I stay here because I have to come back after I leave. If the soul-eating ant colony and the ghost crow flock were deliberately brought here, they must still be here when they come back. Killing them now is no different from killing them later. It will be so troublesome.

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Because there is a rule in the laws of heaven and earth that natural selection and survival of the fittest can’t make this guy who will bring nightmares completely perish. Although the nether world is also fighting endlessly because of too much power, it still needs some external forces to increase the sense of crisis of the residents in the nether world
However, because the harm is too great, it means that the king of the nether world manages the Ten Halls of the nether world. Yamaraja will never let them be in too many places, even if the whole nether world eats soul ants and ghost crows together, there will not be too many amazing numbers.
Even if someone really calculated, it is absolutely impossible to get all the soul-eating ants and ghost crows in the nether world here, so looking at the opposite ground and half are densely packed. The actual number is not too scary. Mu Tianxuan has supported Hu Yingxue for a day and a night, and it can be determined that it has almost eliminated half.
Mu Tianxuan designed this play with thunder and fire, and the people must have calculated that it was unexpected that there was a secret mansion of Gankun, which made Mu Tianxuan have enough aura to make a continuous move. This must be because the other party didn’t want to see it and didn’t want the result to continue to develop in the direction they didn’t want to see. Naturally, it was to stop him from continuing to exert his strength.
The wooden tripod enchantment will not prevent the enchanter from connecting with outsiders, but it will wake up one or five lines when there is a connection outside. Hu Yingxue, the owner of the chaotic tripod, has been receiving wakes from the wooden tripod since the enchantment was set up, which makes her more cautious now.
Hu Yingxue woke up nine deep and remote places to help pay attention, and then she observed the people around her without disturbing. Wei Chihanyu, who is closest to her and Mu Tianxuan, is the most important thing at this time. Make sure to send the delimiting beads back to the entrance of the passage.
Even the former Wei Chihanyu sensed the approximate location and wanted to find the specific location. Now it can be confirmed that it is one of those whirlpools that scurry around. It can be confirmed that many ghosts, zerg and spirit beasts were involved in the whirlpool before, but it is not because the whirlpool will run around to confirm that those are not and there is not much place.
In order to make sure that it was the whirlpool early, Wei Chihanyu never knew what it was like to be timid. He did something quite daring. The occult technique separated his mind from a part of the segmentation process and concealed the breath when he slipped out of the enchantment. Therefore, it seems that Wei Chihanyu has always been a guardian posture beside Hu Yingxue and Mu Tianxuan. Actually, Wei Chihanyu is the one protected by Hu Yingxue and Mu Tianxuan.
Weichi Hanyu’s means of hiding breath is very high, and that part of her soul was tortured to death by those who looked at some strange whirlpool outside. He never showed any flaw all the time, so he wanted to destroy people’s base, like robbing Mu Tianxuan or Hu Yingxue before he could react.
Yes, at this time, some people in the team are ready to move, and they don’t want to do it at this time. Naimian people have orders one after another, and there are things that can control their lives. When the orders do say that they will take their lives if they don’t do it, they are reluctant to do it.
These ghosts have a messenger to lead this face from the front. It doesn’t mean that Yamaraja, the ten temples, is the one who is in control, but even if there is a messenger, which is a necessary life-saving symbol for home travel, it will have to trigger the messenger sometimes. In the end, we still have to fight for strength
Lack of strength was destroyed before sending the operator, so it was because of fear that the amount of talents who received the attack order were too late to attack Hu Yingxue, and they were afraid that they had just made moves without touching anyone, and now others were destroyed.
It’s not that they’re scaring themselves not to say that nine brothers and sisters can walk sideways in the nether world. They belong to rising stars and have wasted more than ten thousand years. Nine brothers and sisters can also kill the quartet in the nether world. It’s as simple as Yuan Babies hunting ordinary people to kill them.
However, most of the people’s attention was paid outside the boundary before clearing the hidden piles in the team. Many people thought that there should be no unexpected things in the team, but when things were discovered, they loved to be unexpected. When the ant colony was mixed with a touch of white, a figure jumped out of the ghost repair team and went straight to Mu Tianxuan.
The figure suddenly emerged from the ghost repair team is the one who received the order the most times among all the people who received the order. Hu Yingxue locked in his knowledge from the beginning because he has been monitoring the nature with knowledge, and he didn’t miss how entangled this guy was before.
But in any case, when his life was threatened, the man chose to start work before he arrived. Hu Yingxue came at Weichi Hanyu and soon found that he and Mu Tianxuan were the targets to be attacked.
At this time, there is a somewhat charming name called Phantom of the Opera. For example, if this is the Phantom of the Online Game, assassins have a good ability, that is, they can run fast, but two breaths flash to Hu Yingxue.
Because I have been alert before, I will change the prevention of Weichi Hanyu from being attacked to preventing myself from being attacked. It doesn’t make much difference. Then I will see Hu Yingxue holding five spiritual swords in one hand and blocking them behind my back. After that, the five spiritual swords will stab at the phantom gens’ chest.
It’s not the key to become a ghost to repair the heart, but because of the memory of the ghost, they will still be afraid of being pierced in the chest. Moreover, they will see that the sword directly sinks into the chest, even if it is not fatal. The pain is still there, which is somewhat injured. Hu Yingxue has smoked five spiritual swords and his ears are full of screams from the phantom family.
