Skill 2 Bury the Earth God (passive)

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Skill effect: When the original ruler was afraid of the soul world of God Haques Erte, the skill effect of the ancient gods doubled by+1 point. If he was in the soul burial, the soul source consumption attribute was+2 points.
Skill 3 Old Ruler (Passive)
Skill effect Haques Erte charm lock-every move at 1 point will broadcast fear. Those whose mental attributes are lower than 15 points will be affected, and the spirit will be completely dominated by fear. Those who are lower than 1 point will be polluted by strong spirit. Those who are lower than 19 points will listen to whispers and see many illusions.
Depending on the gap between the target and Haques’s physical and mental strength, weaken the target’s 2%-1% soul resistance. After the target’s soul is polluted, its physical resistance will be weakened by 1%-5%.
Skill 4 Creator (Passive)
Skill 5 Fear (Passive)
Skill effect When the value of Haques’s special life source or soul source drops by 5%, it will trigger the skill effect attribute+1 physical resistance and spell resistance plus 45%.
Skill 6 Original Will (Passive/Active)
Skill 7 Soul Meteor (Active)
Skill effect: Haques Erte consumes more soul source value, and a locked soul attack on a specific target will weaken the enemy’s 5% spell resistance. Depending on the current mental attribute state of Haques Erte, it will cause more than 4% soul damage to the target, accompanied by strong mental pollution.
When cooling
Skill original fear (initiative)
Skill effect: Haques Erte can consume his body and release the original fear power by harvesting his soul. The soul locking method directly descends on the target, causing a lot of spell damage to the target. Haques Erte’s soul source value is limited to 1% of real damage.
1 minute when cooling.
Temporary state (parasitic)
Details Haques Erte is in a parasitic state. Physique, strength, agility and spirit+1 point soul source natural recovery speed-2%.
Lu Chen can see most of the details of Haques, but he can see the situation of offenders
His martial eye can vaguely feel that Hallkvist is parasitic with a force, and that unit is constantly changing, or that the soul species is generally uncertain
The afterbody state of the soul sender’s parasitic object is blurred. If Lu Chen wants to slay the soul sender, he must not only be able to defeat old gods, which is still in the strengthening state, but also be able to trace the source to slay the soul sender.
Deep and violent red in the virtual darkness with the dark shadow cut to the monster body.
The offense and defense are hearty.
When the darkness cuts the darkness, it stirs long, the blood is as magnificent as the sea, and the indescribable body falls off as the monarch crosses a large arm.
God-eater’s active skill is revealed. He is a hunter in 60 seconds!
The dark flood in the north swept across the earth and the waves were illuminated by the bright white light in the south, and a pale human body was faintly visible.
Craftsmen work hard to build houses, and when natural disasters come, they look so fragile. The flood and beasts devour everything greedily, and the tide they see will not be weakened by advancing to the land. After driving away, it seems to kill all beings.
Old women in villages and towns walked out of the door, inserted their forks into the haystack, picked up their sickly little granddaughter and stroked the little girl’s hair with their old hands.
The little girl shivered. "Grandma, I’m so afraid that something bad keeps talking in my ear. I’m so afraid."
The old woman touched her granddaughter’s head and trembled slightly in the cold wind. "I’m not afraid of grandma."
She held the little girl in her arms, let her lick her shoulders, give comfort to her granddaughter, and look at the distant sky with her eyes.
It’s dark coming from the north, because the high waves cover the sky, and the dark tide absorbs the goddess’ radiance, like an extinct monster devouring them.
The silent will penetrates the dark film and reaches their minds.
The old woman closed her eyes and quietly touched her granddaughter’s head, humming a nursery rhyme, that is, to live a happy life. She hummed a song every day when she put her granddaughter to sleep.
"Little girl … optimistic lang …"
"… go to sleep quickly … you are still happy in the dream …"
The old woman’s voice is kind, and there may be a little girl who sticks to her body to hear this familiar ballad in the gale.
She quietly closed her eyes and hummed with her grandmother, "You are still fast in the dream …"
The cold sea tide covered and the high pressure impact made all buildings and creatures silent, and the old man and the little girl who clung to each other were also separated and fell into a permanent sleep
It turns out that when the flood of doom comes, it won’t help if you hold it tight.
On the way ahead of the tsunami, some people cried bitterly, some people shouted and cursed crazily, some people destroyed things by venting, and some people ran to the south in confusion.
Couples hold each other’s hands and look at each other affectionately, then embrace each other and hand over their lips.
When the cold ocean current rushes through their bodies, their faces are not happy but desperate and frightened.
The child was swallowed up in crying. The man covered his wife and children with his arms. He knew it would be useless, but he wanted to go first. He wanted his eyes to be fixed with the warm smile of his loved ones before the last moment.
But he can’t see it. What he sees is the gradually distorted and frightened expression … and so does he.
The Sistine Empire’s indomitable spirit is a virtual shadow, an era in which human beings have never had, or perhaps abandoned, a great war.
This is human beings fighting, which is ridiculous. The last flood swept across the earth and silenced old gods to announce the end of the era, but they still fought.