At that time, Yuanheng will be able to integrate its own eternal Tao into it. At that time, it will be able to print and interpret the eternal Tao and suppress the evolution of the eternal Tao. At that time, it will be estimated by Yuanheng’s method whether this kind of power can be achieved.

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What’s more, the sense of being is already decreasing. As Yuan Heng breaks, he sees more and more things, and the one hundred sources that he suppressed and sealed are being rapidly digested.
The evolution of God-limited Constant Wheel becomes more and more perfect, and its advanced thinking becomes more and more clear in Yuan Heng’s mind …
Yuan Heng can feel that once he can put this Zifeng Avenue game through the whole situation, he can break it in one breath, so …
I will have a great surprise!
When Yuan Heng cracked the overall situation of 400, Yuan Heng’s inspiration broke out like a rough sea.
The foundation of my eternal glory road is being perfected at a horrible speed. The road has been rapidly integrated and perfected because of absorbing and accumulating all the knowledge, and has gradually formed a vast ocean.
This ocean has several rivers leading to unknown virtual branches, each of which is learned and absorbed by Yuan Heng.
And this knowledge is being absorbed from the battle of Zifeng Avenue by Yuanheng at an abnormal speed of terror and madly merged into this vast ocean.
Unfortunately …
"Who is it?"
Yuan Heng’s eyes flashed with furious sparks and took a few deep breaths.
This is a very precious opportunity.
This opportunity is enough to make Yuan Heng get a crazy transformation!
Although Yuan Heng will be able to continue to rush again in the future, but …
You know, a monk can get different things when he is faced with the same opportunity at different times.
Who knows if it will be as inspiring as it is now when Yuan Heng comes?
"Brother Dao, why did you come out?"
Taiyi figure appeared around Yuanheng.
Since Taiyi lost to Yuan Heng again and again in the war, he has been willing to call his brother.
"Brother Dao, the more you get in the back of this battle, the more you can gain. Why did you come out at this time?"
Taiyi was a little surprised and anxious. He was allowed by Yuan Heng to watch Yuan Heng’s defeat all the time, which made him gain a lot and make further progress.
Therefore, he naturally knew that the Dao brother in front of him was still comfortable even in the overall situation of five hundred. According to his estimation, Yuan Heng is likely to break through the department card at one stroke!
By that time, not only Yuan Heng can get a great feedback from Zifeng world, but Zifeng world can also go further because of this.
"I’m sorry, Taiyi. I’m afraid I’m going to suspend the game temporarily."
Yuan Heng calmed down and directly communicated with the avenue. Knowing this situation, I couldn’t help but show a weak smile. "We have a huge change in the amount of robbery!"
"This time, some mice seemed unwilling to be lonely and jumped out to do something about it!"
"During the robbery period?"
Taiyi suddenly widened his eyes. "Don’t these guys know that the time of robbery is the most stringent period for the inspection and monitoring of the wild?"
Heresy in the wild
This is the first time, but the whole innate power of the universe knows a little more or less, and at the same time, they are always planning to bury chess in their hearts, ready to look for opportunities to clean up the universe
But in terms of their innate abilities, such as thinking and calculating, I didn’t expect that these idiots would come out to stir up trouble and rain in the amount of robbery.
You know, every robbery is a big opportunity for the universe to be properly prepared.
This is definitely not to be missed for those who are interested in impacting the immortal world.
Therefore, even if these days, the mother of Avenue is slowly hiding behind the scenes to accumulate strength, but once it comes to the period of robbery, she will definitely separate some strength for injection and regulation.
At this time, no matter who comes out to make trouble, one will definitely die and one will not have an accident.
"It’s a bad time for these idiots to come!"
Yuan Heng and Tai Yi glances can’t help but shake their heads and smile. When will this group of idiots be unfinished?
Chapter one hundred and fifty-six Black Ocean
"But it’s now or never!"
Too one thought about it and his face was awed. "Is it a good thing for Taoist brothers to break through the overall situation in one breath or for the whole world?"
"This brother doesn’t have to worry about asking his brother to share his worries!"
This thing is very important!
Zifeng world is not so much the celestial world as the whole universe, because its theory is both in terms of facing the object and its effect.
You know, the purple front world is a sacred place for life to experience and practice in the face of the whole world. In a broad sense, this is a little stronger than all the temples
From the primary point of view, when Zifeng world achieves real fortune in the future, it will suppress the whole world.
It can be said that it is a lucky thing that there is no more treasure in the wild world …