He shouldn’t have told Yu yat sen villa that she had disturbed her quiet life before finding out the matter clearly.

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But if his suspicions are correct, how can he tell Yu yat sen villa about it? Tell her he owes her more than one ear, more than one marriage without substance …
At this moment, Zhuo Xuanyu feels that it is a hard task to face Yu Yat Sen.
"I want to say we don’t want a divorce." The original plan was that Lu Qing would discuss the divorce after going to the United States, but now Zhuo Xu’ an doesn’t want to do this. He wants to make things clear
"Ah?" Yu yat sen villa instantly sprayed out with a mouthful of coke in his mouth. Fortunately, Zhuo Xuanyu hid quickly and got up immediately to avoid the table burger fries, which were unfortunately defiled.
Yu yat sen villa smiled apologetically. She wiped her mouth with a piece of paper. "I can’t leave a divorce, but what about Miss Yun?"
Yun Panpan’s fame has soared recently, and she has been busy filming and watching the news these days. She is radiant, and no one doubts that she is about to marry a rich family.
To the Cloud Panpan Zhuoxuanyu was silent for several days. Yunpanpan was not in S city, and he didn’t feel anything. When Yunpanpan was not with him, he never gave birth to the feeling of missing.
"It doesn’t conflict, and she and I won’t get married so soon," he said flatly. "Since you call it that’s settled."
Yu yat sen villa silently took another sip of coke, thinking that the radish is not the kui is an overbearing president. That’s it? Can she say that she actually doesn’t want to?
Watching her drink coke again, Zhuo Xuanyu finally endured and pulled her up. "Come on, just try this garbage. I’ll take you to eat something else."
He took a hurry to pack his bag. Yu Yat Sen looked at her like a short-legged black rabbit and stumbled with her. Zhuo Xuanyu’s mood was finally less heavy. Zhuo Xuanyu was so outstanding and two people were so out of line. Of course, Yu Yat Sen caused a crowd of onlookers. He held his face in one hand and sighed in his heart. Even in a fast food restaurant, Zhuo Xuanyu couldn’t keep a low profile, which also brought trouble to her high profile!
Zhuo Xuanyu was slightly dissatisfied with her face, but after stuffing her into the car, he thought about another thing. He went through all the restaurants he knew in his mind and immediately picked out a restaurant that he thought was more nutritious and healthy.
The owner of this restaurant is Hao Qiao Qiao Hao whose wife is Min Anxun’s sister Min Tianya.
When Zhuo Xuanyu took Yu Yat Sen into the restaurant and met Hao, he regretted Hao. Expressing his passion for Yu Yat Sen is not only to accompany him.
"It’s very kind of a restaurant owner to accompany this kind of thing." Zhuo Xuanyu is very unhappy, and everyone who wants to talk to Min Anxun is very annoying, just like this vast chatter. He brought Yu Yat Sen here to eat and mend his body, not to talk nonsense with him.
"If it weren’t for Dr. Yu, my wife and children would be gone!" Hao didn’t recognize the meaning of Zhuo Xuanyu’s words and sat next to Yu Yat sen villa.
However, Yu Yat-sen is obviously very friendly to Hao, and she always answers him patiently. Hao is a crazy wife, and her wife has just given birth to a child and has experienced a narrow escape. She is very worried about her wife’s problem of how to take care of the mother, and she keeps asking Yu Yat-sen.
So after half an hour, Zhuo Xuanyu has actually accompanied the guests, and the protagonist is the chattering Hao.
Zhuo Xuanyu’s face became more and more ugly, and his eyes were staring at the vastness. It took him a long time to realize that something was wrong, but he felt like blowing air conditioning again. He looked up and saw Zhuo Xuanyu’s eyes, and he was surprised. This man was full of possessiveness and his eyes were white, but didn’t Zhuo Xuanyu like clouds? What’s the situation?
Although Hao could see that Zhuo Xuanyu was unhappy, he still planned to stay because he felt that Zhuo Xuanyu’s reaction was abnormal and strange. He had always been very cold, but he always behaved very grumpy today.
"If you don’t mind, I’d like to be alone with my wife for a while." Zhuo Xuanyu has not left yet and plans to simply drive people away.
"Well, I’m sorry to bother you," said Zhuo Xuanyu, driving people with thick skin, but he still had to go quickly to avoid trouble.
"Doctor Yu, thank you for the opportunity to talk to you again." Hao left Yu Yat sen villa but blinked and looked at Zhuo Xuanyu, whose searching and angry eyes made Zhuo Xuanyu feel very uncomfortable.
He frowned. "What are you looking at?" The voice is heavy and tense.
"Have you seen a psychiatrist?" She continued to stare at him, suddenly.
Zhuo Xuanyu was stunned. "What?" This woman suddenly came up with a sentence that he didn’t follow
"You have some psychological problems. You are better than the average person in terms of career, but you should take a normal attitude in normal times." Yu Yat Sen summed up Zhuo Xuanyu’s abnormality and attributed it to Zhuo Xuanyu, who is used to being in control of everything and doesn’t like people.
For example, just now, he probably wanted to eat quietly alone, but Hao’s chatter here affected him, and he didn’t really say anything to Hao.
Zhuo Xuanyu’s face was very strange. He stared at Yu Yat Sen. "You mean I bully others?"
