But as I said before, there are too many materials needed to make the seal card, and these materials are very precious, so it is impossible for Bond to pay so much money.

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Fortunately, Ye Tian didn’t just throw a lot of money directly to Lianya. A gift of amethyst card is tens of billions. You know, this money is not a waste of money. If Xiya really has a high card level, then she will be a master of the holy order alone. If she wants to earn the money back, she should go several times and seal a few Warcraft to come back and sell it.
Not to mention that West Asia squandered money to buy a lot of materials and trained at home. On the other side, Ye Tian finally arrived in Longue and found the giant tower weapon store. After showing the piece of Falun Gong ring, he successfully met the giant tower master.
The giant tower is a dwarf with a face of lux and big beard, and his arms are not worse than those of ordinary people, especially five fingers are like five carrots
Fascinated and groping for the piece of extraterrestrial meteorite for a long time, the giant tower master sighed regretfully. It’s really a pity that Naidao, although it is indeed extraterrestrial meteorite, is destined to forge artifacts.
What heard the giant tower master Ye Tian stunned? How did this happen?
Looking at Ye Tian’s disappointed expression, the giant tower master lamented that this kind of metal excludes all energy characteristics, so the body can also add functions, so it has a feature of weapons except hardness and sharpness.
Looking at Master Ye Tianju Tower deeply, he said seriously, in fact, before this weapon, he once had a handful of his name called the magic blade.
What magic blade heard this strange and familiar name Ye Tian couldn’t help but frowned.
Looking at Master Ye Tianju Tower, he continued, Yes, this weapon strongly rejects energy characteristics, and can break energy defense at will. It is possible to split the energy of each other with a knife in front of this metal, but it will be pushed into the ring. In the end, the ring is energy.
Talking to the giant tower instructor, I was fascinated and stroked the meteorite the size of that head. I continued to say that it is more solid than sharp and sealed with magic. This is at most a sub-artifact. Hey, hey, although you can’t be an artifact, the sub-artifact is a big breakthrough, right?
Talking to the giant tower master, he looked up at Ye Tiandao. By the way, what weapon do you think this meteorite is made of? Is it a big sword or a broadsword?
Hesitantly looking at the giant tower master Ye Tian, he couldn’t make up his mind what to do. Such a big piece of meteorite certainly can’t do things like swords. There are too many weapons left in Zhan Ji.
Thinking Ye Tianshen looked out of the window at a scarlet moon hanging high in the sky, his eyes blurred and Ye Tian’s eyes gradually lit up.
The horizon is far away.
a little way off
People are at the end of the world. How can they be far away?
What color is the moon?
It’s blue, as blue as the sea, as deep as melancholy.
Where is the month?
In his heart, his heart is the moon.
Where’s the knife
The knife is in his hand.
What kind of knife is that?
His knife is as vast as the end of the world, as bright as the lonely moon, and when he is depressed, it seems to be like a knife.
Misty and illusory, as if the root is not there and as if it is everywhere.
But his knife doesn’t look fast.
How can you defeat the sky without a sharp knife?
Because his knife has exceeded the speed limit.
Where is he?
People are still alive, and people are heartbroken.
Be in the process.
Cheng is right in front of him.
He can’t see
He didn’t go to see it
He can’t find it.
Although I can’t find it now, I will find it sooner or later.
You will find it.
When I think back to my most poetic language, Ye Tiandi’s eyes are getting brighter. Yes, if you must build a weapon, then Ye Tian chooses Tianya Yuedao.
The owner of this knife is Fu Hongxue, Ye Tianxin’s most novel character. Compared with Li Xun’s flying knife, the symbolic meaning of Fu Hongxue’s knife has pushed people to a desperate situation from the beginning. His eyes are dead, and he holds it in his hand. His knife symbolizes death. His hand is pale, and his knife is dark. Isn’t this pale and dark the closest color to death, and death is not the limit of virtual loneliness?
What is even more frightening is that Fu Hongxue is the blade or that the knife is Fu Hongxue’s life. In other words, death is Fu Hongxue’s life. What kind of absurdity is this? In such an absurdity, what direction should Fu Hongxue go?