Although he has a natural talent and treasure to nourish his strength since he was born, and he has reached the peak of the "glass mirror" swordsman, his age has exceeded the regulations, but he still spent a lot of silver tickets to barely come in.

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Spending money like water seems to be prosperous to outsiders, but it also denies Cao’s own talent, so he naturally gives birth to a feeling of jealousy towards Chen Shaobai, the youngest, and instantly throws away the teachings of royal learning and making friends with strange people.
"Ha ha ha … yes! A 16-year-old doll can’t hold her sword steadily? What other swords do you practice? Go home and pee in the mud! "
Cao ran a lot of money to attract a group of people with self-sustaining lofty hands, some with smelly feet and dog legs, and some clever classmates echoed him as soon as he was born.
Hearing these people mocking Chen Shaobai’s face Se as usual, I couldn’t help sneering, "I’ve given birth to the idea of defecting to Cao Cao in vain. If it really becomes like this, it’s better to just kill them … saying that my sword is unstable?"
Although he doesn’t talk, he has secretly made up his mind that as soon as the entrance ceremony is completed, he will immediately play fencing, kill Wei and recapture Wan before fighting, and slap these people face to face.
Anyway, he’s alone now and he has to be timid!
Have fun with your chest, fight against each other!
"Quiet! Noisy people will be killed! "
As soon as a teacher with a heavy breath and a broad sword on his shoulder came out of the auditorium, he was quiet and lived in this windy state institution of higher learning for a few days. The students also saw and heard many things.
Although every student’s welfare is excellent and his status is very lofty, if he accidentally collides with the tutor, he can be dealt with by the other party. Whether he is dead or alive depends on the strict mood of the tutor. Unlike universities, he is even more ruthless than the army
After the death of several unbelieving and arrogant geniuses, these unruly young swordsmen are honest and come to see the college. These tutors are as good as mice and cats.
It was half an hour before the rest of the teachers arrived one after another.
A total of 13 instructors dressed in light green Se ornaments seem to have Shang official positions, and everyone carries a sword with them. They are all distinguished, or they walk in a majestic gait or are tall, and none of them is a bit obscene. They are all heroes and rare.
"They are all Jian Hao and definitely not the bottom of the realm of Jian Hao!"
White one of these people can easily beat ten of themselves. Chen Shaobai suddenly felt surging and finally white. As soon as Chen Chong heard that Ye Haoran was a student of Xian State University, he immediately left.
These are first-year tutors. You know, state universities are reliable six-year programs!
What is six times thirteen? Chen Shaobai didn’t calculate the problem. He felt a little dizzy.
In the autumn magic spring, a swordsman like Xiong Yingjie was a master; When he arrived in Muxi City, he discovered that it was swordsman’s day. In the windy state, he didn’t know that he felt that the vertical and horizontal enemy swordsmen were worthless in the eyes of these mentors. Some mentors couldn’t root out the sword and could stare the swordsmen to death at a glance.
The stage is as big as the heart.
This sentence reverberated in my mind. Chen Shaobai chewed it repeatedly for half a ring, and even these instructors didn’t hear anything.
Half ring, he suddenly felt that his divine power of J and NG seemed to break through a layer of shackles and come to a new realm.
J and jīng promoted the breakthrough of the realm.
Breathe, breathe, breathe.
Chen Shaobai was panting heavily, and oxygen was given to the blood, which washed away the body crazily, bringing out the few impurities left in the musculoskeletal system and exchanging them to the lungs through gas.
Whoo-hoo …
A foul breath rose to his chest and made him upset, so he consciously opened his mouth to spit it out.
It can be clearly seen that the foul gas is sprayed out. This movement seems to have hit a gate valve, which makes his pores feel extremely comfortable. He has not healed for a long time, and his heart hurts a lot.
At this moment, Chen Shaobai feels that her body is cleaner than if every bone is white and glittering as jade, every bundle of muscle fibers is tight and tough like a steel cable, and every drop of blood does not contain any impurities and filth.
Glass mirror, this is the peak of swordsmen, and further, it is the swordsman.
Return to absolute being, Chen Shaobai only to find that the three zhangs Gao Qing Se big sword has two more people around, and 13 instructors with outstanding temperament are both of them.
One of them is an old man with white hair and a shawl without a half-inch beard. Although his shape is aging, his eyes are shining with flying spirits, which implies coercion, so that no one will do it even before he dies.
The other person is Wu Pei, who has seen him before. Now he has changed his clothes and is wearing a white shirt with blue Se clouds. His temperament is elegant and dusty. It seems that the other 13 instructors in the fairy middleman dare not get too close to him, as if they were afraid of being too close to lead to shame.
However, at the moment, dozens of new students and fifteen tutors in the field are all focused on Chen Shaobai.
Chapter 57 Dust removal operator
Chen Shaobai made a noise when he broke through, so many people couldn’t help looking at him.
Wei was taken aback by the breakthrough on the spot, but he took a step backwards and immediately developed a vicious idea in his heart.
Wei coldly stared at Chen Shaobai, blinked his green eyes and closed his lips, and said, "I don’t know if the exhaust is really a mangy dog. It deserves to be interrupted by people."
Breakthrough brings strength, which is most easily lost. This time is also the most unstable time for people. He wants Chen Shaobai to hold back his anger and shoot in the auditorium.
The auditorium is the most sacred and inviolable place in every state-level institution of higher learning. If Chen Shaobai dares to do it or not, those instructors who practice transcendence will personally slay him.
But for Wei to provoke Chen Shaobai, it seems that he didn’t see it at all. He cast his eyes on the three-zhangs, high-green Se sword, as if he had been fascinated by it.
"It was a rustic!" Cao Burning’s eyesight is excellent, and he can see at a glance what Chen Shaobai’s current state represents, but he has divided Chen Shaobai into enemies, and he can see the shortcomings no matter what Chen Shaobai does.
As soon as he spoke, the insects around him echoed and made the auditorium noisy.
"Shut up"
Wu Pei said two words without any threat and gentle tone, but the students present dared to continue talking and even dared not breathe more.
The auditorium is full of birds and needles.
He stared at Chen Shaobai for half a ring. "The peak of the 16-year-old swordsmen in the glass mirror is not bad even if you look at the big business Kyushu as Yuan Wan Guo. What’s your name?"
"Student Chen Shaobai met Mr. Wu three days ago."
Hearing this, Wu Pei shook his head after thinking for half a ring. "I can’t remember the characters of Jianhao’s three-foot Jianmang, but Chen Shaobai, your name is worth remembering."
Like swordsmen, the realm of swordsmen is also divided into three levels: three-foot sword mans, j: ng, and the soul is extremely changed. Every small realm represents a leap in strength. A middle-level sword mans can easily defeat three early-stage swordsmen, while the gap behind the realm is even more outrageous.
"Thank you, Mr. Wu, for patronizing me." Chen Shaobai’s tone was calm and serene. Three days ago, he caught a glimpse of him. This teacher with extraordinary status and strength didn’t like noisy people. The more gentle he was, the more he became interested in Wu Pei.
Sure enough, Chen Shaobai’s supercilious answer made Wu Pei’s eyes show a little appreciation for Se. He thought for a moment and whisked his hand to say "catch"
A clear light broke, and Chen Shaobai felt that thing went straight into his body as soon as he felt the palm of his hand cool.