Leisure and unknown customs are the most difficult customs in this city. Once attending a tense meeting, people speculated about eliminating gender, age, hobbies, what kind of business is for people aged 15 to 25, what kind of information is best for young people in this city, what kind of color can arouse their desire to buy, and what kind of lottery can eliminate blindness.

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And what kind of push is our selling point? We can’t help but buy some.
Later, the meeting fell into a long silence, and hot smoke filled the conference room.
I bypassed the long and narrow conference table and walked to a long window corridor to breathe. Looking down from the 14-story high-rise building, I saw that the beautiful wavelength of the sun was projected in the spring and the bodhi tree reflected a delicate life commotion. So I temporarily decided not to attend the meeting. The building stepped on the red brick road and listened to the yearning song. The leaves grew up and the sound was almost inaudible. Looking back, I saw that the lights in the conference room of the high-rise building were on, and everyone continued to play the soul burning game. The burning people were in a semi-crazy state, but the conclusion was that no one was sure what modern consumers needed.
I’m not sure, but I can be sure that modern people need sincere heart to communicate the message of emotional stability, just as I am in spring, and the warm gaze of this row of bodhisattvas confined to Ando will make me feel grateful.
Living in such a city, we are all bodhisattvas with land. Although we struggle to look up, we can still see the vast sky. Although we are often discussed at the conference table, we change beautifully every moment of every day, but no one knows what a tree needs. Horticultural experts are talking about sunshine, gas and water, and just a snack.
The same is true for people living in cities, except that food workers are eager for sunshine, fresh air, unpolluted water and a little conscience.
How was the meeting? The next day, I asked someone who would meet together.
The sales meeting will never come to a definitive conclusion because no one really understands the common thinking of modern urbanites aged 15 to 25.
People say I am what you really need.
That person may not really know that we need it.
Once, I heard five people say that I am what you really need in the political platform of Ren ‘ai small playground. I cheered and clapped fireworks in the middle. When I came to see Anlu, the banyan tree felt so silent and short. I couldn’t help asking it what it really needed.
In fact, we are as small as the silent banyan tree. The most important thing is that we don’t have to worry about being desperate when we walk alive. When we breathe in the car, we don’t lose our dignity when we take the bus. When we walk in the dark lane at night, we can also greet strangers with a smile. It is enough to hear this meeting often and our conscience is awakening.
I am more concerned not with what we need, but with what young people really need. Isn’t there anyone between the ages of fifteen and twenty-five who clearly wants us to know in thinking and reasoning?
We are new people in the city. They wear walkman shirts over their ears and put them outside their pants. It’s a good day. They also wear a black mysterious windbreaker that grows to their calves. Girls are wearing black and white shoes with the same yellow, green, red and blue clothes. When they clap and walk past me, I think of following the king to save the princess in fairy tales.
Newcomers planting girls are like an unrecognizable spring flower suddenly growing in the ring garden of Dunhua South Road. It has no name and strange color, but in the wind of the times, the boys are Zhongxiao East Road who just trimmed the passing trees and took irregular branches and gently resisted the scissors.
The latest magazine said that the colored sunglasses are burning breath, and the red hair with different lengths can not be ignored. The beautiful style, the red and green cloth shoes are the eyes of youth, and the clothes that are too big and unsuitable are to wrap up the wounds of the world, while those new urbanites are said to be the pilots of youth.
These leading children, they walk on the staff notes, on the color palette, on the cinema billboards and on the virtual rose petals. Their walking posture is different from that of my youth.
When I was young, I used to kneel down to smell the fragrance of the earth and shed tears because of it. I used to argue about the direction that the nation should go. I was worried and sleepless because of that direction. I used to be passionate about writing generous and tragic poems. Because of that poem, I lit a torch and handed them to each other. It used to be yesterday, and yesterday was a green tree in the west wind
You said that your generation was worried about the country and the people and wanted to aspire to it. I asked you what great things you had done, and a Ximending teenager asked me this question.
What great things have we done? We can’t get back to asking this question. None of the trees passing by are swaying and asking the dark answer in the sky. This is a shocking question. What’s the difference between us urbanites who say that we want to be ambitious, worry about the country and the people, and walk steadily at dusk in middle age, and those teenagers who don’t know the sky but dance in the streets are half-running and half-jumping urbanites?
Once I found some answers from an old florist at Yanji Street Flower Market, and he said
Some species should be used as fertilizer, some as soil, and some as flowers that are naturally beautiful.
The farmer plowed and raked the land and covered it for many years, and the grass quickly became a part of the land. Then the farmer sprinkled a new kind of rose on the ground, which sprouted and sprouted the most beautiful flowers, but no rose knew that it was dressed in grass, sad and bloody, and no rose remembered that it was the crystallization of the grass.
Our generation didn’t do anything important. We didn’t make any contributions to eulogizing young people, just like we once grew up in the wind and lived underground with blood, standing when the flood came, waiting for spring in the dry winter and looking up at a humble grass in the bright star in the dark field. What kind of contributions is this? Isn’t this how a grass lives in the land?
We don’t have to criticize teenagers. They are born with beautiful flowers. Isn’t that what we pursue for half a life? We live happily and sadly. Our modern life is their classicism. Their punk taste is not heavenly. Let’s enjoy these natural flowers with a calm mind.
There seems to be something missing just by enjoying it. When I was walking, I saw workers planting trees on Ren ‘ai Road. They first planted the road trees in cement pots and then buried them in the soil. Why not plant them directly in the land? I wondered.
The workers said that the basin was limited by the growth of trees, and the roots were too deep, which destroyed the road water pipes and cables, and the trees were too long, which destroyed the line landscape.
Coming here is the truth of urban roads and trees and the truth of urban youth.
We are middle-aged in the sand, and we can’t show the way to greenhouse teenagers, just like grass trees are not qualified to tell road trees to take root and grow. Although the roots are limited, the road trees have their own charm.
In that mood, on the same late autumn morning, I found that the roadside lantana was covered with crystal dew, and there was no trace of impurities. The dew stopped in the dark green veins, which deeply touched me, not the beauty, but the surprise that urban flowers and plants could be so exposed in the morning.
So are we too worried about the quality of urban people?