Then the five giants, the Round Monk, summed up right and wrong and told them not to fight again after two cases of Ri.

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In the old monk’s kung fu, a tender and melodious bird song suddenly came from the square fire and attracted everyone’s attention!
At this time, the most surprising thing is that the five sain mumtaz didn’t know the Phoenix Egg was here because they came too late!
This bird song is not loud, but it has spread all over Fiona Fang for miles. Although it is immature, there is a kind of pure joy that belongs to the super-high-grade fairy beast. If it is not deaf, it can be recognized as extraordinary!
What’s going on here?
When the Five Great sain mumtaz looked into the fire, they and others came to an incredible scene. The flame in Fiona Fang suddenly rushed outward and then collected it at a faster speed!
Almost in the blink of an eye, the nine Ri Palace reappeared in the eyes of the public, but it had been poured into ashes and smoked everywhere …
Where are those flames? !
A little flaming red burst out in the ashes, and at the same time a louder bird song came.
"Cut, cut …"
Everyone with some experience can guess that there must be something in that sound that wants to come out!
With a loud crack in the ruins, a hard shell of the phoenix egg finally fell off, and a furry little head came out from it in a flash!
But it’s definitely not a phoenix or a chick, but the fluff is flaming red Se and the body is emitting strong fire energy.
Xiao Wen also asked Zuo Ningqing to give him a pupil surgery, so that he could see the situation clearly in high school when he muttered a "turkey?" !”
Zuo Ningqing couldn’t help but understand Xiao’s question. Her younger brother really dares to say anything.
So many eyes looked at the chick at the same time, but it didn’t look at the sky at all, but it pecked at the eggshell with its small mouth, but this time it didn’t come out and pecked, but swallowed the broken eggshell directly
The eggshell was thick and big, and Xiao asked that the chick could not be finished in one meal, but the little thing ate half of it in a moment, and not only did it not even burp, but it didn’t turn round.
Is this still a foodie?
Xiao asked awkwardly, but luckily he didn’t say it, otherwise Zuo Ningqing would definitely stare at him again.
Then Xiao Wen finally saw a different place. In the fart meeting, as the chick swallowed the eggshell, its fur gradually plump up and its body became bigger. Finally, it was a bit bird-like.
After a long pause, someone at the Big Five finally asked, "Is this a thing?"
"This is the three-legged firebird statue that fell out when I lived in the center of the main hall of the Nine Ri Palace. If Bai had expected it, it should be the fire phoenix of the patriarch fairy beast that I lived more than 90,000 years ago." Bai Gongshen said that this phoenix is their dazzling Yang Sect.
"Seven order fairy beast fire phoenix? !” Dark cloud city that middle-aged man immediately exclaimed
Bai Gong’s heart sank slightly, but he still said "good"
Most of the people in the Big Five, except the monks in the Big Temple, have bright eyes and can’t wait to catch the fire phoenix directly!
But there are so many families in the fire phoenix. Which one should I give it to?
"Amitabha benefactors, has anyone read the top secret admonition of the five giants?" Round the old monk suddenly sink a way
"Ah …"
Obviously, some people have read it, and some people haven’t. For a while, those who have read the old monk Yuan’s sermon have become complicated, and they are no longer so greedy when they look at the little thing on the ground.
"What is the sermon?" Someone could not help but ask
"To know is to know that it is not the right time. If you have doubts, you can go back to Zongmen to inquire for yourself." Yuan Lao and Shang Shang have a hard time, Se said.
These words were said in the people’s departments of the Big Five, but not everyone is qualified to know even the Big Five sain mumtaz!
Just then, the little thing finally swallowed all the eggshells and its body changed again.
Quillfire’s body is like a head, and a handful of beautiful and beautiful semi-transparent feathers have emerged. The tail has been slightly scaled up, and the ordinary birds have grown up. The difference is that its tail is not closely gathered together, but divided into several long-feathered tails with huā lines like eyes.
But this little guy is still too small, and it is not more than a foot long from beginning to end.
After eating the eggshell, it finally gave out another long sound, and its paws slammed into the ground!
At the sight of so many people, this little guy is not afraid to fly, which is called an elegant one.
Everyone also found that it was several times more beautiful when flying than when it was parked on the ground. Although it was small in size, its image was excellent in proportion. The momentum of the king of birds, especially its long tail floating in the middle, was really a semicolon in the celestial world.
The little thing took everyone’s eyes and flew around the Nine Ri Palace first, as if he still had some nostalgia for this place, and then he looked at those people as he flew, as if he wanted to find any acquaintances …
At this moment, no one is hostile to it, but it has always been quite courageous.
That’s the seventh order fairy beast fire phoenix! The whole celestial world has lost its fourth-order fairy beast for more than 90 thousand years! ! !
Who doesn’t want it?
It belonged to Xuanyang Sect in its previous life, but at this moment everyone can see that it has no feelings with Xuanyang Sect …
Will Xuanyang Zongren promise it when he calls it?
The Big Five sain mumtaz also wanted it, but because of that mysterious sermon, no one was willing to do it again.
Then when it flew close enough to Xiao Wen, the little phoenix finally changed. In all the strange smells, it smelled a slightly familiar smell!
In this strange world, that’s the only thing it is familiar with!