Yu yat sen villa eyes smile a little empty "I didn’t say you said"
His facial expression pointed to the white porcelain blue-and-white cup in front of her to "drink soup"
She immediately cleverly covered the lid and scooped up a little soup with a spoon. She didn’t know much about it, but the ingredients of the soup were very fragrant and sweet.
"Will you go to Yu’s and mi’s start-up banquet in two days?" Zhuo Xuanyu watched her drink soup but didn’t eat it herself
Everything is ready for the Yu’s group and mi’s joint project, whether it is the factory or the joint hospital. It won’t be long before the health housekeeper system can be put into production, and it will be available in the spring of next year as planned.
Once this production is successful, the subsequent profits and licensing benefits will be very considerable, so this joint launch banquet is also quite grand, and many prominent people in S city will go.
Although these annuities are the agent of President Yu and the largest shareholder, Yu Yat-sen is the real controlling shareholder, and she is supposed to attend.
And this time, I won’t miss the opportunity to strengthen my contacts.
"Go, Brother Chengde said that I must go." Yu Yat sen villa nodded her chopsticks to pick out the Lycium barbarum from the cup and put it on the plate, which is exactly the same as the garlic and onion in the dish when I was a child.
"I’m with you" ZhuoXuanYu stared at the dish that red wolfberry tone is very natural.
"Ah?" Yu yat sen villa face zheng depressed in the heart, if ZhuoXuanYu with her, then what room can she play around ZhuoXuanYu sell germination in a daze?
"Well, anyway, someone is going to chase here, so I’ll go with you." He finally moved his eyes from Lycium barbarum to Yu Yat Sen’s depressed face, and his heart was a little funny. She didn’t want him to attend the party in person. I don’t know how big it was for Yu’s family. The value of his attendance at Yu’s group will rise a lot.
Chapter 37 I accompany you
"No, you come with me. I want headlines again. I’m just going for a walk and eating and drinking." Yu Yat Sen wanted to dispel Zhuo Xuanyu’s thoughts.
"This is no ordinary occasion, and you, the largest shareholder of Yu’s, are not so easy to fool around. I can’t guarantee that you won’t lose face when I’m by your side." Zhuo Xuanyu is really a little worried that Yu Yat Sen can’t adapt to such an occasion.
"… I can have what shame is not a ChengDe elder brother? Sisi will also help me. "Yu yat sen villa is reluctant to be wronged in her heart. When she is kind, she should be bad, but she should not help when she is kind!"
"My identity is more appropriate. I am your husband." I heard that the joy in Seong-deok Kim Zhuo Xuanyu’s heart was gone after Yu Yat Sen Qing. He bit his voice and spit out this sentence.
Yu yat sen villa knew that things were settled in this way and smiled at him in a shady way. "Who made you my nominal husband!" "
Look at her strange Zhuo Xuanyu, but feel pleasing to the eye. This is Yu Yat sen villa, a little narrow-minded, a little stubborn, clever and eccentric … very cute.
"You are the same as when you were a child." He looked at her and smiled faintly.
Yat sen villa what "is it? I think I’ve changed a lot, and so have you. She’s the one who actually changed the most. She’s curious. What will Zhuo Xuanyu look like when she finally knows the truth?
Surprised? Angry?
She’d better not guess. That day will come anyway.
This meal was very calm. After eating it, Zhuo Xuanyu sent Yu Yat Sen home and went to the company to work overtime. Those things were not so urgent to do, but Zhuo Xuanyu didn’t want to stay in a room with Yu Yat Sen, which would make him have no idea.
If you are close to her, you will smell her, remember that kiss that day, and you will want more … This kind of out-of-control Zhuo Xuanyu does not know, but it gives birth to expectations and gives birth to a delicate feeling that he has never experienced before.
Zhuo Xuanyu had a rest in the office lounge that night, and Xue Qiaoxin came very happy early in the morning.
"I will go to the boss Tianyu banquet!" He has made an appointment with Feng Sisi to buy gifts together this evening.
Zhuo Xuanyu was reading a newspaper and heard Xue Qiaoxin’s words. He looked up and glanced at him. "No, I’ll go myself."
"ah? You go? Boss, is it inappropriate for you to go to this banquet? Isn’t this cheering for Yu? " Xue Qiaoxin was surprised and worried that if Zhuo Xuanyu went to this party, he wouldn’t have to go! Then isn’t he going to stand up to Feng Sisi?
"Yat sen villa is going to accompany her." Zhuo Xuanyu knew what was going on when he saw Xue Qiaoxin scratching his head. "You don’t need to go."
Xue Qiaoxin whole face collapsed "? Boss, I don’t think you will go. I have promised Feng Sisi that I will go. We also agreed to buy gifts in the afternoon. "
"gift?" ZhuoXuanYu suddenly caught the digression.
"Yes, she didn’t prepare for that occasion for the first time. I promised to accompany her. Isn’t it good for this beautiful woman who stood me up?" Xue Qiaoxin looked at Zhuo Xuanyu piteously.
"Isn’t the ceremony all customized?" Zhuo Xuanyu and Xue Qiaoxin are not in the same line at all. Zhuo Xuanyu’s clothes are all world-class brands, and he specializes in customizing them. His life assistant is taking care of them. He is not very clear.