"We can now have ten battle mecha divided into three battle units. There are eleven mecha in No.1 war unit, five mecha in No.2 war unit, and two mechs in No.3 war unit. I think that No.3 war unit can’t participate in the war and must guard against uncertain traces. Two imperial mechs"

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People in the command center are worried about intelligence, and at the same time, they are glad that Ji Xinghe has played beyond their expectations. If it weren’t for Ji Xinghe’s overwhelming situation, there would be less than ten battle armor at the No.6 base.
When Ji Xinghe took part in the war for the second time today, there were still 21 battleships in the sixth base. The twelve-to-six battle was a great victory. No one died, not to mention the real damage and the need to repair the mecha. Su Chuanyun’s imperial mecha were not idiots. They wouldn’t wait to be besieged and intercepted, and when they won, two federal mecha were broken in another battlefield due to sudden encounter and did not cause damage to the imperial mecha.
"We still have the No.4 combat unit just repaired and three mecha can be put into use."
"Come or not, they won’t continue to give us the knot. It’s eleven to ten. If we can hold on for about seven minutes, five mecha of Unit 2 will be able to support us in place."
"Eleven to ten …"
Whether it was Ji Xinghe or the commander of No.1 combat unit in his office at that time, it was recognized that there were twelve to six situations, and the two sides were evenly matched. Twelve to three times was the advantage. Most of the reasons for this were that I attached importance to enemy tactics, but it can also be said that individual mecha were at a disadvantage in the battle. What’s more, the mecha of No.6 base was worse.
Nine of the mecha who supported base 6 during the dust outbreak were first-class mecha, and the rest were second-class or third-class mechs. All the mechs of base 6 in the blockade line of the real war zone were not old, weak and down archers, which was not much difference.
"How good is Su Chuanyun’s mecha?"
"His mecha self-inspection and unified inspection combined 7%, but his damaged part was the back protective armor."
"Can he still fight?"
"legal determination"
After a short silence in the command center, Lieutenant Colonel Chen Xun waited for the communication to be temporarily restored and connected with Su Chuanyun.
"Su Chuan Yunshi, I am Lieutenant Colonel Chen Xun."
"Sir, I"
"Can you still fight?"
"Yes, sir, I can, I dare, I will."
"Then fight."
Su Chuanyun’s roar command center reverberated with the sound. It was waiting for a long time. Su Chuanyun controlled his mecha to run again, and the speed was very fast. It seemed like fame and fortune, but there was no fame and fortune ahead. There were his comrades in arms and he fought.
I’m Su Chuan Yunshi, a federal second-class mecha. I’m coming.
Chapter 5 Sorry
"They seem to be retreating. We’re not sure what information they have. We have to take the initiative to attack them. We don’t have time to keep them. We won’t be able to catch them when the No.2 combat unit and we finish the knot for about seven minutes."
"Eleven against ten, we have no advantages and disadvantages, but what we need to do is to stall them and wait for the second combat unit to arrive when we delay. Sixteen against ten, we can wipe them out."
"Now I am the No.1 machine, Andre is the No.2 machine … Ji Xinghe is the No.11 machine. Based on the detection eye information and the information base that has sacrificed two brothers, the number of ten imperial mecha has been completed. The data from one to ten phases has been sent to your mecha. I am the No.1 machine, and I am responsible for the No.1 imperial mecha. After arriving at the battlefield, I will pay attention to your window information to determine their respective goals."
"We want to divide the battlefield. If we let the imperial mecha fight, we can’t carry them to charge the old horse. You … I believe you. We all believe that all your wandering support is in vain?"
"Good, but I still have to wake up to a dogfight. Don’t hurt your life if it’s not necessary." The commander said the same thing as Major Jackson. It’s not surprising for his mecha, because compared with all the people, there are not only mecha but also mecha in the empire. With a total population of more than 7 billion, there are 300,000 people who can become mecha. Which one is not arrogant in a million miles?
I don’t go into too much detail about the experienced mecha commander, the rank of second lieutenant, but I have to say a few words about Ji Xinghe.
"Lao Ji, don’t blame me for being wordy. You saved Su Chuanyun in the battle just now. From the emotional point of view, I agree that you chose correctly from the local war situation. Su Chuanyun is too impulsive, too arrogant and doesn’t trust you, but the post-battle situation is more complicated. If you want to save people, you will probably miss our necessary situation and choose to sacrifice yourself to fight for opportunities."
