Perhaps this is not in line with their plan. The waiter showed them the way before. It was supposed that he should have brought Hu Yingxue to the judging panel. Seeing that he had been holding Yan Hui so much, they refused to play according to the cards. Let him go first and deliver the people himself.

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Hu Yingxue didn’t follow him alone. In the past, two disciples, Wei Zhe and Zheng Ao, said that they would compensate for the mistake before putting it. Tian Shu Palace gave her two places to attend the meeting. After discussion, they gave Wei Zhe, who is also good at alchemy, and Zheng Ao, who had amazing fighting capacity in Du Jie.
In addition, with Dan Tong’s brand name, Falx, Bing Yi and that time Hu Yingxue joined the alliance, both of which turned into a total angle. The child’s appearance closely followed the steward behind Hu Yingxue and looked at them for several times, and finally said nothing.
When I got to the judging panel, Hu Yingxue was led by the other party in the first row and only came out. Wei Zhe and Zheng Ao were sitting in the second row, just behind her, because there was no place for the fire sickle and ice yi. They were on both sides of Hu Yingxue.
Looking to the left, Hu Yingxue found that sitting on her left hand side was actually Zongsheng Zongsheng’s face wearing a mask, which they wore when they first met. Although it was light but good, they knew it should be him when they recognized it.
When Hu Yingxue sits in Zongsheng’s seat, give her a sound "I asked someone to send you something. See?"
Hu Yingxue replied, "Yes, according to the analysis made by Brother Yu Cai, we people can have a great time today."
Zong Sheng’s hand was blocked and he couldn’t help but raise his mouth and continue to give Hu Yingxue a sound. "Xu Rui is a wise man, but his vision of selecting people is really not good. He found Hu Qinglai to preside over the arrangement here for him, and let me be caught by them to be responsible for the disposal."
Hu Yingxue replied, "I really didn’t guess wrong before, and indeed there are some with Hu Qing."
At the same time, an elder of Tian Shu Palace flew to the central reference platform without division. First, he talked a lot about the historical topic of being in love with spring and hurting autumn, and then he introduced Danmeng and Lingdan Pavilion in the same way.
Yu Xie said that the whole battle plan was to change everyone else present to Hu Yingxue, so he guessed that the representative of Lingdan Pavilion would be Xu Rui. Indeed, after introducing Lingdan Pavilion and Danmeng, the elder of Tian Shu Palace suddenly said, "Please welcome the elder Xu Rui of Lingdan Pavilion."
After the sound, everyone saw a man with a mask, Xiu Ling Fei, who went to the reference platform. Although the mask covered his face and he should have worn something that could change his breath, he knew that Xu Rui was the owner of Lingdan Pavilion, but he could still confirm that it was a person.
Xu Rui said nothing after he landed on the reference platform. On the right hand side of the Tian Shu Palace elder, because there was a mask blocking others, he didn’t know what expression he was wearing at this time, and there was no obvious fluctuation and he couldn’t tell whether he was happy or angry.
Xu Rui didn’t mean to speak. The elder of Tian Shu Palace said again, "Please welcome the elder Zhao Hongbo of Danmeng."
Compared with Xu Rui’s appearance, the spectators reacted much more enthusiastically. When they heard that the representative of Danmeng was actually Zhao Hongbo, many people’s eyes suddenly looked forward to it, and some of them looked very excited. When Zhao Hongbo appeared at the venue, the palm immediately rang.
Xu Rui didn’t have a palm when he came out, but now he’s not annoyed at all, and he doesn’t have the energy. Before he was annoyed, he absorbed the blood, grievances, hatred and shaqi, which made him return to normal in a short time, but the sequelae were not small, not only his face became more terrible, but also his body showed signs of being possessed again.
It is to solve the problem of getting rid of the body that Xu Rui let people renovate the venue. Before arranging that law, he planned to drive the city into here after controlling Tianjue City. If the first step fails, he can look forward to entering the venue today. There are enough practitioners.
Xu Rui still doesn’t know that he has been pitted by his own pig teammates. He is still thinking that even if he can recover half of it and return to the world, he can increase a lot of money. This will not be wasted. He spent so much effort to cover the cat’s nest after learning that the last delimiting bead was taken away by the guardian spirit beast.
Chapter 412 The venue disorderly rise
After interrogation, the scum was washed out. Dan Meng determined that Liu Yaoxin and others made Dan Meng energetic and hurt people, and Xu Rui had to think again. He was killed by Liu Yaoxin and others, and his wife was tragically separated. Zhao Hongbo couldn’t wait to draw Xu Rui’s blood to spit out his flesh. If his eyes could kill him, Xu Rui didn’t know how many times he died.
Xu Rui didn’t respond to Zhao Hongbo’s cover-up of murder. According to what he said to his confidants around him, he hated others and had more conscience. He didn’t have any threat to his life, so he couldn’t care.
In Xu Rui’s eyes, even if Zhao Hongbo is too old for Dan Meng, he has a high reputation in the mixed world. He is just a little shrimp, which is limited by the laws of heaven and earth. Otherwise, if he repairs now, he can raise his hand and run over it.
