Well, I nodded my head, and since you’re not coming, it’s easy for me to start work. When I first arrived here, I really didn’t think anyone would bother me, but I was afraid that my right hand would raise a shock of weather. Now it was a strange special mark on my forehead, but no one could recognize what kind of seal it was. air billow lifted a humble abode and found five Tibetan men in black. Now in my eyes, one of them is holding a golden longbow and emitting a very strong murderous look.

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Who are you looking at in front of you? You are a murderous killer. My doubts are even heavier. This place is incredibly demon.
The other party didn’t answer me, and then there was a glittering arrow. There were two people who had besieged Linger, and the other three people attacked me except the archer.
Linger, be careful. They are not people, but demons. I woke up to Linger, saying that the sky has been forced by the firm but gentle shot, and blocked them from three feet away. However, several senior demons dared to come to trouble me. Today, I insisted that you come and go in different rounds, so I touched their strength and smiled coldly. Monty cicada became a magic day.
The magic day, the heart, the feeling, the consciousness, the sword, the broken sword, the magic day, the tilting of the sky, the waving of the sky, bringing up a piece of fantasy, and welcoming them to make them understand what is the real murder, the magic way to kill and stop killing.
In the face of this absolutely strong sword, the weapons in their hands danced wildly and rushed into my sword.
I can’t help but feel a slight shock. These two demons must have acted this way. Maybe what’s wrong with them? I drifted to Linger in the direction. I had to be careful. I picked Linger up with my left hand and hit the sky with the four demon swords. Just then, the bow demon pulled the bow again, and a golden arrow broke, but just as I was about to leave, the lotus white light flashed a strong air wave and swayed in the air. I was shocked and flew back several feet away.
This is the regret sky bow, and my face changed suddenly, and I remembered an ancient artifact, the regret sky bow.
The second volume Different demons Chapter 34 demon bow Tianque
No, it’s not a pity, it’s a pity. How can you hold such a strong demon? Hold your steady. I stand side by side with Linger, and the five demons are opposite.
It’s not the kui that the Green Ghost Sword Fairy can actually pick me up with a bow. The demon behind the other four demons has a cold mouth, and it’s so delicate that it stops into every corner that it adds a bit of cold atmosphere to this street. This busy street is even colder because several people have no one left.
Demon bow Tianque, I finally know that this bow is not so powerful, because it is a demon soldier, and three demon soldiers have been absent for quite a year. Lei Yaomu Qi once won the demon throne with this bow.
Ok, I burst out laughing. Today, demon bow Tianque will let me have a good experience-whether it is as magical as it is said, and see if it can be crossed in your hands. My blood is boiling in my body, and I am eager to find a well-matched opponent.
The war of whispering in the sky is on the verge.
Who dares to make trouble in my Xuan Ming city? It’s too dismissive of my northern ghost family. Suddenly, a cold wave strikes. A handsome and extraordinary young man is now shaking gently with a Longquan sword in his waist.
This man is North Ghost Linger, the contemporary householder of the North Ghost Family, who whispered a little bit about the identity of the bearer by my side.
Well, I nodded my head gently to show that I already know.
Hey, hey, the northern ghost family is so angry. I want to see what you can do to me. The demon Yin chuckles and the powerful spirit instantly locks the northern ghost.
Bei Ming seems to have felt the other side’s extraordinary physical exertion, and his right palm beat the city to the frosty wind.
The grain of rice light also dares to compete with Hao Ri for glory. The demon chuckles at one side, and a demon has been greeted by the North Ghost with his hand. The clever sword is straight to the palm of the North Ghost’s hand.
Hey, the two sides were stunned and surprised at the same time. They all stepped back three steps. Bei Ming looked at the sword in each other’s hands with a full face of surprise. It was unexpected that the palm of his hand would return without success, and the demon was also surprised that the sword failed to cut his palm.
When exactly did you want to make trouble in Xuan Ming? When you saw your opponent, Bei Ming questioned again.
Junior, you’d better get out of here. You’ll leave when we’re done. Words have flashed at me.
Hum, I’m cold-mouthed, but I can’t believe it. Now it’s your turn to pick up my sword. Tilt the sky and point out that a whirlwind has risen in heaven and earth. Three swords, wind, sword, wind, dragon, and heaven dominate all directions.
Remember, my name is Wooden Folding Bow. The demon gave his name and pulled the bow at me again. The gold-inlaid arrow actually shot a dazzling light, which seemed unreal.
Remember that my name is Muzhe, and his words crossed my mind, which surprised me slightly. What is Muzhe, the demon king?
Don’t you want to see a broken arrow? Well, I hope your voice falls, but the golden arrow is already in your hand. I’m surprised to find that I can’t see its trajectory. Is this Tianjuewei? Who can stop this blow in this world if you have the ability to leap over and walk in the gap?
When Peng Feng spun the sword, he threw his hand into the sky and blocked this unreal arrow, but I was shocked and flew away, and a little blood overflowed in my mouth.
Master, are you all right? Linger blocked it and still flew back.
I’m fine. It’s a serious day, but it can’t win my eyes. The gesture of destroying the demon in the top ten is already taking shape
Is this hanging aside? Beiming suddenly smoked his waist. Longquan brought up a piece of silver light. Beiming’s family has never been afraid of anyone. Today, I must let you guys lose sight of this Xuan Ming city.
Young students, it seems that you have to step in. Well, since you want to die, I’ll be your fire demon. Burn him, break his wood, have a cold drink, and you’ll see a demon respond, waving a single knife and shooting at me.
The sword of Longquan, Wan Li, was invaded by the cold of the city. A sword and a knife suddenly struck together, and two diametrically opposite smells of cold and heat struck together. Suddenly, a strong air was blown up and a thrust was produced.
This friend, this is my monster thing. My friends might as well wait for me first. They are making amends to you. They will destroy the demon and never send it. I politely smiled at Bei Ming and pointed out that they are demons.
Demon north ghost smell speech is a big surprise, but with the eyes of a sharp mans flash across heaven and earth, it seems that the world is going to be chaotic again because they are all evil spirits.
The front of the air, the blade of the wind, the sword of the mountain, and the thousands of demons fall into the dead. It’s hard to kill the demons without waiting for an answer.
Damn it, Muqi scolded me and suddenly pulled back. I think it’s because I saw this recruit. It’s really fucking annoying to come back. It’s because I hate to destroy the demon. It seems that his sensitivity is really not as strong as usual
Ah, except that in the northern ghost, the hot demon retreated and lived in the wood, and the other three demons turned to ashes in this sword
What kind of swordsmanship is this? The black towel on your wooded face was blown off by a firm but gentle shock wave, showing a face that was pale with fear. A pair of rare eyes slightly revealed a strong fear. At the same time, Bei Ming was shocked by this sword. He had seen this person, and he should not say that this demon power was a little hard to deal with one. But at present, this person actually demonized the three ashes with a sword. What kind of power is this? Now Linger is calm and has seen me in the first world war. She is used to these magical powers.
I put a hint of ponder and light smile on my face to kill demons.