"I need to wake you up. We are very close to the base, and they are far from their logistics supply. Our mecha is broken, but they can’t be repaired. There are not only mechs but also mechs. There are many mechs in the base that can fight with armor, but they can’t have apes without armor to support them … We can sacrifice if necessary."
"Of course, we don’t need to sacrifice this battle, and I don’t want to sacrifice it. The first seven minutes after the encounter, the battle is still a struggle. If you can find a chance to break the imperial mecha, you can ensure that you don’t get hurt … you must seize the opportunity before you sacrifice."
"If you don’t have such an opportunity, then you don’t want to walk out of the gun tactics, do you understand? If you don’t shoot, you need to run back and forth on the battlefield, which will help us a lot. Because of the two-to-one situation, we will almost win your mecha performance. You can appear behind an imperial mecha in 30 seconds, and once you shoot, it will be promoted to the imperial mecha, which will pose a threat to you … "
Ji Xinghe was particularly patient when he rambled on from sentence to sentence. He knew that he didn’t have rich experience in real combat. He agreed with the commander’s words, although he chose them for the same reason as Ji Rongxinyue said. He didn’t want these mecha soldiers like his son to die.
It’s not swearing.
Commander Lao Ji thoughtfully said, "In a word, we believe in you and you should believe in us."
After Ji Xinghe responded, the commander took a deep breath and the communication channel sounded. Then he said softly, "Turn off the communication channel for one minute to supplement the recording of last words."
When the communication channel is quiet, I don’t know whether everyone’s mood suddenly becomes heavy or whether they have already added and recorded their last words, but closing the communication channel at this time won’t affect it. It should be said that the communication with the base is in a state of being disturbed by dust storms again, and they have a feeling of isolation and assistance.
But this kind of isolation did not make them afraid, but made them emotional and passionate. What are you afraid of?
Ji Xinghe did not record his last words because he could not die at this time. He firmly believed that he would not die.
"Enemy aircraft found ready for battle"
"No.4 Machine No.7 Machine Drop Shock Bomb"
Two federal mecha’s shoulders suddenly appeared a tail flame. The special shock bomb for the alien dust storm flew across the dust at a distance of 100 meters. The explosion was visible to the naked eye, and the spherical wave shock spread swept to the area of nearly 200 meters. Ten scattered imperial mecha were clearer than Ji Xinghe and others in the window.
The federal mecha’s own auxiliary intelligent system completed the numbering at the first time, and confirmed that ten federal mechs each completed a small turning maneuver and went to their respective war targets. Before the ten, it looked like they were retreating, and the imperial mechs did not hesitate to charge the federal mechs. They did not cooperate with the selection of the federal mecha’s war targets, and it was impossible to cooperate.
"Avoid pulling and divide them"
Ten federal mecha charge formations changed again. They were very experienced in such battles, and Ji Xinghe suddenly understood one thing at this moment. He was not finished with the No.11 machine because he showed strong breaking ability, and because he lacked experience in mecha formation drills, he could not cooperate with these well-trained elite mecha soldiers.
The Fiona Fang area of more than 200 meters is very short for the speed of the mecha, but both sides are in a state of charge, but there is no frontal impact. It is difficult to make flexible maneuvers in the state of high-speed movement, and the goal of dividing the battlefield after the first round of interleaving has been achieved half.
"Steady again"
The commander’s voice communication channel sounded, and the two mecha turned to charge again, but it was different from before. The Imperial Mecha also completed their battlefield division and was responsible for wandering support. The 11 th Federal Mecha failed to compete with the other Federal Mecha because of lack of experience. It and its pilots became the biggest loophole in this local encounter.
"Lao Ji"
"Don’t worry about me carrying out the original war plan. No.5, No.1 and No.9 will support me."
Ji Xinghe didn’t follow him. He wasn’t prepared to follow the wild road. He was not surprised that this happened. He was prepared in his heart. He interrupted the commander for the first time
"This is not disobedience. You said not to wave opportunities."
When Ji Xinghe added this sentence, he turned and ran to the edge of the dust area, and behind him, he was chasing three imperial mechs, which were the corresponding imperial mechs No.5, No.9 and No.9.
The battlefield situation has changed again, and it is extremely beneficial to the Federation. It used to be ten to ten, and the 11 th mecha of Xinghe was responsible for supporting it. Now it is seven to seven, and there are three federal mechs that can support the winning surface, which has risen a lot.