With the cultivation of the ordinary elixir produced in Bilingtian, it has been able to meet Liang Yi’s needs. For high-level practitioners of immortality, the general efficacy of the elixir for thousands of years has been minimal, and the high-level barren animal nucleus can give birth to the true spirit. Now it is just to cultivate some auxiliary elixirs.

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The white mouse in Bilingtian is very resentful. Looking at Liang Yigang, he just made some self-destructive repairs and fled, which completely restored the mouse’s body shape to a normal state, and the body was rich and undigested. First, the joint physical training also fell a lot, and almost even the realm of the fit period fell.
This little thing is a monster. It will recover quickly if there are enough spiritual things to devour it.
"Just eat as much as you can after that, or you’ll burst yourself." Liang Yinai shook his head and waved his hand, throwing back all the seven top rings temporarily confiscated from the little guy. There are all the good things that this little guy plundered in the wild beast. Now it is obviously not wise to limit the little guy’s appetite in this form.
"It’s great to make a squeak, and my stomach is already hungry." Shu Shu squeaked and took out three fingernail-sized red Se wild beast Dan from a ring, swallowed it into his stomach and made a burp. Shu Shu spat out three golden Se flying knives just taken from the six robbers and scattered immortals, and sent them to Liang Yi like presents.
The three flying knives are all first-class fairies. Although they are the most common fairies, their value is immeasurable. After all, no matter how bad they are, they also have a fairy word. But Shu Shu now has a wonderful and very fairy inkstone, but he doesn’t see this thing very much.
"This thing, though we don’t just exchange it for some Yuan Lingshi" Liang Yi smiled, put away the three gold Se flying knives, and then searched the relics of another Sirius who was dressed in black, but found nothing good except some Yuan Lingshi.
Now the Huangqiu Mountains are in chaos, whether it’s the master of Sirius or the fierce wild beasts everywhere is a great threat to the master and servant. Anyway, Liang Yi has already shown his identity, so let Sirius do it.
Make such a big noise. It is estimated that one side of the huge empire can’t hide it if it wants to hide it. When the time comes, the masters of all parties will appear in the Huangqiu Mountains, and the situation will become more and more chaotic. This coincides with Liang Yi’s intention to muddy the water.
Before leaving the door, Liang Yi found a lot of lingshi and extremely lingshi in the blue spirit sky. Now these things are knocked out.
After Liang Yi sent the mice aside, he cultivated them in a pile of lingshi piles on a high hill. A large number of reiki emerged from several lingshi in succession under the traction of the Five Elements of Magic, and then swarmed into the world of Liang Yi’s purple mansion. Gradually, Liang Yi entered a state of forgetting me, and a pile of lingshi kept beeping and rattling, and one after another reiki exhausted the fly ash.
Liang Yi, as if nothing had happened, was hiding in the blue spirit sky to practice, Sirius Daozun, evil post Lingzun and others were still frantically looking for Liang Yi to fall in the Huangqiu mountains.
The Han Empire dispatched nearly 500 peerless masters to run wild in the Huangqiu Mountains in ten teams in one breath, but it attracted the wild beast jǐng who had been sealed in the Huangqiu Mountains for more than one million years, so all the wild beasts in the Huangqiu Mountains joined the war.
I haven’t found the Lord yet, but I have to first find these intelligent animals. I can imagine that Sirius Daozun is depressed in his heart.
Fortunately, although the density of wild animals in Huangqiu Mountains is very high, it is also a small place with hundreds of thousands of miles. How can it be compared with the hundreds of outstanding masters of the Han Empire? The Han Empire did not take action against the wild animals in Huangqiu Mountains because it was unnecessary and they didn’t want to spell huge losses. These guys died.
It’s half a month’s work in a blink of an eye.
There are more than 2,000 practitioners gathered in a prairie on the periphery of Huangqiu Mountain in Milan County, a vast empire of Han Dynasty. Among these practitioners, it can be said that there are five ethnic groups. Liang Yi is familiar with terrans, and the demon clan belongs to the strong witch clan. There are also a few grotesque monsters like Elves and infernos.
