Chapter five hundred and forty-four Big move

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Xiao asked the knife demon Lan Xuan to approach the first attack at a high speed, which was Lan Xuan!
He is famous for his hard fighting in the underworld. At this time, he yelled at a right-handed magic moon machete and suddenly asked Xiao to cut it out! He and Xiao Wen both kept their original shapes. When the magic moon machete suddenly became bigger, they couldn’t see the handle behind others. When they saw a crescent moon, they crossed twenty miles and split directly at Xiao Wen! Fast speed seems to make people dodge!
Xiao asked clearly that the magic moon machete didn’t dodge because it was fast, but it had a strong force of law, just like Meng Muyu Sword Array!
Xiao Wenling’s fierce sword with a long fire has reached the seventh floor after the sacrifice, but it also has strong law force. However, there are many kinds of law force, and the sword blessed in exquisite fire is obviously not the law force of Meng Muyu’s fairy sword and Lan Xuan’s magic knife.
Frowning slightly, Xiao Wen suddenly raised his arms and turned into a fiery red arc nearly 20 miles long to meet the magic moon machete!
A look at Xiao Wen actually wants to play hardball with himself instead of defending the fairy against the knife. The magic is not surprised but grinning. A magic moon machete is faster and the strength is also increased!
Knife demon is best at hard fighting in his life. At this time, he is already drinking out "Give me a break! !”
The former dirty old man wanted to help him, and he had already judged from it that Xiao asked about the quality of the fairy sword. I feel that if I can’t cut off the little chop suey sword in the celestial world, I will cut a gap!
At the same time, Xiao Wen is also a sneer and called the blood mark of 90 thousand!
It can be said that Xiao Wen has never fought alone since he established the blood mark with 90 thousand, even if on the surface he didn’t use the means of animal way! In the case of 90 thousand, you can bring out your demon power and raise Xiao Wen’s avatar power to a certain extent
So it’s about to collide with the magic moon machete. The exquisite fire sword suddenly breaks the light and the blade is golden red, and then the magic moon machete collides together!
"Break your mother!"
"Choke! ! ! ! !”
In a deafening impact, the black gas flame scattered and splashed, and the magic moon machete and exquisite fire sword popped back respectively.
Just hit the magic moon machete and exquisite fire sword can’t attack the horse again, but in accordance with the usual xing bounce back, while Xiao Wen and the knife demon looked at the exquisite fire sword almost at the same time, and the magic moon machete just touched the place hard.
Gaps? !
It’s a pity that there isn’t even a shallow mark there. It’s as flat as ever!
The power of the exquisite fire sword is not to let people avoid it, but the strength and power of the fairy sword body! This makes it a seven-level fairy, but it can play a more powerful role!
Hard touch don’t fall in the wind Xiao asked by j and jīng god, but for a moment he felt the danger of a cold on the right side of his body!
Root doesn’t have to turn his head. He has seen in the desolate ancient sea that the blue Xuan knife wheel flew quietly!
The black Se knife wheel seemed to split out of the void and generally reached the baizhang on his right side! It seems far away, but it is almost the same as close combat for the realm of Yashen! The crazy rotation of the knife wheel has turned into a black Se against the light roulette wheel, and Xiao Wen can hardly react!
Fast concealment is the second of the three characteristics of this knife wheel!
However, when the sacrifice is refined to the seventh level, the Falun Gong can almost react one step ahead of the master, and it has already greeted the Daolun. It is this type of attack that it is most afraid of! At this time, Xiao Wen responded to the corridor force and poured it into the Falun Gong. The Falun Gong immediately turned into a golden Se ball and intercepted it toward the knife wheel!
At this time, Xiao Wen is still doing another thing!
Blue Xuan Dao attacked Xiao Wen and tried it again. Did you have a successful hand?
As early as when chopping out the exquisite fire sword, he had secretly mobilized the Haizhu! The exquisite fire sword is different from the fixed sea bead, which won’t consume Xiao Wen’s strength. It consumes the energy in the ocean heart. In the middle of the day, there was a 20-mile-long blue breath turning dark blue, and a blue Se crystal sword was cut out of it and split into the blue Xuan!
