"Han Li school at the age of eleven have gas strength? Have you ever learned Jijiaquan? "

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"PSST … makes sense."
"Although, well, I can say that I am the granddaughter of General Ji Xinghe."
"Enqi’s blood is destined to be novel."
People focus on Ji Rongxinyue’s one-enemy-three victory. Most of them focus on Ji Rongxinyue’s talent and fighting capacity, but adults don’t care about Ji Rongxinyue’s saying that after winning.
Include that words of three adult who are mocked after being defeat, and who are equally unaware of such children.
Words and phrases, they usually speak.
Some researchers are worried that they will be ridiculed after being defeated by Ji Rong Xinyue, which may affect their spiritual will and lead to the failure of accepting gifts later.
However, it turns out that the recipients who can be selected at this stage are almost all determined people, especially those who are selected from the military, and the success rate of accepting gifts has exceeded 90%
So the researchers think that Ji Rong Xinyue defeated them, making them more eager for gas power than ever before, and this desire can improve the success rate.
Although this statement lacks scientific basis, it seems that the gift and kindness are not scientific at present, and Rong Xinyue readily accepted the suggestions of researchers and became the last test of accepting gifts.
If you want to accept the gift, you must first fight with Ji Rong Xinyue.
Ji Xinghe is noncommittal about this. Every time Ji Rongxinyue fights, he will watch it on the spot and give guidance afterwards.
Soon Ji Xinghe found a problem, and he really had nothing to teach.
This kid has a gift …
"Aye, didn’t you say that Ji Rongxin was only eleven years old? Or alien birth, how did she grow so tall? "
A researcher who is about to take part in the challenge, Ji Rongxinyue, is a little nervous and asks others about him.
He is understandably nervous because he really can’t fight and he has been engaged in scientific research all the year round. Compared with normal people, his physical fitness is weak.
"It’s not eleven years old, it’s almost eleven years old, and it’s still a few months away. Speaking of it, she was not so tall before. Since she successfully accepted the gift from General Ji, her body has developed rapidly. I heard that she can grow a centimeter a day. Eh, isn’t this your major? Why don’t you know? "
Answering the question is also a scientific researcher who was transferred before and knows more, but his major is the direction of the mecha.
The professional direction of new researchers and this problem are somewhat
He thought about it a little before saying, "It seems that Qi power has completely solved the problem that Ji Rongxinyue’s body is affected by alien environment. In short, the damaged gene has been repaired, so she should have grown so tall now."
The people who teamed up with the two of them also participated in this problem.
"Is the recovery? Then she can grow to 1.71 meters? "
"It’s an exaggeration to grow so tall before eleven, but it’s not uncommon to grow so tall at this age. You know, children are overnourished now."
"But there should be no chance of overnutrition when she is alien for that long. Alien resources are very tight."
"But she is the granddaughter of General Ji Xinghe. No matter how tight the resources are, can she be missing?"
"You have to understand that General Ji Xinghe was six years old when she went to another planet, and General Ji Xinghe was not famous at that time. I have seen Su He’s special documentary" Ji Rong Xin Yue ".At that time, when General Ji Xinghe and Ji Rong Xin Yue met for the first time, there were several chocolates as gifts, but Ji Rong Xin Yue was reluctant to eat them."
""Ji Rong Xin Yue "documentary? Then I’ll look at it later. "
"It’s because of the strength of qi, which is also a kind of nutrition, and according to the current research results, qi is helpful to digestion and can be eaten by adults after being given gifts. It’s not surprising that the body of an adult can suddenly grow so tall after secondary development.