The old man looked at each other with the monk, and he didn’t know what he had done.

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Mu Mu was angry and funny. "Two old … monks entered the scenic zone with us. The witch must be with us!"
Speaking of which, Wenleyang also suddenly realized that it was strange for him to come. Sanniang had already controlled Miao’s failure to pay, so it was not necessary to compete with herself at all. It was most worry-free to take the letter and then send them away.
If it is Wen Leyang and Mu Mu who led the team to come in, the syren wouldn’t take it to heart, but there are two fix true people in the dark, which makes her have to pay attention to San Nian, who is also a yogi. In her opinion, the nature of things was changed as soon as the water mirror appeared, and the other party found out their own plot to deal with themselves one by one. Only then did they command a swarm of fierce killers, Wen Luo, and two masters suffered heavy casualties, but they entered and rescued Zhengda Longgen and Xing Qingmiao.
Wenleyang and Mu Mu said that they had guessed the matter and were all at sea. The monk was all at sea.
Ji Fei thought for a while before trying to ask, "Are young crops two groups of witches and you?"
Ernian also frowned slightly and asked, "Are these two monks one of us?"
Wen Leyang looked left and right and suddenly understood himself. Four masters shouted, "Don’t do it!"
After two thousand years’ development, the three secret arts of Wen, Miao and Luo have developed into a school of their own. Although the sophisticated and ruthless practitioners have their own magical powers, they are still physically stronger than ordinary people. It is hard to see that these three means will die the same way. It was easy to’ hug’ the small Taoist priest in Dingyang Palace when Wen swallowed the sea, but for the exquisite jade spirit Taoism, the Taoist priests would have been poisoned. When Wen’s four elders first arrived in Emei Mountain, they also made the monks in the Great Mercy Temple suffer a great loss.
Although the succubus is proficient in witchcraft, it is not exposed at ordinary times. Both the truth and the water mirror are authentic. The two brothers know that they are very close to death. They vent their anger on the mountainside and fight with their last breath to summon the avatar to smash Miao Village. This revenge can be reported as much as possible.
Isothermal didn’t do it contentedly, and ErNian’s face flashed with irony. She bowed to the two monks, "If we can see the light of day again, it’s also thanks to you." She looked back at the elder and there was no doubt that the tone was "broken!" With a wave of his hand, the green fire suddenly appeared.
Continuous shooting, with his hands, called his own life fire. Unlike Ernian, his witch fire was slightly blue and the flame was not high, but it was as fine as layered earthworms, making people look at the scalp and numb.
It’s heartless to judge if you don’t sit around. "It’s still that the oxygen content of the fire of the elder is relatively high."
Looking at the whole Qiniang Mountain, there are also ErNian and the elder who can help two monks get rid of the evil methods of the witch girl.
The witch fire fills the air like a snake, and the smoke layer after layer is as thick as a curtain and finally shines on the two monks. After a long time, Ernian finally breathed a sigh of relief, "Come on!" Then they sat side by side with the elders and slowly pranayama. They were all pale to the extreme.
The signs of smoke disappeared on the ground. Two monks were sweating and sleeping with their eyes closed. The colorful colors of cobwebs had disappeared.
Ah Dan talked for a while, and suddenly his eyes lit up, and he pulled out a whore from the old foot and buckled it on his head, just as the hat was satisfied. Hey, hey, silly smile, hot pepper flew off handfuls of’ hats’.
Chapter X Counteroffer
A few hours later, at dusk, the monk and the old man jumped up at the same time and looked at their bodies with surprise. They laughed and slapped their chests at Er Nian and Fu Shui. "Don’t worry, the life of the witch lies with our brothers!" Said the call forth body will rush out of the mountain []
Wen Leyang and Er Nian shouted "Wait!"
Ernian some doubts saw his one eye, gently say with smile "you first"
Wenleyang walked over to two monks. "There’s one thing you have to please two," he said, and took a look at the hot pepper.
Don’t say don’t be brothers. Two days ago, it was a force loss. Now, most of them have recovered. I really want to start work. There is no problem at all. But Pepper and the Luojia millipede are still seriously injured and even struggling to walk quickly.
Ji Fei’s eyes and hair are all in his heart. I can see at a glance what he wants to say and winked at the monk. Two monks took Wen Leyang a few steps and put on a serious face. "Do you want us two brothers to stay and protect the little girl?"
Wen Leyang nodded and the monk immediately chimed in with his small eyes. "That can’t be done. The monk hasn’t suffered such a big loss since he was born. The witch will never give up!"
Sophisticated also rubbed his palms with teeth. "We two brothers once vowed that they would be avenged and never suffer indignities in vain. It is reasonable to say that our revenge must be personally reported! But now my girl is seriously injured and needs to be protected. Your brother is sure to be in Miao Village. Besides our two brothers, others are really unreliable. What do you say? "
Wen Leyang was about to speak when the monk and Lao Dao suddenly slapped his thigh at the same time and startled him. Lao Dao continued, "It’s just that Lao Dao really broke an oath. What can I do this time? It’s no big deal. If you have something to say, smile and forget it. Anyway, no one takes it seriously."
