Han Chengyi didn’t want to answer this question again. She went back to the master bedroom with Le Xuewei in her arms. Ni Jun silently sighed behind them, fearing that San Shao and San Shaofu would have twists and turns again. Will San Shaofu cry again this time?

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Chapter 359 Guess
"Let me go!"
Le Xuewei struggled to break away from Han Chengyi’s arms, and Han Chengyi’s face was already gloomy.
"You tell me what to lie to me? Why do you want to do this? " Le Xuewei questioned her husband. They haven’t quarreled so much for a long time. They have been honest with each other for a long time, but obviously her husband doesn’t think so.
Han Chengyi didn’t answer the rhetorical question, "Then tell me what you must help him?"
"I …" Le Xuewei was puzzled. "Didn’t I tell you? He helped our family a lot while you were away … "
"no!" Han Chengyi suddenly raised his voice and suddenly interrupted her. "Even without him, I can still get it back when Han’s family falls into Su Lejun’s hands! What he did meant nothing to me! "
"…" Le Xuewei Meng this sample Han Chengyi is too strange! He has never shown such arrogance in front of her, and his eyes are so cold that she feels that he seems to hate Hang Zegao.
No matter how slow she is, she realizes it now.
"Chengyi, you …" Le Xuewei consciously clenched her hands and looked at her husband. "Can you and I know why you have to deal with Hang Zehao like this?"
It’s Han Chengyi’s turn to live.
What do you want him to say? Say that the Han family and the Hangzhou family have feuds? It is said that Hangjia’s father joined forces with all parties to suppress Hangjia because he was afraid of Hanjia’s financial resources, forcing Hanjia to be down and out and forcing his father and eldest brother to die?
He can’t say that he can’t say if he still wants Xiaoxue as his wife!
"You don’t know these things." Han Chengyi’s anxious forehead slowed down. "Well, let’s not talk about these things. It’s getting late. If you don’t rest, the baby will have to rest. Why don’t you just worry about raising a baby with peace of mind?"
He approached and put Le Xuewei in bed. How could Le Xuewei rest in peace?
"Chengyi do you have to do this? Hang Zehao helped you before … At that time, if he hadn’t issued a presidential decree, the Korean family crisis wouldn’t have passed this matter. You always have to thank him! "
Le Xuewei held Han Chengyi’s hand and tried to speak for her father.
She didn’t know that the more she said that, the more anxious Han Chengyi became.
"Xiaoxue, let me ask you, if I insist on doing this, will you be on my side?" Han Chengyi kissed her forehead and looked at her with deep eyes. He knew it was cruel to choose a wife, but he would rather be so cruel than lose her!
"I …" Le Xuewei couldn’t bite her lip. She didn’t know what he was doing, but could she shake her head? This man is her husband, her lover and the father of her three children. After all, he nodded "Yes".
Hearing the affirmative answer, Han Chengyi suddenly breathed a sigh of relief and bowed his head and kissed his wife. "Dear, I know that Xiaoxue will definitely go to bed late when I am here!"
Han Chengyi held Le Xuewei in her arms and coaxed her very gently. "Don’t even think about our children and Dabao and Xiaobao. Our family will be happy together forever, huh?"
Le Xuewei closed her eyes and nodded gently, but her heart sank a little.
After all, I still don’t trust Le Xuewei to go to the presidential palace again.
Hang Zegao and Leci are not worried when they see their daughter coming again.
"Light snow, why are you here again? Does Han Chengyi know that you are coming? " Leci arrived at Han Chengyi with one mouth open, and this tone sounded very afraid to let Han Chengyi know that Le Xuewei had come to the presidential palace. "Didn’t I say that I would not come after you?"
Le Xuewei looked at her parents and thought about Han Chengyi’s attitude, and her doubts deepened.