Phantom of the opera family screams like a signal star dance with seven jumped out of the phalanx and rushed to Hu Yingxue’s side, but at this time, the nine-deep ghost snakes around Hu Yingxue have entered a state of high readiness. Those guys are all flying without waiting for them to get close.
The wooden tripod enchantment can go out but can’t go into those nine-deep ghost snakes. With a little effort, they were directly thrown out of the enchantment by the snake-tailed flying guy. Although there are all over the sky outside the Lei Guang enchantment, they are still crowded with ghost crows and soul-eating beasts. Their fate can be imagined.
But even the nine-deep ghost snakes have closely protected Hu Yingxue, and the people who received the order to attack are still coming out from their phalanx to see their eyes with bloody faces, and their expressions are all gray, which seems to be clear that they are doomed this time.
But this time, it’s not necessary for the nine-deep snakes to repair the phalanx. Most of them are still loyal to the tenth temple. When Yama people see those guys attacking the three central figures, they will be surrounded by guys who will be with them in the future.
There are soul-eating ants and ghost crows outside, and I don’t know what will happen to them. When this command comes out, I will be responsible for besieging those who immediately put out the ghosts like a chicken blood, and the ghost repairman will die like a lamp and leave nothing behind.
It’s also a coincidence that Wei Chihan Yu just got rid of those people at this time to determine which vortex is the entrance of the passage, and lock the vortex in Wei Chihan Yu Ma to Mu Tianxuan and Hu Yingxue. "I have already determined the entrance and got a message that only the three of us can get in there."
After receiving the sound, Hu Yingxue quickly confirmed the number of soul-eating ants and ghost crows around him, and determined that there was still a third to be solved for Mu Tianxuan and Wei Chihan. "We have to solve those soul-eating ants and weirdness before going in."
This problem is not discussed at all. If people who stay outside when they come out are eaten by soul-eating ants and ghost crows, they can’t talk to one of the ten halls in Yamaraja. Therefore, after listening to Hu Yingxue, Weichi Hanyu raised his sword at the ghost crows outside the enchantment.
Seeing that Weichi Hanyu also started work, Hu Yingxue didn’t follow up and raise the five spiritual swords. She sacrificed the five spiritual swords to let it go out and eat soul ants and ghost crows, and then reached out and grabbed Weichi Hanyu’s arm to convey aura to him and Mu Tianxuan respectively.
Seeing Wei Chi Han Yu start work, some talents wake up like a dream. Although the attack damage is not as powerful as Mu Tian Xuan Lei Daoism, it can also cause some damage to ghost crows and soul-eating ants. The atmosphere of the enchantment has changed. Many people have taken up arms and attacked at a certain point outside the enchantment.
Attack damage is not high, the number of wins is even a drop in the bucket. It is also a kind of help to put the spirit of the Ministry on the elimination of Mu Tianxuan. Isn’t there a saying that everyone collects firewood and the flame is high? With those ghost repairs, the efficiency is much higher.
After half a day, there is a ghost crow on the opposite side, and other soul-eating ants and ghost crows have been killed. This ghost crow is still trying to rush into the enchantment and the people inside are preparing to rush to the enchantment. Suddenly, it pauses like a big dream, and then the horse turns and runs away.
A golden light swept across the ghost crow, which was split in half without even screaming, and then disappeared into black smoke. Before seeing this scene, everyone had to relax. A few of them just sat down to the ground and scared their legs, but they didn’t recover.
After waiting for a while, I made sure that no ghost crows and soul-eating ants appeared in the star dance and came to Hu Yingxue. "Go on?"
Hu Yingxue called Jiu You up and then answered, "We have found the first place to pick you up. You have to stay here and wait for us to come out and dance. If you can’t hold back, you can ask Jiu You to help you."
Star Dance nodded. "I won’t be polite when I need help."
At the same time, the star dance gave Hu Yingxue a sound: "Although you have stimulated a lot of ghosts, there are still some people left, but the number is running out. It is enough for my people to clean them up without asking the snake emperor for help when they break out."
When the star dance gave Hu Yingxue a sound, Jiuyou said to Hu Yingxue, "Leave it to us here. I suggest that you save when you can, and be as efficient as possible. I just received the news that there is a lot of excitement in the divine world. It seems that someone is trying to find discomfort for the four great Buddha."
"Are the four great deities free to provoke?" Yi Fengshen is the daughter of the North Buddha, Hu Yingxue, and even if he believes in his strength, he is not worried.
Nine deep and remote replied, "Of course, it’s not through this that they go around to play ghosts and clear away a lot of dens, but it seems that there are a lot of people who want to stir up trouble and accuse them of being too cruel and murderous, but few people will agree with this statement if they don’t get any different skills."
Hu Yingxue smiled suddenly and inexplicably, with a bright face. "Father, they don’t care about being accused of being cruel and murderous. Since they dare to do it, they should be prepared to pay enough. For example, when the three of us encounter a series of things, someone should give us a statement."
There is a black shadow and a white shadow sitting opposite each other in the virtual space. It is two shadows except the human face is very vague. In the two shadows, there is a chessboard depicting Tai Chi Yin and Yang fish, but there is no chess. Hu Yingxue’s voice here just falls and the two shadows sneeze together.
After a while, Heiyingkou said, "I think it is necessary for us to talk to the boss about what to give us a holiday."
White shadow nodded. "You must talk to the boss. None of them are good. You will definitely find an account later."
Chapter 473 A layer of window paper