First the attack, then the attack!
Until this moment, Xiao asked before the wind fell!
"When! ! !”
When the wheel distance of the knife is 30 feet, the Falun stopped the wheel!
However, after the unexpected scene happened, the knife wheel was directly scattered!
The knife wheel turned into two small machetes, and the other small machete wheel continued to ask Xiao to cut!
Backward flying method: the golden wheel meets and collides with the knife wheel to the right again, but the one on the left is really hard to care about.
Everything happened in the light stone fire. Xiao asked the exquisite fire sword. Although it was in hand, it was impossible to face the left knife wheel because of the impact. Seeing that the knife wheel was about to be cut on him!
Strange! Is the third major feature of this knife wheel!
"Shout …"
The red light suddenly flew out of Xiao Wendan’s field, not a Qibao red knife, but a wing-shaped red with a light gold Se shield!
Double wing shield, middle left wing shield!
"When! ! !”
The knife wheel is chopping at the left shield, which arouses a black gas and a red light. The left shield quivers, but the knife wheel also bounces back!
Is it easy that the wing shield is transformed by the wings of the seven immortals, the beasts and the phoenix? !
Turned the knife wheel to attack Xiao Wen, but it still hasn’t fallen!
However, strange things are reborn!
I don’t know when the two knife wheels turned out to be a black Se chain. Now, although the knife wheel is blocked by Fajinlun and the left shield, the black Se chain is drawn from Xiao Wen!
I didn’t see a more frightening place until I came near Xiao Wen. The black Se chain was not made of metal. Every link was a strange-looking villain. Those villains looked normal at first glance, but the waist was not a leg, but another torso, and then they grew arms and heads! That is to say, those little people are all connected by four arms, two heads and arms, and they are dragged together to form the black Se chain.
Black se chain is not only beating those villains, but also raising its head to stretch its neck and open its mouth like a spectre. It is very anxious to tear a piece of meat from Xiao Wen!
Xiao Wen had never seen such a strange chain. When he wanted to and didn’t want to, he offered a double-wing shield and a right-wing shield and directly stopped it in the middle of the chain.
Although LanXuan in the distance is dealing with Xiao Wending’s attack on Haizhu, he didn’t forget to look here.
The ghost chain in his knife wheel is made of 49 strong men’s resentful souls, and each link represents a strong man or monster in the underworld who was killed by him! The root of the ghost chain is not a slap, but those strong people who complain about their souls! They bite not only the flesh but also the soul! I don’t know how many people were directly killed in the recent hundreds of years of fighting in Lanxuan! The ghost chain can be big or small. Once it entangles people, it will wrap them in three layers and three layers outside. Then every link will complain bitterly! How miserable it is to die like that! Moreover, the ghost chain has another powerful feature, that is, it can also be entangled and bitten by other people’s magic and fairy devices!
See Xiao Wen and offer a phoenix wing shield to block the central part of the black chain, and simply don’t let the ghost chain smoke Xiao Wen again and directly wrap it around the phoenix wing shield that just appeared!
At that moment, it wasn’t Xiao Wen or 90,000, but the right-wing shield, after all, took the initiative to welcome it and wanted to block the chain. Besides, it couldn’t run because it gave up Xiao Wen behind it as soon as it ran …
The ghost chain directly wrapped around the right-wing shield, but it didn’t sound "Hua" at that moment, but "Ah-woo" when the spectre roared!
"I know!"
This time, Xiao Wen poured Dao Li into the blood mark instead!
Wrapped in the ghost chain of the right-wing shield, the first resentful soul has stretched its neck and grown up, biting at the right-wing shield unceremoniously! When their mouths open to the extreme, they are bigger than half of their faces, and their mouths will spit out strange black gas, which makes people scream and bite on the right wing shield!
There are about a dozen ghosts wrapped around the right-wing shield, and they turn black when they hold the shield in their mouths. It’s quite hard and has the potential to be torn!