Seeing Mo Yifan still panting and his chest constantly fluctuating violently with Dupont University, he was slightly relieved. Although there is no good doctor here, there are many high-quality poisons. If this person is not killed immediately, it is estimated that he will not die for a while, but it is necessary to keep this person’s secrets white.

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Du Pont waved his hand and immediately surrounded Mo Yifan before several soldiers dressed in camouflage. Then two people carefully examined Mo Yifan’s physical injury. When it was confirmed that Mo Yifan was really shot and seemed to be seriously injured, Du Pont immediately made a no problem gesture to Du Pont. Du Pont was relieved to wave again and let people drag Mo Yifan to his face.
It’s not that kind of person to come to DuPont, but the fact that Mo Yifan has been shooting at dozens of people for more than ten minutes just now is so shocking that he will be careful. He is afraid that Mo Yifan will be dead, but he doesn’t have the strength to dare to carry dozens of people to shoot, and he knows that if he is concerned about personal qualities, Mo Yifan is far from it. Mo Yifan will be miserable if he really plays dead.
However, even if he is cautious again, he will be suspicious when he makes sure that Mo Yifan was shot through the chest. Now he is a little worried that Mo Yifan will not be hurt too badly. How can he ask the secret he wants first?
Stop bleeding, you idiots. He died of excessive blood, so wait for him to be buried with him. Wait until Mo Yifan was dragged to Dupont School nearby, only to see that Mo Yifan was still bleeding in his chest and back. Suddenly, he became anxious. He couldn’t wait to draw a gun to kill those who were responsible for carrying Mo Yifan here. Can’t these idiots see that this person is very important to himself? Now that he is sure that his injury is true, why don’t you give him first aid quickly? If he is dragged to death, wouldn’t it be a waste for him to be so busy for half a night?
Dupont school hand these people are licking blood at the cutter head. Almost everyone has the simplest first-aid kit. When Dupont school caught fire, people rushed to tear off the first-aid kit and help Mo Yifan stop the blood.
Mo Yifan thought about it as soon as he got to the relatively safe area, but now that people have bandaged his wounds, he is happy to enjoy it.
After a simple treatment, Mo Yifan was worried that Mo Yifan would die at any time. DuPont immediately asked who you were and how you got in here.
Mo Yifan didn’t answer DuPont’s words with his eyes slightly open, but he slowly turned his attention to the man in the suit who was also being watched, so DuPont’s face suddenly became extremely ugly.
Chapter three hundred and thirty-five Power extension
Peng-Du Pont slapped the jeep’s head, and anger emerged like stormy waves.
Now what do you say? Your partner has confessed. I’ll see how you explain it this time.
Du Bang School held his hand high, and his eyes were full of cold dangers, as if he were trying to choose someone and eating a tiger. Mo Yifan didn’t understand what Du Bang School was saying, but at the sight of those armed men around him staring at Du Bang School nervously, Mo Yifan knew that Du Bang’s hand would be so rambling that bullets would once again hit him, but this time the target was probably no longer himself but the unlucky suit man.
Of course, the man in the suit also knows that Dupont’s hand fell behind and his life was gone. He couldn’t help but turn pale with fear and said that the general misunderstood me. I didn’t listen to what this man said. What do you mean, my partner has confessed? This sentence starts again
Dupont school gave a cold hum. Although he didn’t say anything just now, his eyes have completely betrayed you. Would I be wrong? Hum, how can my years of experience be a free meal leave? He just insisted that you were his accomplice. Then I might really doubt it, but he just looked at you with a look of wanting to stay, but he was afraid. Hey, hey, there are not 1000 people here, but he just looked at you. Do you have to explain this again?
The man in the suit smells it as an impulse to vomit blood. I have long heard that this Dupont school is angry and arrogant. He has been in contact with it several times before, but I didn’t feel anything. Today, I realized that it is true or not. Now it seems that no matter what he explains, he has to bite his teeth and say something about the general. But I don’t think this person just said anything. Even if he can name me and identify me, I will give up. But now I suspect that he doesn’t know who I am or what organization I belong to.
Well, you and I are stupid, or Dupont waved and said, since you dare to say so, it is certain that this person is really unclear about your specific identity and name. Hey hey, it seems that your means are really strict. You and he should be one-way contact, right?
Dupont school continued to use its own brains and said, come on, what is the purpose of sending this man here? You should be a double agent. Who are you working for, the Thai government, the American government or both?
Dupont school, I think you really think wrong about this. I really didn’t see seven gun men approaching him in the enemy’s land. The guns have been pointed at his head. The suit man’s face has turned gray and white, and he is trying his best to explain that you have to believe me. I have always belonged to a scientific research organization, and I have never worked for the country. If you don’t believe me, you can investigate me.
Idiot, do you have so many waves in your school? Dupont School said with a cold face, now I’ll give you the last five seconds, and you still won’t stay. Say goodbye, I dare not kill you, and you’re not the only one alive in my hand.
