Yukime said, "According to the analysis of the bridled ancestor, it should be that he was stimulated by some external force and directed his potential to be exhausted. Now he is trapped in the peak of love by several elders. Go and have a look at it quickly …"
"Well, don’t worry about me to solve this matter." Yu Long found Wang Jian’s murderous look and teleported in the peak of love
At this time, several elders of Xuanmen are besieging Wang Jian with the light statue of God pointing out the law, but it should not last long.
"Let me handle it-!" After Yu Long appeared, he suddenly appeared in front of Wang Jian. When they saw that Yu Long was coming, they immediately breathed a sigh of relief.
Tianchen quickly shouted, "Xiaoyu, show mercy to Wang Jian. I hope you don’t hurt his life …"
"I will put my discretion." Yu Long has a bad impression on Tianchen. He simply replied and didn’t say anything about the general momentum.
Wang Jian seems to have sensed Yu Long’s general momentum and immediately took him as the target. The palm of your hand suddenly broke into a burst of chestnut and the corners of your mouth were covered with a cold murderous look.
Long Yu started the chaotic Force and roared. One day, he imitated the sword and made a loud dragon song. Then he lit up a light and cut it out and rushed at Wang Jian.
From a distance, Yu Long’s sword is like a dragon that swallows the sky and swallows the earth. It shines with thousands of brilliance and goes to Wang Jian’s hood.
Wang Jian low smile a palm with a hit immediately virtual wind big amazing power like mountains wantonly pressure less than a moment has the tianshi sword shocking shock wave block.
"Good is a bit interesting …" Yu Long laughed. "Wang Jian, I don’t know what made you like this, but your fighting capacity has risen hundreds of times … It’s good to try my sword again …"
Wang Jian seems to be unconscious. He is the most powerful person here as his opponent. He seems to want to vent his murderous heart.
The sixth chapter sixty-four Another witch god
A flash of cold light in Yu’s eyes summoned the candlestick dragon. With the earth shaking violently, the shock wave burst and the flying machine and others hurried back and were subjected to shock wave.
Although Wang Jian is unconscious, he can feel the danger clearly. He angrily roared and got up and attacked Yu Long.
Long Yuli defended against Wang Jian’s attack.
Then at the same time, he summoned two candlesticks and flashed towards Wang Jianchong. Wang Jianyi knew the blockade, but he still couldn’t resist it. Finally, he was hit by a dragon in the chest.
At that moment, he felt a tightness in his chest, a surge of blood pouring into his throat, and he wanted to spit out a deep breath. Wang Jianshi pressed the blood on his mouth.
Yu Long didn’t take the opportunity to chase, but waited for Wang Jian to slowly calm down and look leisurely. "Wang Jian, have you recovered your consciousness?"
"I won’t give up easily …" After being beaten and vomiting blood, Wang Jian seems to have recovered some knowledge, but at the moment, his heart hates Yu Long.
"I’m going to kill you … cold drink a Wang Jian’s eyes are red and his right hand is red. As his fingers move, a few evil spirits linger, as if there are five black lines in his fingers. In an instant, the black line melts into a ball. The five fingers seem to show the black ball to Long Yu at random, and suddenly they explode five crazy python-like black lights and rush straight at Long Yu.
This blow seems to be less powerful than just now, but Yu Long is very white. The actual destructive power of this blow is far away. Just before Wang Jian shot, Yu Long suddenly flew up and Tianshi Fa Jian drew a mysterious trajectory and instantly cut out dozens of sword awns. For you, it was the dark golden sword awns that covered Wang Jian with the past.
Wang Jian’s black mountain has arrived. Yu Long chuckled and blocked the chaotic force. The chaotic force not only attacked Wang Jian conveniently, but also continued to kill Wang Jian unstoppable.
Wang Jian drank low and retreated as fast as lightning, but Long Yu’s sword and awn galloped faster to let him hide and avoid.
In such a situation, Wang Jianwei has a good drink and crustily skin of head, and his plan is to cross the rubicon.
Yu Long sneer at repeatedly fuelling chaos in the whole body. The Force has invaded Wang Jianti. Wang Jianli feels that two hot breaths sharply rush into the body, and the whole body is like a torn pain.
That breath gradually devours the power of his body.
When he was young, he collapsed to the ground.
Tianchen pounced on him for the first time. He was worried that Yu Long would take the opportunity to kill him
"Wang Jian, are you okay?" Tianchen help collapsed disciple’s grandson love dearly unceasingly in the heart of Yu Long hatred has reached the extreme.
But at this time Wang Jian mouth out a few strange smile.
Yu Long dark call bad hurried way; "Be careful-!"
Yu Long carefully just export Wang Jian suddenly inserted the fingers with sharp claws into Tianchen’s chest and pulled Tianchen’s heart hard, which has been dug out by Wang Jian.
Then Wang Jian swallowed the hot heart and smashed his mouth from time to time.
Such a horrible scene immediately surprised the people around you.
Tianchen is also the mysterious master who didn’t die instantly after losing his heart. He waited for an incredible look and never thought that his disciple would kill himself.
"Go to hell-!"
Wang Jiangen is crazy. Although he was beaten back by Yu Long, he still has the strength to kill at the moment. He suddenly put his hands around Tianchen’s head and then twisted it with a hard twist.
"Destroy him, destroy him … the cat was almost crazy.
Long Yuwen no longer has the slightest hesitation in offering sacrifices. On that day, the imitation sword was suddenly cut at Wang Jian, and the poor Wang Jian was already gone without even a scream.
Long Yu in this mysterious door hates the death of two people.
In fact, Yu Long didn’t want to see them die
From his present point of view, those grievances in those years were really naive.