Among the five ethnic groups, the Terran and the Witch can be distinguished from each other by the morphological root method. The Elves are born from heaven and earth, with strange shapes. The petite ones are like dwarfs, the tall ones are like hills with tails like humans, and the ones like livestock have faces. Although the inferno is similar to human beings, its breath is violent, but it is not covered with golden light, or it is surrounded by black gas. The ugly ones can kill people with light and looks, and there are also beautiful and fascinating people.
These five ethnic groups are divided into a dozen teams, and they are also very jǐng. There are five or six leaders of these ten teams, but Liang Yi had a friendship. Among them, there are Zhu Xi’s old son, Xing Yue Zong Tianyang, refined soul devil’s ancestor, Qin Tianfeng of Qilin Mountain and Lei Long Nie Long, the unknown Zong Yanxian, who has now become a leader of the inferno.
Among the masters of the battle of the human world, except Chu, the old The Hunger demon clan and the old fire crow, others are all here. Please read the unfinished mobile phone.
The seventh volume Wind and rain spirit world DiWuLiuSi chapter
In addition to Zhu Xi and several other old acquaintances, there are several other bosses Liang Yi from the Wu clan, the demon clan, the inferno and the Eldar clan who don’t know each other. But look at their bearing and wind, it seems that they are not in that day, especially the female leader of the Wu clan wearing a black Se robe and a face of ice ShaQi. Even Zhu Xi’s old road seems to be afraid of her for three points.
Terrans account for half of the top ten bosses. There are two demon families, one Eldar, one inferno and one witch family. However, those scattered immortals in the battle for this world are the main force instead, and several bosses are just bidding.
Among the 2,000 masters, the Terran accounts for nearly 40%. Although one leader, the Witch has monopolized nearly 30%, and each of the other three families has more than 200 people. Thus, in this complicated spiritual world, although the Terran occupies certain advantages, it belongs to multiple factions, but it is slightly weaker but very United.
Of course, there are still some big forces in this world who are not involved. Most of them are strong in this world, but they have no strong foundation in the world and the background is not qualified to compete for the qualification of innate Lingbao.
Because Sirius Daozun told the Han Empire to do everything possible to slow down the speed of all parties, it was half a month since the incident when many forces arrived here.
"Xuanling Daoyou, being original, see that it’s time to come, and you don’t have to wait any longer. Let’s break the forbidden array of Huang Qiushan together. If it’s late, I’m afraid there won’t be anything for us." West Zhu said with a hint of respect to the Wu clan leader.
The witch named Xuanling took a silent look at Zhu Xi, and a few cold tones emerged from Sakura’s mouth. "Then do it!"
"Hey, hey, Zhu Xi, old son, your means are very spicy. You can kill Sirius Xiaoer together with several masters like the second attack on Liang Donghua. What treasures will you have then?" Residual soul old devil slightly ridicule connect a way
"Zhu Laoer also has the courage to bully a Liang Donghua, who has no backer and lean, and you have got the treasure. Even if he is the thief, he doesn’t have the courage to kill and rob the treasure." Lei Long Nie Long sneered.
"Hum, the old man won’t wait for you to punish your breath." Zhu Xi gave them a cold look and turned to Zong Yanxian and others. "You Huangqiu Mountain Range is a natural forbidden area, and we should be able to make a passage temporarily together."
The same Terran, Zong Yanxian, Tianyang, Qin Tianfeng and others have a lot of backgrounds, but after all, their strength is poor. Zhu Xi’s old son will not be blamed for his repeated promises when he hears the news, and he will be ready to break the natural ban of Huangqiu Mountain and the evil dragon. Naturally, he will not be idle.
I saw more than 2,000 masters of the five ethnic groups standing in Qianzhang High School, facing each other with picturesque and virtual mountains.
"Do it!" With ten bosses at the same time make more than two thousand handle wuhuamen magic weapon fly sword cut virtual bombardment in the mountains.
