The next month’s soul was stimulated by drugs and Yanji happened. I have no impression, but now he is personally experiencing Yanji’s temptation.

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At this time, the two people are hugging and touching together, and Yan Ji is wearing a few human feelings. The flame suddenly ignites beside this stream.
I don’t know when the soul of the moon woke up and found that it was already night when the moon shone.
The moon soul saw some gray in the east again, knowing that it would be dawn soon, and he laughed to himself. Yesterday and Yanji were in love, and I don’t know when it would get dark, but now it is almost dawn.
Yanji is still sleeping in the arms of the Moon Soul, and the Moon Soul frees up another hand to make a hair scattered on her face, and then she looks at Yanji carefully and shows a soft smile.
Yan Ji’s eyes are still closed at this time, but her lips say, "My husband’s adult has been staring at Yan Ji and now he is laughing. I wonder if he is smiling at her sleeping position?" After that, I opened my eyes to meet the eyes of the moon soul.
The Moon Soul leaned over and kissed Yan Ji on the forehead, and then held her tightly in her arms. "I’m laughing. I found a treasure. I used to never get married or marry an ordinary girl, but I didn’t expect that I got Yan Yan, a fairy-like wife. Don’t you think I should laugh?"
Yanji listened to the moon soul and looked silent. She clung to the moon soul’s chest and said faintly, "Yanji has three questions to ask you. I don’t know if I should ask."
The moon soul is now happy and smiles, "Yan Yan just ask."
Yan Ji said slowly, "You should know that you really don’t care about Yan Ji’s past?"
The Moon Soul comforted, "If I cared about those words, I wouldn’t propose. I said I would do my best to be a husband, and I said you might regret it. If it was true, I wouldn’t force you to stay with me. Everyone has their own freedom. I respect your choice, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t have you in my heart."
Because Yanji is lying on the chest of the moon soul, the moon soul did not see Yanji’s expression after listening to his words.
Yanji said after a while, "The second question is that you will face Linglan yarn? When I gave you her sword, I saw the guilt in your eyes. In the final analysis, these are all caused by Yanji. "
When the Moon Soul heard this, she wanted to find an opportunity to talk to Yanji about Linglansha, but she didn’t know it from her mouth. Now that she asked, things would be much easier.
Moon Soul wanted to think, "Yan Yan, I just want to tell you about her. I want to marry her as well. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not greedy …"
"You don’t explain. Your answer is the same as mine. If you can do it, I naturally have no opinion." Yanji turned to look at the moon soul and interrupted him with a smile.
The moon’s soul is happy to take Yan Jiqiao’s face as a kiss.
Yan Ji pushed the Moon Soul to take advantage of her mouth and sorted out an emotional path. "The third question is what I want to know most. If anything happens to Yan Ji, I am sorry for you or hurt you. Will you treat Yan Ji like this now?"
Moon Soul didn’t expect that she would ask such a question, which made her answer. But looking at Yanji and looking at herself, she was eager to know her eyes. Moon Soul simply didn’t think about why she would ask this question.
He looked at Yan Ji firmly and said, "When will I be the same to Yan Yan?"
Yanji seemed satisfied to hear him say this and was about to give a kiss.
At this time, several streamers landed not far away. There was a fix-true person coming, and the two of them quickly got dressed.
At this time, although the sun is still a little frowning, it is already dawn.
Those who fell across the grass by the stream didn’t seem to find the two of them, so they lay on the grass to see the situation over there
Because the genius has just left and gone, now he has no magic power, and he can’t see those people clearly. It looks like a woman in a white dress is fighting with seven people
Those seven people are really strange, dressed strangely, and the coupler is also strange. They are entangled with the female flying sword. Among the three couplers, there are bone sticks, skulls and a strange hook.
These three implements crushed the female flying sword to death, but the woman was still struggling to support the delivery of her last mana to the flying sword.
Seeing this, the Moon Soul frowned. Why is the female swordsmanship so familiar?
The woman finally couldn’t bear one mouthful blood gushing out and fell to the ground, and the flying sword was beaten back to its original shape.
Out of the seven people out of a short grimace of a grin, "the little girl from our early how good will suffer such a pain? But don’t worry, the grandfathers will take good care of you when they know that you are injured. Haha … "Then the seven weirdos burst out laughing at the same time.
Although in danger, the woman still refused to give in and said coldly, "You demon people stole my Datong Pearl and sword while I was at the gate of Datong. I can’t wait to cut you to pieces. Today, my husband and wife are not proficient in your skills, and I will take revenge on them when my head returns."
This month, the soul finally remembered. No wonder she was so familiar with the royal sword. It turned out to be Datong Royal Sword.
Judging from her voice and tone, she should be Lin Shu, but she also said that it was her husband and wife around their hands and Qusheng was not seen. Has Qusheng been killed? At this time, it is no longer possible for the soul to think about it. Because there is already a weirdo who took out a rope to bind Lin Shu.
The weirdo took out the rope and disdained to say with smile, "You’re a different person. There are forty people left, and after we went, we killed more than twenty people. Hey hey! That is to say, if Suiye’s bitch is not here, we will catch her and enjoy it with your boss. I think she is scared and hiding, or why didn’t she come out! Ha ha … "Then the man read a spell and the rope automatically bound Lin Shu.
Seeing each other’s rope coming to him, Lin Shu was completely desperate. If he was caught by this group of people, he would be humiliated. When he was about to bite the tongue, several flashes flashed in front of his eyes. The strange rope turned into a section.
The soul of the moon is released from the water, and the moon is thrown straight at Lin Shusheng.
During the flight, the moon in the water is divided into ten arc blades with the same size, and the rope is directly cut into more than ten sections, and then merged into a crescent moon with a height of one person suspended in front of Lin Shu.
This is the limit of the moon soul’s spiritual control with the moon body in the water. Fortunately, the rope is not an instrument, but is attached with a spell, and the moon in the water can easily cut it off.
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Sixty-seven, save lives
At the same time, the seven men looked around for the owner of this multiplier.
At this time, the Moon Soul and Yan Ji have come out of the grass, so they soon saw them. The rope thrower saw that the other party’s instruments were not very powerful. The instruments he took out must be very resourceful. "Are you two sacred?"
Hearing the man’s question, neither of them answered.
Yan Ji approached the Moon Soul and asked, "Isn’t my husband going to tell me anything?"
Moon Soul wry smile way "You will know in a moment"
Yanji looked at it. He knew that this was not the time to ask questions, so he walked to the woman with the moon soul.
Lin Shu didn’t recognize the moon soul by the moon in the water. Although she had seen the moon soul in the water and the black dress person, the moon in the water was not in this shape at that time. She didn’t know whether the moon in the water could be transformed into meaning or whether the sect predecessors happened to pass by to help themselves.
When the two men approached, Lin Shu saw that one of them turned out to be a missing soul.
Lin Shu said with surprise, "Uncle Nangong"
Lin Shu told this martial uncle that it didn’t matter, and the seven people were surprised.
In Muxinzong tinker, I dare to challenge the Linglan family with my three younger brothers. Of course, these seven people know, but of course they didn’t see it with their own eyes but listened to others. Didn’t they say that he was missing when they got the news? How can such a coincidence be here?