It was already dark, and of course the carriage stopped outside the largest inn in the town. This style scared even Xiao Er to the shopkeeper and the boss was ten people respectfully welcoming guests at the gate.

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If you can’t wait to jump out of the carriage and stretch, you’ll finally have a place to rest, and then stretch out your hand to hit the door and help Chu Yun in the car.
If the appearance is plain but beautiful, the people around you can’t help sighing together.
Chu Yun doesn’t know what others sigh in unison, but he can’t help looking at it in surprise.
If you don’t say anything, you will come back with a sneer and a cold hum. They sigh when a flower is inserted in cow dung.
Chu Yun leng leng at first hearing this indecent remark.
If you take a deep breath and suppress your anger and say what you know about crops and flowers, you don’t want to think about how you eat food.
I just jumped into the car, Xiao Yuan was one leng, but I didn’t expect that if I replied in this way, I would just smile and grab the front step and walk to the house. With a wave of my hand, give me the biggest and best elegant dining table carriage to settle down for me.
He’s a sovereign, dressed in a noble style, and Garvey is used to this kind of anti-guest’s casual command, but let others have him. He’s the head of the party, and the owner of the shop is under the illusion that he should be.
If you still stare and become speechless, Xiao Yuan has walked into the house and swept away his eyes. The noisy guests wrinkled their eyebrows and made too much noise. Clear the room for me.
The owner of the guest officer shop had a bright forehead and sweat, and he quickly lowered his waist.
Xiao Yuan sneered and said in a high voice that whoever wants to leave at once can go to my entourage and get twelve taels of silver. He pointed back and said that if that piece of cloth was full of consternation, he would be tongue-tied.
Shout, a terrible crowd rushed to the gate like a flood, and stretched out their arms to drown Ruo in an instant.
Even in the face of the most terrible palace master, he can’t bear to abandon Chu Yun without hesitation. The actual action once again proves that the famous saying that husband and wife are flying separately when they come to the rescue is true.
If you scream in a lot of arms, pairs of eyes are as bright as wolves, and your mouth is full of foam, and your ears are ringing, it’s so noisy to yell.
I’m leaving. Give me 12 taels first.
I’m the first to come. Give me 12 taels.
Yes, I should have given it to me first.
If you almost want to hold your head and call your mother, but he called for sex, help!
Sex Germany shook his head, and even if he worked miracles, he was helpless in the face of such a terrible scene.
In the chaos, Qingying’s feminine swallow warbler is particularly clear that you are indispensable if you want to line up one by one.
They heard the word silver immediately, but they turned to look at it. It was two beautiful girls holding several ingots of silver beside the carriage, so another noisy crowd immediately moved around.
Fortunately, two big boys with great strength are standing by to prevent everyone from pushing their voices and making mischief, and even more warnings are given in their mouths. Whoever comes one by one will not get a penny if they want to crowd around.
When they heard that the interests were similar, they behaved and obeyed, and lined up one by one to get the silver.
What if you still feel dizzy just after being rescued from the tight encirclement?
I told you that we should rest here and let other people go. We are not short of money, but it is better to let them make fun of you.
If you sigh deeply, Chu Yun is the queen and other distinguished people who are used to calling idle people to dodge wherever they go, and they never bother to calculate the problem of money.
However, he is an orphan and poor. Even now, when he is rich in wealth and wealth, he has stolen less than half of the property in the national treasury, but his flesh still hurts terribly when he gives money. The biggest problem is that according to his experience in reading movies and novels, he found that in ancient times, as soon as he ran to restaurants and inns, he patted the table to drive others away, and he was afraid that he didn’t know how to show his money. Many characters were usually villains, but the hero had no money but the backbone protagonist appeared on the scene as a foil.
What’s the big deal about a few stinky money? The crisp and crisp sound from Curie has overwhelmed people’s clamour for silver. It can be seen that this criticism is definitely from high manpower.
If you pick your eyebrows, right? Come on, once the rich people jump up and try to hit people with silver, those heroes will definitely rush to show off their power.
He was full of curiosity and ran to Curie, only to find that the hall was full of guests, and there were a few little guys who were afraid to say anything because of the messy cups and plates.
Xiao Yuan careless sitting in front of a man and a woman.
The male figure is tall, handsome and elegant. Looking around, there is a strong wind. It is an ordinary style, but the robe material is made of snow satin. The neckline is embroidered with a thin circle of gold thread pattern, and the waist is also white jade belt. You can know the origin is extraordinary at first glance.
The woman was wearing a reddish dress with a long ribbon hanging from her waist, and a double swallow of Yu Pei’s clothes was more colourful, and her fingers stretched out to her wrist and jade bracelets kept ringing, pointing to Xiao Yuanda’s Jiaochen.
Is this the Jianghu woman? Chu Yun has followed if you come in to see that woman, you can’t help but be amazed and curious. The Jianghu daughter is so bright-eyed and beautiful. She says that her voice is crisp and loud, and she is never shy in front of men, but she is very interesting.
If the idea is different from her, according to the first observation, these two people’s clothes and bearing will definitely be people of extraordinary origin, but the man’s clothes are not luxurious, and the woman’s body has no other ornaments except the jade bracelet Yu Pei. It is not the arrogant and leaning person, but the daughter’s family is more or less girly. I think it is shameful for others to put on airs and show wealth. The man is mostly trying to make trouble with her.
If you turn around in your mind, you should try to persuade and then pull a condom. In a novel, heroes know heroes and treat teenagers as beautiful people.
It’s a pity that Xiao Yuan has nodded. My money is nothing. If you are not happy, I won’t drive others away.
If you don’t expect Wang Xiaoyuan, a bully in Beijing, to be so accommodating, you can’t help being one leng.
That beauty must have been accustomed to others’ obedience to her words, pointing back to Xiao Yuan’s nose without doubt. Miss you know, you won’t teach you.
Is her side male eyebrows slightly wrinkled looked Xiao Yuan eyes some warning color.