"This is not the way to go …!" Nine fold frown mouth murmured

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"What should the tiger do?" Tiancheng can still move, and people are all gathered around Jiuchong. Shen Yue doesn’t see any tension and fear, just like a pair of clouds and light winds, asking himself nothing. "I’m afraid the earth will be finished if you go like this."
Not only Shen Yue, but other daughters are also relaxed and freehand, and they are not aware of the end of the world. I don’t know if they are drinking afternoon tea.
"Why are you so relaxed? It’s the end of the world. Can you be a little nervous and take care of other people’s emotions? !” Jiuzhong’s strange attitude towards everyone is really a bit confusing.
Compared with the other people present at Jiuchong, the abnormal performance of Jiuchong’s confidantes is even more confusing. What’s the matter with Jiuchong’s confidantes? There is no normal one. You are so calm that we big men are in love? !
Chapter one hundred and thirty Who goes to hell if I don’t go to hell?
"Hum, the end of the world is the end of the world!" Tao Feng put his waistline in one hand and grabbed the skirt of Jiuchong’s chest in the other. "Anyway, you can’t run away if you are a bastard!"
"Oh!" Seeing Tao Fengao’s charming and lovely appearance, Jiuzhong also smiled easily, and raised his hand in Tao Fengqiao’s face with a gentle pinch. "Don’t worry, how could I die if I haven’t finished your training? I’ll come when I go!"
"You want to shoot?" The mysterious night breath appeared at Jiuchong’s side when I didn’t know, and the tone was not salty or light as always.
"Do you have a better idea?"
"No," Xuan Ye shook his head and looked at the empty vortex above his head. "This power has reached the point of real conan the destroyer, which is beyond human power to stop. Even a god with extraordinary power like you will be in danger. You are likely to die!"
"Who will go to hell if I don’t go to hell at this time!" Leave a word. Nine times, the whole person has turned into a purple dragon again.
"After breaking through the highest realm of John Lone, the purple dragon emperor turned into a dragon, I suddenly had a new idea about overlord boxing. Specially, you created a new type of overlord boxing, but it hasn’t come yet. You belched, and now it’s all right to end it!" The dragon’s body is nine times as human as a whole, and a dazzling purple beam rushes towards the virtual vortex that covers the sky.
"Overlord boxing-overlord rises dragon broken virtual! !”
The purple beam crashing across heaven and earth hit the virtual vortex in the sky for a while, and then the whole thing plunged into the vortex and disappeared completely, and heaven and earth returned to darkness.
"After all, still can’t …? !” After the purple beam of the ninth incarnation is completely plunged into the virtual vortex, the virtual vortex runs as before, and the world is still flying sand and stones, and the sun and the moonlight are a scene of despair in the dark. The mood of the world is now as desperate as this desperate world, helping fear and hesitation.
"No, it’s not over yet!" Shen Yue looked up at the dark sky and looked unusually calm. "The tiger is still alive!"
"How can you be sure that he is still alive?" All eyes happen to coincide in Shen Yue body.
"Because he has never broken his word to his own woman, since he promised Tao Feng to come, he will definitely come back!"
Others really disagree with Shen Yue’s blind belief in the nine-fold basis, but it is not good to say anything about the firmness in Shen Yue and Tao Feng’s eyes. They can report a wry smile. "I hope it’s as you say!"
"Although I don’t know if Jiuzhong can come back alive, it should be right to think that he is still alive!" Suddenly, the eyes of the top era supernatural powers, such as the soldier king and the big fiend, all looked at the heavens and the earth, and there was a surprise in their eyes. "The increase in the flying speed of things that were swept up by the virtual vortex of the sky is not as horrible as before, and the increase rate is weakening and weaker!"
After listening to these top era divine powers, other people’s eyes were almost bursting, and they didn’t find that the outside of the dragon cover changed as they said, but as time went by, they finally found this change, and the intensification of this change was already visible to the naked eye, even ordinary people who didn’t understand the era divine power could see it.
See the heaven and the earth, where the strong pulling force in the virtual vortex accelerates to fly to the sky. Everything first changes from the accelerated state to the uniform state, and then further decays and decelerates from the uniform state.
Gravity has regained its dominant position, and the rising speed of flying things is getting slower and slower. At a certain moment, the sky and the earth seem to be still, and everything in the sky is fixed in the sky, as if it were dotted with stars, but the appearance is really poor, which is somewhat unsightly.
The static state of all things only lasted for a moment, and then everything fell freely in gravity, like rain falling from the sky.
"Boom-! !” The roar of heaven and earth fills the ears of the world with this absolute noise roar, but the world is full of expressions of enjoyment, as if they were hearing the most wonderful sounds of nature instead of noise.
A moment later, everything flying in the sky finally fell back to the ground, filled with the roar of heaven and earth, and finally stopped. People in the afterlife looked through the open sky and looked at the virtual vortex in the sky. They were shocked to find that the virtual vortex that enveloped the whole sky stopped rotating at random.
"This is …? !” The whole world doesn’t know what happened, but the virtual vortex stopped spinning and no longer produced. After all, it was a good thing for conan the destroyer to swallow suction, but the virtual vortex didn’t disappear, and their hearts were still in their throats.
But at this moment, suddenly, in a bitter "Kaka" mid-sky, the virtual vortex has stopped, and suddenly cracks have been produced in the center of the vortex and quickly spread to all directions, and soon it has spread all over the virtual vortex, which looks like a huge spider web.
In a crack like a spider’s web, intense purple light shines from it.
"Tiger is a tiger! Meowed-!" Seeing the purple light transmitted from the virtual vortex crack, the tears of Shen Yue’s daughters suddenly flowed like a broken river.
Although many women say that they believe that Jiuzhong believes that he must be alive, the so-called heart is chaotic, and they are worried that the roots are out of their control. Now it is difficult to restrain themselves from crying with joy.
Although the people outside the world have different emotional starting points, they see that the sky is like a shadow of death, and there are signs of collapse in the virtual vortex. When they see it, they will collapse completely, and tears are uncontrollable.
Just when the world was so excited and wept with joy, there was another earth-shattering bang, and the sky was full of cracks and virtual whirlpools, as if it had finally reached its limit and burst.
In an instant, the whole world was covered with purple and black, followed by the gasification of the whole sky, and the light and rain spread all over the earth like showers from heaven.
With the light and rain falling, although it was blocked for less than a day, it seemed to the world that a century of sunshine broke through the clouds and shone all over the world, and the earth was bathed in peaceful sunshine again
Suddenly, a dazzling purple light beam came from the sky in a downpour, directly smashing the nine-fold dragon shield and crashing into the buffer zone of both sides of the Earth Federation in Tiancheng, causing a large pit to stir up a thick earth wave and spread to all directions.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-nine Bite the hand that feeds you
"It must be a tiger!" Shen Yue was the first to react, and the first woman to fly away toward the spot where the light beam landed was Taofeng and Guxiang, followed by the soldier king, the big fiend and others, and then the purple light beam landed at the edge of the pit as quickly as possible, and the probe looked at the bottom of the pit and saw a bloody person embedded in the ground, motionless and reckless.
"Woo hoo tiger!" Although it is difficult for ordinary people to recognize the blood at the bottom of the pit, Shen Yue’s daughters and Jiuzhong’s closest people recognized it at first sight, that is, Jiuzhong.
Daughters jumped into the bottom of the pit together and fished Jiuzhong out of the ground. They went to check Jiuzhong’s situation. "Tiger, are you okay … blare … don’t scare us. Are you okay? !”