When I heard that Dupont School actually counted down, the suit man had a dark call. He can now conclude that whether he admits it or not, he must be dead. This arbitrary drug Lord root doesn’t give people an opportunity to explain. If he believes that there is no one to refute, but he really admits that he has an ulterior motive and brought a spy here, then the knot is even more dead and he will definitely die a terrible death. Since the left and right sides are dead, why should the suit man admit an unnecessary crime?
When Dupont counted to one place, all the armed men around him raised their guns and there was a sound of bullets.
The man in the suit turned more pale. He had completely given up, knowing that he was doomed to die here today, and he closed his eyes and waited patiently for the moment when he was beaten into a sieve.
What surprised him later was that when he closed his eyes and waited for less than five seconds, he seemed to hear a few loud noises coming from his side, but no one shot him, and he didn’t feel like a hornet’s nest at all.
Did you just die so fast that you didn’t even feel anything?
The man in the suit felt his body, and his body seemed to be relatively complete, and he didn’t feel that bloody.
Am I not dead? Is Dupont actually trying to scare us?
The man in the suit finally got up the courage to open his eyes, and then he saw a scene that made him unbelievable.
Dupont school is still in its place, still wearing that set of straight rules and regulations, but at the moment, his high-profile face has completely disappeared, leaving a look of indescribable fear and panic.
His mouth was wide open, but he couldn’t give the final order to let the hand fire shoot, because I don’t know when DuPont suddenly added something to his mouth.
It’s a gun. It’s polished by hand. The linear shape of Bai Langning large caliber pistol’s silver-white gun body is full of domineering stock. At the sight of this gun, the suit man immediately recognized that this gun is DuPont’s own weapon. But now it has fallen into the hands of another person who almost killed him and should have been dying.
Although this man was fatally injured when he was carried here just now, Dupont proofreader didn’t guard him too much, but in fact, this man is less than ten meters away from Dupont. Even if this man is not injured, it’s all about pretending to be a suit man or some way to imagine what this man is doing. More than a thousand pairs of eyes and more than a thousand weapons guards rushed to the front of Dupont’s school and pulled out a pistol from Dupont’s school and stuffed it in Dupont’s mouth. Is it true that more than a thousand people here are dead? Or have they all closed their eyes in the last few seconds?
When the man in the suit looked around at these DuPont school hands, he saw that these human beings were almost dumbfounded, as if they had met a ghost. It was unbelievable.
In fact, people in suits do feel the same, even though they didn’t close their eyes just now, they still can’t believe that what happened just now should be true, including those people who were in charge of pressing Mo Yifan to the ground just now. No one knows what happened. They were still lying on the ground for a second, breathing less and sweating more, watching people who were not far from death suddenly disappear in a second, but now they are behind DuPont School and DuPont School has put their guns into DuPont School’s mouth. No one can see this in the process. Even a little bit is like a part of a video was cut off and then directly released without going anywhere. It seems that there is not even a little transition between Mo Yifan lying on the ground and pointing a gun at DuPont School. The latter kind of depression makes people want to vomit blood.
Now Mo Yifan actually doesn’t feel good at all. He has just passed more than ten minutes, and the death dance has been collapsing in the rain of bullets. Eventually, he will realize the maximum coverage in a semi-mechanical state, making his brain crazy to calculate the flight trajectory of each bullet, which makes his spirit consume to an almost unbearable level. Although it is not as good as running out of oil, it is not much better.
Just now, he wanted a look to arouse Dupont’s suspicion of proofreading the suit man. He wanted to win as much as possible for himself so that his spirit could get some recovery.
After the study of heaven and water, Mo Yifan regained a more scientific understanding of the spirit, that is, he can make his excessive consumption of spirit or physical strength be supplemented as soon as possible without relying on drugs. This is, of course, with his ability to manipulate qi, but it is a method to share with the people.
But this time, his spirit consumption is obviously too serious, and it can be restored in a short time. Compared with him, that powerful spiritual strength is just a drop in the bucket.
But he had to do it when he found that Dupont was going to kill the man in the suit because of his eyes.
This is not because the man in the suit was dragged into trouble by him, which made him feel ashamed. He is not that great. If the man in the suit was a good man and his friend, he might have done so. Now he just wants to escape from this damn place with this man.
With less than 1,000 armed forces here, the hostage of the leading drug Lord Mo Yifan can be successfully taken away from here. No matter what the identity of the suit man is, he needs a helper, and now he has turned against the drug Lord. The most important thing is that the suit man still has the most effective tool in his hand to help him get out of this damn place quickly. He is now able but unable to fly in the sky.
In this case, Mo Yifan had to suddenly turn on the magical mechanical state at the key moment, as if he could come to a standstill, and then rushed to the front of Dupont School as quickly as possible, pulled out the waist gun of Dupont School, and also checked that a gun was really loaded, so he casually inserted it into Dupont School’s micro-mouth.