It turns out that when Shen Nuo took the first bite, she found that Lu Xiusi cooked boiled fish and her mother cooked it the same taste.

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Former Shen Nuo’s mother loved cooking boiled fish for him when she was a child, because every boiled fish day was a day when the three of them got together.
But now her family can’t go back, and her father seems to be a different person, and he is no longer his former father.
Shen Nuo remembers that his mother told him before she left that he would protect her by her side. Is this man the embodiment of his mother?
Shen Nuo cried red eyes and asked landing Hugh, "Are you sent by my mother to protect me?"
Lu Xiusi put Shen Nuo’s hair on both sides and gently said, "Of course, I was sent by my mother to protect you!" "
He kissed Shen Nuo on the forehead and said, "Of course, both our mothers want us to have a child."
Said before Shen Nuo react Lu Xiusi will Shen Nuo around.
"Lu Xiusi, you beast!" Shen Nuo was very angry and wanted to get rid of his control, but she was no match for him because of her bones.
Shen Nuo was very upset. She just thought about her mother badly, but now she is in distress situation because she was trapped by Lu Xiusi.
What a man who doesn’t understand emotional appeal!
"Gollum" a Shen Nuo stomach unwillingly called a but also just saved Shen Nuo’s life.
Lu Hughes knew that she was too hungry, so she stopped playing tricks on him and let her go.
"Hurry up and eat. It’s cold for a while." Lu Xiusi put all the things Shen Nuo wanted to eat, sat next to her and cocked his head and watched her eat.
Shen Nuo ate with relish at this end, and Lu Xiusi looked at it with relish.
When Shen Nuo cried just now, it really made him feel distressed. He could feel her sense of loss of her mother and family and unhappiness.
When she raised her head and asked her if he was sent by her mother to protect her, Lu Xiusi was relieved.
Looking at this delicate wife Lu Xiusi in front of me, I thought that I must do my duty as a husband and be a considerate husband and stop making her cry.
Bai Lulu has been working in the company for a few days. First, if you go to Miranda in such a noisy way, you will find out that she is tossing around the company, and there will be no one to support him.
Secondly, she is still looking for an opportunity. After all, Lu Xiusi is still trying to replace that person in her heart.
She looked at secretly trying to become stronger, and Shen Nuo’s heart became more and more unable to swallow this tone
At the early meeting, Shen Nuo saw that the project she was in charge of had been handled well recently and gave him a chance to speak.
Shen Nuo was surprised. She didn’t expect Miranda to get her up to speak for the first time.
Due to the full preparation, Shen Nuo finished his speech and there was a warm applause in the background.
"Congratulations, Shen Nuo, you have made great progress recently!" Miranda made an exception and praised Shen Nuo at the end of the morning meeting.
Shen Nuo looked at Miranda in surprise. She was sure of herself. It was simply the greatest affirmation of her hard work at this stage.
"Thank you, Miranda, for giving me the opportunity to stay in the company." Shen Nuo bowed to Miranda respectfully.
"No, no, no, this road is still your own. I praise you. You can’t be proud that you don’t understand. There are still many places you have to continue to work hard."
Miranda, an old lady, is an extreme person. She either hates a person very much or likes a person very much. It is really a special case to say that Shen Nuo can make her from hate to like.
"Miranda!" There was a sweet sound behind him. Shen Nuo didn’t even think about it. It must be Bai Lulu again!
☆ Chapter 56 A new member of the family
Bai Lulu came up to Miranda and was very close. She took her arm and said, "Long time no see, dear Miranda."
Miranda smiled when she saw Bai Lulu. Bai Lulu has always been Miranda’s favorite, and naturally she will smile when she sees her.
"Hi, dear Lulu. Are you feeling better recently?" Miranda looked at her in good shape today and asked politely