"Mr. President, madam, you know? Han Chengyi he … deal with you? "
Hang Zegao and Leci glances at each other without saying anything, but Le Xuewei has already seen the clue. Parents really know that they and Han Chengyi don’t or should I say what is in Hangjia and Hanjia?
"Mr. and Mrs. President, can you tell me? What is the reason why you are like this? " Le Xuewei is in a hurry. She can’t find out the reason from Han Chengyi. If her parents don’t say anything, she will be really anxious!
"Light snow …" Leci took her daughter’s hand and her lips were slightly parted, and she could not hold back some words long ago.
"A Ci!" When Hang Zegao interrupted his wife Leci, she suddenly woke up. She couldn’t say that her daughter was pregnant. If she knew about the past grievances between Hangzhou and Korea, how could she handle it?
Le Xuewei is more and more sure that there must be something hard to say when she sees her parents like this.
"Mr. and Mrs. President, please have something to say! I must know what Seung-il wants to do to you! I begged him, but he told me to leave him alone. He always hurts me. He never gives me anything I want! This is the first time he told me to leave it alone and not to ask what is going on? "
Section 223
Le Xuewei gets emotional. They just don’t say anything. How is she? Do you know that it’s even worse for her to worry alone?
"This …"
Hang Zegao and Leci still can’t stop talking. "Don’t ask Xiaoxue, no matter what happens to us and Han Chengyi, you should know that we all love you. Hello, mom and dad, it doesn’t matter, but it’s nothing to be away from the presidential palace."
"ah!" LeXueWei anxious to cover your eyes gas knot "you all say such a thing, how can I not ask anything? Please tell me! "
"Light snow! Mom and dad can’t say that knowing is not good for you! " Leci frowned. Daughter made her feel distressed. What is this, doomed love? Their daughter married Han Jiasan Shao?
Le Xuewei’s mind suddenly felt a tingle, like something suddenly turned white and then calmed down until it was cold to her heart.
She looked at her parents suspiciously, and her voice became different from her own. "Mr. and Mrs. President, if you don’t say anything, let me guess. Chengyi hates you very much, but you don’t actually have any conflicts of interest, so … are you enemies of the Korean family?"
"Ah …"
When Leci heard this, he was surprised to cover his lip. Hang Zehao was also surprised. "This … don’t guess!"
"I’m guessing?" Seeing her parents’ reaction, Le Xuewei’s heart is so cold that it’s even a fact! Ni Jun once said that Han Chengyi has been carrying a bitter feud with the Han family for so many years, and he has never forgotten it for a day!
Memories flashed through my mind.
Han Chengyi held a memorial day in the city that year. He said that he and his eldest brother were hunted down by his enemies to cover his eldest brother. When he died, he didn’t even find his body!
Han Chengyi treated Su Lejun cruelly in order to protect his eldest brother’s blood, and vowed to regard Tian Lei as a relative and the only heir of the Han family …
Han Chengyi knelt in the ancestral temple and blamed himself for the Korean family crisis on his dead father and eldest brother’s spirit tablet …
Le Xuewei can stop shaking and tears spinning in her eyes. "I’m right, aren’t I? Chengyi has been looking for enemies, that is, you! Ah ….. "Say that finish, suddenly cover your heart" how can such a thing happen? What? What! "
Leci distressed her daughter to hold her daughter in her arms and accompany her to tears. "Don’t cry! Do not cry! It’s mom and dad’s business. Don’t worry about anything. Don’t ask Han Chengyi. Isn’t it good for you? You just stay by his side. "
"Ah …" Le Xuewei cried and shook her head. "What do you want me to do? Chengyi, Chengyi, how hateful he should be when he sees me! I actually killed his father and big brother! "
"He, he should not know yet!" Leci helped her daughter wipe her tears, but she choked up. "We won’t let him know that you don’t come to the presidential palace after you listen. Han Chengyi is too refined. You always come. He will doubt it sooner or later! Mom and dad are not afraid of anything. He is not good for you. "