"Old horse, will you slow down? Don’t flash your waist. You want to transport the tractor. Say, we can give you the 72nd exercise area."

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"Seriously, Lao Ji, have you ever changed your body? Your skin is not all mechanical, is it?"
"You don’t talk nonsense, be careful that the old horse has carried away all the mecha in your operation area."
"That can’t be. The lightest mecha also weighs 16 tons. The unit is tons, not kilograms."
"But he is Ji Xinghe."
Ji Xinghe was shocked by carrying more than 400 kilograms of protective armor. The mechanic safely returned to his No.66 exercise area and said to the stunned disciples, "I will come if there is no transport tractor for the 500 kilograms of weight parts."
"Don’t be stupefied and do things quickly." The only professional mechanic in the No.66 operating area except Ji Xinghe took the lead in returning to absolute being, and cooperated with other mechanics to carry Ji Xinghe to protect the armor successfully.
Another mecha has completed the repair, and I can’t see how tired it is. Xing Xinghe immediately tested the real machine and the maintenance results met the corresponding standards.
It sounded that "the meritorious service value of No.66 operating area increased by 796 cycles and accumulated 23,697, and now it ranks 76th in the meritorious service list".
Different damage degrees and parts of the mecha are different, so the maintenance difficulty will be different, and the meritorious service value will be different after the maintenance, which also leads to many operating areas to focus on the direction they are best at when selecting the mecha to be repaired.
But for Ji Xinghe, he doesn’t need to focus on the place. To exaggerate is to know everything.
Years of maintenance experience has given him a unique understanding of mechanical structure. From his point of view, there is not much difference between different models of mecha and different models of cars. Different damaged parts will not be strange problems for him, a maintenance worker who has been engaged in more than 40 years.
Compared with the battlefield accident, the vehicle damage is more complicated, and all kinds of inexplicable vehicle failures are common.
Body mecha he must be able to drive skillfully for all types of federal mecha. This is not a fact that mecha must do, but Ji Xinghe thinks he should do it.
Every real machine test deepened his understanding of different types of mecha, as did the repairman.
Compared with its operating area, Ji Xinghe has a greater advantage, that is, he can repair many damaged parts by hand without waiting in line, and there must be some differences between intelligent mechanical arms and machine tools to repair phase parts and directly replacing them to get meritorious service.
Of course, the ranking of meritorious service in the maintenance area of the No.66 operating area keeps rising.
"Xiao Wang takes them to dinner and rest for an hour."
What Ji Xinghe needs to do is not only keep saying’ I’ll come’, but also make a work plan to wake these young people up to rest.
"Master, I’m not hungry," replied Xiao Wang, the mechanic. "You take them to dinner, and I’ll fix this dynamic device."
"I’m not hungry, I’m not tired and I don’t rest."
"Master, you go. You’ve done too much more than us."
Ji Xinghe’s expression was cold. "I said it was an order."
"Well … yes," said Xiao Wang, clapping his hands after he immediately stopped his work. "Everyone is going to have dinner with me. Master is going with me."
Ji Xinghe shook his head. "You go first. I’ll go as soon as I get this moving device done."
"But …" Wang and others all leng one.
Ji Xinghe frowned. "What, are you going to order me?"
This is of course impossible. It is impossible for them to order Ji Xinghe to be the captain without saying that Ji Xinghe is a lieutenant and higher than all of them, and that they all like to call themselves the mechanic of Xinghe squad.
"Master, do you want to be so overbearing?"
The disciples are somewhat wronged, but they are more worried that Ji Xinghe does more work than each of them.
I have been quietly filming Su He next to me and laughed. "Old Ji is really overbearing, but it’s not like this. Go quickly. Don’t worry, I’m watching."
Ji Xinghe waved his hand. "Go quickly, I know it."