo, who has always been gentle, looked at the small and exquisite baby in the light hand with big eyes and struggled to turn into dust. His sense of shock, doubt and confusion gradually fell into darkness …
Wu Lin was stunned. He never thought that a master like Mr. Luo would be crushed in this situation. Yuan Ying has always been pampered, and he has an unprecedented fear in his heart.
Just when he was at a loss, he felt hot and a force came from nowhere. As soon as he was wrapped around him, he directly smashed the ban and flew high to escape to the distance.
Baiye narrowed her eyes and looked at the tunnel far away from Wu Lin’s heart. "There is still something wrong with this Mr. Luo. I want to take out his Yuan Ying puppet art and didn’t want to crush it. Where did you get the strength to make my hand have such strength? And Wu Lin, is he going out? There is no one around here? "
Silently take back your hands and blood and scatter a little bit. Mr. Luo’s body fell unwillingly with his eyes open and hit a piece of dust in the rocks!
Baiye looked at the body lying there and sighed, "It’s a waste of your cultivation for thousands of years. Now, besides the shape, what’s the difference between the dead and the dead stones around here?" Dust returns to dust and returns to the earth! "
White fingers emitted a flame, and the other hand took out a purple gourd from the gourd, and the wine fell to the surface of the corpse. At the same time, the flame fell to the corpse, and in an instant, it became fly ash, and the dust was blown around by the sea breeze …
DiYiSiWu generation life meat cheese
Just for a moment, the two bodies vanished, and with a sigh of emotion, they withdrew from the surrounding area and banned him. He looked at the lonely island andao. "It seems that things are not as simple as I thought … there are nine halls to intervene!"
Baiye rose and flew away for a long distance. The island became a far smaller point, but Baiye kept watching there through the spirit ball. Suddenly he saw a trace of the same thing and couldn’t help laughing. "You really didn’t die!"
In the place where the isolated liangyuan was burned to ashes, there was an evil wind blowing, and then a figure slowly rose. This figure became more and more solid, and soon a brand-new liangyuan appeared with a purple thing like Ganoderma lucidum in his hand.
That’s the fate of the meat cheese, which is as good as the fruit in the hands of Baiye, but worse than the fruit, because this meat cheese can completely replace people and even replace people to spend a robbery!
The meat cheese in Liang Yuan’s hand has lost its original aura, and it needs to be carefully maintained to rejuvenate it again. Of course, it is not Liang Yuan’s Yuan Sect, but there is no such thing that can be taken out. There is also the Temple of Nine where Liang Yuan holds it. It feels like a mortal holding an imperial edict!
Baiye saw Daiming Rouzhi, but instead of turning back, he continued to fly forward. He could vaguely guess what Liang Yuan wanted to do, but he was not worried that maybe he could benefit from this opportunity …
Wu Lin fled back to the station in a panic and pushed all the way to several other disciples who plunged into the backyard where his master retired.
However, he bumped into the banned banned light and violently hit the whole body with a faint smell of fireworks, which made him even more miserable.
"What are you doing?" As soon as the door opened, a middle-aged man shouted angrily that he was in a retreat, so Wu Lin rushed over so rashly in case he was not hit by a computer virus in his head!
The middle-aged man just wanted to scold again, but suddenly Wu Lin was very wrong, not only in a mess, but also in his eyes full of fear, as if he had lost his soul
"What happened to Lin Er?" Middle-aged people caught Wu Lin when they banned Ling.