"Yes, there’s a kind of enchantment spell in Gaoye Women’s Hall. Later generations will enter her for three meters. If you break the enchantment and enter it, those who cast the enchantment will perish together with those who attack, so I’m sure they haven’t caught her yet. You said that you will solve the remaining four French kings in Luojiao, so I’ll wait and see."

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Liu Yiyun sneered, "If you have this spirit, why don’t you go back to China and face that plane god?"
"I’m a monk. I’m mindless, not mindless, to fight that guy. That’s death. Anyway, he’s not interested in this world. Kill enough practitioners to expand him to other planes. He’ll naturally leave. I’ll just hide."
"You despicable monk are so ashamed."
"Thank you for your compliment." They walked into the building.
Just walked into the building, more than 20 people waved weapons at the same time, and the wind and thunder were mixed, and the flashing light enveloped them like a storm.
Aoshi Maru raised his hand and moved quickly, but it looked as slow as the old monk hitting the bell.
It’s a simple word, but the attack around it suddenly loses its luster. It’s like being absorbed by an invisible black hole, and then Aoshi Maru says "broken" again
Bang, the heads of more than ten or twenty Luojiao practitioners were smashed like bombs at the same time, and the blood spatter dyed Fiona Fang dozens of meters. It seemed that their blood department poured into their heads for an instant and abruptly exploded their heads.
Blow out these people, and the two of them kept moving forward.
In a spacious hall in the building, a pregnant girl was lying on the ground, and a semi-circular mask covered him, while four men were outside the mask, and four black gases were wrapped around the mask and squeaked.
"Sure enough, they are all here." Liu Yiyun sneered and stretched out his hand and said, "Give you the opportunity to come together with four people."
Four male and female wolves landed on two men at the same time. After smiling, they retreated to the door. "If you can knock him down, come and bother the king."
Liu Yiyun fluttered and gushed a blue light over his head, condensed into golden flowers, and blossomed into pots of golden lotus flowers. The surge of brilliance made his head shine golden like a god, and then he spouted a white lotus from his mouth and his feet raised a lotus platform with 24 petals.
The golden lotus on the top of your head, the foot on the silver lotus, the spit on the white lotus pill, and the surprise in your eyes that "all laws are at large, and the reality of Sanlianhua has not been practiced, and you have actually made it."
The four men also immediately nervous female points surrounded LiuYiYun on all sides.
One person makes a strange call, and the half of the body suddenly splits into two halves. The body is full of sharp teeth, and the whole person is like a huge protruding long mouth.
The other man is a monk with his hands folded. His treasure is solemn. If he is in the temple, he will be able to deceive many people to give him incense money. The wrist rosary flies out of ten big rosaries and turns into ten shining faces. Every face is full of fear and seems to be suffering from restraint.
The oldest of the four looks like a spell, and a pair of black armor grows on his body. In his left hand, he holds an almost equal-size shield, and in his right hand, he holds a four-foot sword with a black helmet. After wearing the black helmet, a black flame burns. This man stands like a mountain, and his murderous look gushes like a gust of wind. If almost anyone looks at him, he will be destroyed by his murderous look.
The last man looks like he is fifteen or sixteen years old. Unlike other people, he is faint, smiling, changeable and murderous. The only exception is that he seems to be a perspective, and he can see through his body and fall behind the wall, as if he is not from this world but a projection.
There are six French kings in Luo religion, the beast Wang Hua, the vampire bat was killed by Zhang Chengdong, the little heavenly master, and the king was killed by Huo Junzhong in the sacrificial tower. Here are four French kings, the hungry ghost king, the hell king, the shura king and the six French kings … claiming to be close to the three kings and kings.
Of these four people, the king of hell, the hungry ghost, the king of shura, are all close to the innate realm, while the king of heaven is already the innate realm.
One person facing the four French kings of Luo religion is equal to facing two innate fairies at the same time.
Liuyiyun is indifferently grabbed the white lotus and turned it into a white dragon wrapped around Liuyiyun’s arm faucet and Liuyiyun’s right hand fused, and Liuyiyun’s right hand became the faucet Longkou, with a big handle and a foot-long sword popping out from Longkou.
Four people also moved at this moment. Sula Wong had better fight and yell first, and then take a step and cut with a sword.
As soon as he waved his sword, he screamed and fought like a wolf, just like when he waved his sword out of here, he suddenly turned his life into a fight.
Liu Yiyun’s feet moved quickly, which made his body suddenly turn into a residual image with a long sword. Liu Yiyun deceives himself near the right-hand faucet and severely hits the shield. Sula Wong’s huge body was directly shocked to fly.
Hungry ghost king’s body is almost horizontally sticking to the ground, and he shoots at Sula Wong’s huge mouth, and suddenly bites his feet at Liantai Liuyiyun.
At the same time, the king of hell utters six words of truth, and ten faces fly round and round, and each face represents a layer of hell and ten layers of hell converge, that is, all the sufferings and crimes in the world.
Liu Yiyun’s head, the golden lotus and Guanghua skyrocketed to resist the ten levels of hell, and pushed back to the foot of the king of hell. The silver lotus turned the petals of the lotus platform like sawtooth in his body and cut it in the mouth of the hungry ghost king.
Black blood spewing hungry ghost king eats pain and retreats. Liu Yiyun sneers at a sword with his left hand. The tactic point is the golden lotus on the top of his head.
The Golden Lotus Guanghua soared, and the ten levels of hell were divided in the middle. The king of hell shouted a mouthful of blood, and the blood was sprayed into the ten levels of hell. After that, the ten levels of hell gathered together and became a hill composed of thousands of bloody heads, which prevented the Golden Lotus from expanding further.
Sula Wong, who was beaten back, made a comeback, shrinking his body behind the shield and growing a dozen one-meter-long black spikes. Wang Lei flew into Liu Yiyun.
The fifth volume Monty Chapter 5 Zhao Xueping died ()
In the past cold weapon era, these three men were all able to turn evil into the dominant force, and they started a bloody battle. The three men joined hands to cooperate with Tianyi Sewing, and they all showed the peak of their lives in the face of the pressure of the immortal Liu Yiyun. If this battle is not dead, this battle experience will enable them to further break through the boundaries of people and enter the innate.
But liuyiyun won’t give them this chance.
Silver Lotus Flashes Liu Yiyun’s body floats in the sky like a piece of heaven and earth floating in the air. The Sula Wong shield is lifted by the wind, but the mountain can crack the stone and crash the front of the car even when facing the oncoming train. However, it seems that there is no weight floating in the air. Liu Yiyun’s fierce impact suddenly falls like a crazy rhinoceros rushing through Liu Yiyun’s silver lotus.
The stunt created by South China Reality in was only as one feather against a flaming sky pays attention to freedom. I become light and dust with the Tao. was only as one feather against a flaming sky makes the body and the world unite. All attacks are like cutting the wind and punching the wind.