He looks really good at this time, and his face is not as pale as when he came. It can be seen that he is in a good mood, which makes her not regret bringing him here. If he can be so happy every day, she will bring him to play every day to make him happy. She can do anything to make him live happily and make him happy.

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Turning around, she bought that piece of Tian Yuxi and pulled him forward in the hands of the first snow. Section 178 Extremely stupid injury 7
Although Shen Suer is holding hands in the first snow, her eyes are moist and she doesn’t want him to see them.
Blink hard to blink away the water mist in your eyes.
After walking for a while, she looked back and smiled and asked Xiaosan, are you hungry?
The first snow quietly looked at her and smiled and shook her head.
If you want to play, be careful. Is there something wrong? She couldn’t help worrying and stared at him.
No, it feels good
Remember, don’t be uncomfortable. Honestly, we’ll go back to the palace first, but then we’ll play more every day. You can come and play with me every day. Hehe, now it’s rare for people to be busy, but we have to rest and play together, right? Is this a cure for that guy’s bad smile?
Hehe, yes
It’s been a really depressing year, and it’s suffocating me. Today is really sincere, mistress. We’ll go wherever you see where to eat. Today, listening to you, she looks brilliant and heart-warming.
Shen Suer said to listen to the first snow, but she still sat in a small noodle stall on the side of the road with the first snow.
She ordered two bowls of Daoxiao Noodles with eggs and vegetables.
She ate heartily when she sent it.
Compared with the elegant eating style of the first snow, she really doesn’t like it
Jane doe stared jealously at the first snow and sipped his mouth. Small three, don’t do this.
Chuxue wondered what was wrong with looking at her.
Please don’t eat so beautifully, which makes me feel so masculine. Well, don’t stand on ceremony outside. Suddenly, she approaches his ear and whispers, hehe, look at this. In the eyes of outsiders, it looks like I am a man and you are a woman.
The first snow almost choked.
He was used to it just now, okay? Why does he look like a woman?
I couldn’t help it. He finally raised his slender jade hand and knocked on her head.
Although it is held high and gently dropped, it can still be knocked.
Xiaosuer will talk nonsense about me again.
I what?
I don’t want you anymore.
Uh-huh, uh-huh, mistress
Look, it’s not a horse, is it? You’re threatening
Embarrassed to death Section 179 ps
PS in the emotional problems of Chinese men and women may not agree with the lack of personal views
This is a digression, an emotional problem of Yu Suer’s desire for scenery.
At present, Su ‘er thinks it’s not right for a good person with the first snow. It’s often said that love should be single-minded. Even if the first snow is cute, it’s infatuated, but it can’t be done. Love can’t be accepted just because others are infatuated.
If you read poorly, you won’t deny it
Especially at the first snow, Su ‘er’s love is a kind of love between men and women, in which a person is naturally pregnant with his relatives and important people.
It’s not surprising to be nice to a person when he is dying.
You can’t talk about empathy without loving anything. In fact, there are many feelings worth cherishing besides love in life.
If the first snow is like this, but it is firm, what position is firm, and we are indifferent to the first snow, suppressing whether we will not go or do anything, is it really fake to be so indifferent, and it also loses her personality?
It is human nature that she is a modern person, not an ancient person. Even if the other person is dying, she is still indifferent and does not hold his hand. The point is that this person has been with himself through storms. This kind of thing is not impossible. In fact, even in the face of the same thing, love is not an excuse for people to become indifferent.
If you don’t know how to read, you can continue to ask, and the speech is still the same.
Section 18 Extremely stupid and beautiful injury 8
The first snow spent a day outside, and before dusk, the two of them went back. Pixel said, Go back early and don’t be reluctant to part with it. It was a convenient time to prepare, because when I went back to the palace early, several owners didn’t think about it once, and it was easy to talk again.
The first snow also agreed.
When I get back, everything is normal.
Everyone gathered at the Millennium Palace for dinner. Alo didn’t come. It is said that he stayed with the master in the too hospital for a while.