The monk asked Wen Leyang from the side, "Are you white?"
Wen Leyang’s face wants to laugh and his mouth wants to scold him. It’s killing him. Two monks beat around the bush or made an appointment with the teacher. At last, he laughed and asked, "What if the teacher ordered you to guard your admiration?"
Water mirror and Ji Fei look at Wenleyang strangely, and things are all leaned in with a smile. I didn’t expect to be so stunned by a word. I looked at each other and didn’t know whether I should fuels and obey my teacher’s orders.
Road to react immediately after great anger stretched out his hand to the monk bald head mercilessly to a "talkative bald donkey! Just your sentence’ you are white’ is purely gilding the lily, which has caused the surname to be warm! "
The water mirror knocked back a punch and also swore, "Old … old na is afraid that he is really not white. This small look at the brain is not good. If you don’t understand that your mind is not white …"
Others watched the three of them talking and laughing, and suddenly two monks started fighting. No one knew what was going on, and they didn’t know whether they should come and persuade them.
Wenleyang hurried to China and Latin America. "If you want me to come out of Miao Village, you are still with Mu Mu, and things will be written off beforehand."
The old man immediately asked, "What if you didn’t come out of Miao Village?"
Wen Leyang replied with a smile, "Then bother to send Mu Mu back to Raven Ridge in southern Sichuan, too." After a pause, I remembered one thing. Both monks and old people are not small, but when they get together, they often make a mess first. When others get together, one plus one gets three. When they are together, one plus one equals one point two five. After a turn of mind, I continued, "I think it’s still troublesome for the Taoist priest to run with me to make a trip to Miao Village. The sorcery is terrible and I have to rely on the Taoist priest to admire and entrust it to the master."
Monks, after all, be honest. If something really happens to them in the face, it should not be difficult to take Mu Mu to run away with the water mirror.
The old man also wants to ask for advice and make a counter-offer. "I have never been different from monks …" The water mirror has jumped over and said with a low anger. "You promised quickly. If this little boy moves out of the teacher’s life again, we have to listen!"
Although Ji Fei and Shui Jing are snobbish, they are not dependent on the master. But if Wen Leyang refuses to promise them anyway, they really won’t betray their legacy.
When the three men finished discussing, they went back to everyone. As soon as they heard it, they were anxious to catch the witch and rush into the Miao village. If there was no such thing as how to do it, they would be angry. The monk was afraid that she would not be able to protect her. She had to worship Teacher Wenleyang and quickly put in a good word.
"You haven’t learned before, but you don’t pay attention to it."
Ernian shook her head with a chuckle and advised, "If you really go after your serious injury, it will definitely drag down the Wen brothers."
Wenleyang explained that "I’m not afraid of being dragged down by you, but I’m afraid I can’t take care of you." Then I gave her a hard look at what Pepper wanted to say, but finally Zhan Yan smiled. "Then be careful yourself! The egg … "
Pepper just wanted A Dan to go with Wen Leyang. The zombie baby immediately jumped up with both hands and feet on his master’s leg and refused to let go.
Wen Leyang laughed and said, "Ah Dan stays with you. I don’t know him very well." Then he turned to Ernian, "Do you want to stay with Xiao Mao?"
Ernian and the elder shook their heads firmly at the same time. "He is a big dragon root and will go even if he dies!" He paused for a moment and solemnly asked everyone, "The succubus is seriously injured now, but please be careful when you start work. Don’t let her launch witchcraft to kill the clan." For several young crops, this time it is both revenge and saving the clan.
Wen Buzuo repeatedly said from the side that he suddenly laughed. "I dare not make the young plants and witches die … but then again, after four years, are the seedlings almost all dead?"
Ernian knew that this person’s speech was ugly and she didn’t care. She explained that "when we came out, there were almost two thousand witches in the stockade. If we don’t want to attract everyone’s attention, there should be many people left."
Wenleyang also stared at Wen and said to Ji Fei, "The syren should have colleagues to help me find out the demon who cast the mountain coffin witchcraft."
Ji Fei’s immortal smile is "wrapped in being original"
The water mirror monk stayed in the mountain to protect the two Luogudi, and the others stopped talking nonsense. While the sunset was shining, they quickly ran to the foot of the mountain, and the water cracked and led several Miao people to lead the way.
A group of people are walking fast, and when it is not over, it has arrived at Miao Village 100 meters away. The Miao people in the village are all busy with their faces, but without exception, they flash their heartfelt smiles as if something big is about to happen.
At the foot of heaven, the last ray of light was immediately swallowed up by the darkness. At the same time, Wen Leyang’s eyes suddenly lit up and lit up, and the root method looked directly at the huge flame rising from the altar in the center of Miao Village! Hundreds of Miao people came out of the bamboo house and gathered in front of the fire altar to suppress their faces and worship the fire without saying a word …
Er Nian, Guo Shuili, and several Miao people saw a blazing flame that almost turned white, except for a strange and shocked look when their faces changed.
Chapter 19 Miao Dance
The remaining roads can sneak for hundreds of meters.