Without any collision, and without a trace of force, a mountain stopped in front of everyone, just like melting, disappeared and disappeared. Instead, it was a grand canyon with a width of about five or six hundred feet, and a number of chaotic reiki rushed out of the canyon.
"Fast-forward this mountain is closing" Zhu Xi old son drank a light drink and took the lead in rushing in with an army of people.
More than 2,000 top experts in this field poured into Huangqiu Mountain along the Grand Canyon like locusts. After two or three breaths, they disappeared at the end of the canyon.
After about a cup of tea, thousands of masters broke the mountain and put it together again. Even the grass and trees on the mountain are not different. Those who cultivate immortality are dozens of miles away will give the mountain a physical force to stop and make progress.
After passing through the canyon, the strong stopped.
"It’s been half a month since the incident, but we don’t know much about the details. Now the main thing is to find Sirius first and ask about the ins and outs of this matter." Zhu Xi said to several bosses, "If Sirius has got the treasure, we must find a way to get it, otherwise we won’t have a chance once we reach the boundary. If Sirius doesn’t get the treasure, we must ask about the details, otherwise we can’t find what we want."
"Hey, hey, I’m going to find that little Sirius." Nie Long and others even responded.
In the past half month, except for the first few days, Zhong Tian Lang Dao Zun was very happy, and then the rest of his heart gradually sank. The longer he dragged on, the less likely he was to get the treasure, and his first-Mover advantage was lost when the five ethnic experts arrived.
In the first few days, Sirius Daozun led a group of extremely good masters of the Han Empire to attack everywhere, constantly pestering wild beasts to search for Liang Yi’s whereabouts, slaying many wild beasts all the way, and of course losing dozens of younger brothers.
Gradually, the banned BM also found the clue. It seems that the BM will not take the initiative to attack and intercept these humans, and humans will not deal with them. Therefore, the BM ordered the wild beasts to be completely silent, and they gathered in groups and did not attack the past human monks.
As soon as the crisis of wild animals was lifted, Sirius’s way was honored, and the younger brother was divided into five groups to quickly sweep the Huangqiu Mountains for half a month. He turned and searched for such a large Huangqiu Mountains for three times, but even Liang Yiying was not seen.
"Ancestor, has this Liang family been slaughtered by fierce wild animals?" Evil spirit statue followed Sirius Taoist and carefully said that these days, Sirius Taoist’s temper became worse and worse, and evil spirit statue and three other spirits were scolded by this old man several times. Two junior masters were killed by evil fire Sirius Taoist on the spot.
"It’s impossible that these mindless monsters can’t kill him, I’m afraid." Sirius sneered. "The terrain of Huangqiu Mountain is strange. If you don’t find out the roots carefully, you can’t find the mountain base. It is concluded that he should still be hidden in this Huangqiu Mountain."
"Ancestor brother thought of a possible" door spirit eyes turn even way.
"What is possible?" Sirius Daozun turned and looked at Lingzun "Speak quickly"
"Is it possible that this guy has brought a wild animal slave with him and let this wild animal slave carry the true spirit and hide it in the wild animal army?" Ling Zun is not sure. "Otherwise, he just hid in the depths of the earth. This Huangqiu Mountain is very different from the outside world, and we can probably find out about 20 miles underground at most."
"It’s true that these two may be the biggest, but" Sirius Tao Zun just wanted to say something, and suddenly his face became Y and N heavy. "Hum, it’s too late to say anything now. Those old guys have come."
Before saying a word, I saw thirty or forty strange and grotesque practitioners coming. The first one was Zhu Xi and other ten world leaders, followed by twenty-five or six strong spirits.
"Sirius, you can’t do this thing properly." At a distance, the old demon of the inferno’s remnant soul made a long call. "I actually ruined your imperial territory and harmed the old demon. I ran for a few more days."
"Hum!" Sirius way cold hum a but also too lazy to answer.
Soon all the people fled the light and fell in front of Sirius Tao Zun