Hu Yingxue has been observing Xu Rui since he appeared on the stage. Perhaps Xu Rui didn’t hide his emotions. Although his face was covered by a mask, he could feel from his breath that he was very happy and a little proud. In her opinion, the happier Xu Rui was, the more people expected him to react later.
Although Xu Rui and Zhao Hongbo, the most magical pavilion and representatives of Danmeng, appeared on the stage to fight Danren, it was not them. Xu Rui was the owner of the magical pavilion. Zhao Hongbo is now the elder, and the leader of Danmeng is in Taiwan at this time. It should be for bring up the rear, the master of Danmeng.
The elder in Tian Shu Palace was wordy, and then he said the standard of winning or losing the battle between Danmeng and Lingdan Pavilion. He said that it was still wordy, but in summary, the standard was finished in four words’ best of five games’. Then the disciples of Dandan League and Lingdan Pavilion really took part in the battle, and an elder led them into the field in their respective doors.
It’s natural to say that the disciple’s order will not be too high. Ten people who follow Ling Fei’s elders into the stadium with flying swords are not only tender-looking, but also really young. All of them are at the age of 50, and they can be selected to represent their talents.
Five people in Danmeng don’t have to say much. The two spiritual roots are definitely good for practicing Dandao Miao Lingdan Pavilion. The five people are also spiritual roots, but they are not the most suitable for practicing Dandao Huomu, but single spiritual roots, and gold, wood, water, fire and soil are one each.
This makes many people a little confused. It can’t be said that you can’t practice Dan Dao without Firewood Double. It won’t be as handy as Firewood Double. This time, Dan is a battle for honor. If Lingdan Pavilion is not too emboldened, it is a joke on reputation.
Because I don’t know what Xu Rui made people do at the venue, some people speculate that the magic pavilion is going to give Dan Meng a big embarrassment. If the magic pavilion wins, it will definitely trample on Dan Meng and it will be difficult to turn over if it is pinned down by the magic pavilion.
As a non-voting member, some people sit on the judging bench, thinking that there are some people who are still familiar with each other. Compared with the fact that Danmeng Lingdan Pavilion has been the leader in the mixed world for many years, it is only in the last hundred years that it has made a big splash. Emotionally, they all seem willing to tend to the former and think that Lingdan Pavilion is too arrogant.
Listen to that a few people don’t angry, waiting to see Lingdange jokes and then look at the stands in Xu Rui’s hand. Five young practitioners can’t hide their excitement. Hu Yingxue frowned slightly.
Obviously, the five young practitioners will become the representative of Lingdan Pavilion, Xu Rui, because their own attributes are in line with his design. It should be said that he never expected them to defeat the five representatives of Danmeng and make Lingdan Pavilion the first leader in the mixed world.
Tian Shu Palace came out to take charge of the elders’ withdrawal, which was an integral challenge. Just one minute and two minutes later, Dan Meng and Lingdan Pavilion people finished the stage, and the futon had been set up. If you don’t sit in the wrong position, Xu Rui and Zhao Hongbo will each take their seats.
Eyes rested on sitting in front of Xu Rui’s elder Lingdan Pavilion. Hu Yingxue stopped for a moment. Like Xu Rui, this one also used a mask method to identify who he was from his appearance, but when he aimed at his right thumb with a Banzhi, he could be sure that he was the former Danmeng elder Tang Haoqian.
Tang Haoqian, who was able to get into the position of the Grand Elder of Danmeng, is definitely not a fool. He was taken to the Temple of Bones by Qin Xiang at the beginning, but Dannu was unwilling to be enslaved. After some calculations, Xu Rui noticed his ability and showed his loyalty, and was sent to Lingdan Pavilion by Xu Rui. Although it was not real, the enjoyment representative was not much different from that of the Grand Elder of Danmeng.
However, Tang Haoqian was not trained by Xu Rui. Xu Rui was limited to Thaksin. For example, Xu Rui didn’t give him the task of arranging the array in this venue, but gave it to him now. The elder of Lingdan Pavilion was afraid of his ability to climb, so he gave him the job now.
Again, Tang Haoqian is not a stupid person, such a good opportunity to show his face. The elder who has been worried about being replaced by him should give it to him. His first reaction is that there is definitely something fishy about this fight. If the elder chooses five people as representatives, he can conclude that this fight will be run-in-the-dark, and the evil is not from others, but from their demon master.
Just as Tang Haoqian is not willing to be a Dannu, he is not a man waiting to die. Before attracting Xu Rui’s attention, he bounced a big black ball with his fingertips to the futon when the young practitioner of the fire property Tianlinggen sat down.
In full view, the young fireman found that there was something wrong with the futon when he sat down, but he was embarrassed to reach out and touch it. He suspected that someone in the same trade had touched her because he didn’t want him to be too good, but he couldn’t see anything strange on the surface.
Because I recognized Tang Haoqian and Hu Yingxue, I paid more attention to him, and I didn’t miss his little move at all. She didn’t know if Tang Haoqian knew anything, but she was sure that the little thing he threw was stuck in a meridian in that array, and it looked like a key to a meridian.