"Then why do many traditional Chinese medicine practitioners ask patients to do some western medicine examinations, such as taking pictures and taking blood tests?" The student continued to ask.

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And he asked this question, and many students also nodded and echoed it.
Hearing him ask this question, Li Chu smiled, "I sometimes ask patients to do some tests and tests, but these tests are not for me but for patients."
When he said this, his classmates froze and didn’t understand what it meant.
Even Li Wenxuan and Li Wenhui are the same. They don’t understand what examination means, not for doctors but for patients.
"I know many of you don’t understand what I mean. Let’s put it this way, a patient came to see me. Through my treatment, the patient’s symptoms disappeared, but he was still a little skeptical and worried about what to do one day.
What’s the simplest solution now? Let him do a test or take a film so that the patient can intuitively see whether his illness has been cured and I’m not feeling well. Explain to him that he still doesn’t believe me for a long time. Do you understand? "
As soon as he explained this, the students suddenly realized and nodded.
"that’s why more and more doctor of traditional Chinese medicine ask patients to do some western medical examination, with that aim of making patients feel white.
Of course, it does not rule out that there are many traditional Chinese medicine doctors, and he is also not sure that he also needs some western medicine examination methods to assist him.
Because traditional Chinese medicine is different from western medicine, western medicine has digitized all the symptoms, and he will give you a test. Oh, your one is over the standard value. Well, then you have this disease, and your one is over the standard. Well, then you have that disease
Traditional Chinese medicine is not like this. It depends on experience. If the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is not proficient in learning or has too little experience, then it is impossible for him to judge what disease you have by taking the pulse, so he can use those laboratory tests. "
Later, I answered several students’ questions one after another and the bell rang outside.
All right, class, that’s all for the first class. We don’t have extracurricular activities in this class, but if you want to pass the exam smoothly, you’d better recite it all.
When this statement came forward, he lamented that Li Chu also smiled. He had got up and was ready to go.
"Wenxuan, remember to take your cup away."
Before he left, he didn’t forget to tell Li Wenxuan to take his cup.
After that, he was just about to leave. Li Wenhui had already rushed over, holding his arm with one hand and walking out.
To return the seat, slowly clean up Li Wenxuan’s hand. As soon as he saw it, the speed was accelerated. He quickly picked it up and ran to the podium, then picked up the cylinder and ran out with it.
Leave a classroom, and the students look at each other. Although some students in the same class as the two brothers and sisters are confused, they all follow them out to see if they can eat any melons that are cooked and sweet.
Luping is unhurried and leisurely. What’s wrong with her heart? Then the brother and sister must have gone to singling out the family, so she won’t join in the fun.
Li Wenhui came to the college after pulling her father out of the classroom. She loosened her hand and turned her head to look at smiling dad.
"Dad, did you know you were going to teach us?"
"Of course, when the medical school resumed classes for seven years, the old dean looked for me."
"Then why don’t you tell us?"
Wen Xuan came running when Li Wenhui said this, and many students followed him, but those students were watching from afar, but no one dared to come over.
However, there is a male student who has been staring at Li Wenhui and wants to come over, but he is a little embarrassed to hesitate.
A classmate next to him poked him with his finger. "Hey, this is the time when the hero saves the United States. Didn’t you see Wenxuan’s past? It’s nothing. Go and see it, too."
"I …" The male student was still hesitant. After all, there is a school rule that students are strictly forbidden to fall in love. If he passed, wouldn’t it be Si Mazhao’s well known?
"Hurry up, what are you rambling about, Cheng Huaiyuan?" He also pushed the male classmate.
Has been pushed out, this male student called Cheng Huaiyuan is throwing caution to the wind, and he has the courage to come over to Li Chu’s side.
As soon as Lu Ping came out of the classroom, she saw what was going on here. She ran and jogged, but she didn’t catch up.
"Hey, what are you guys doing in the past?"
"Huaiyuan went to the hero to save the United States!"
"Oh, what’s the beauty of saving? That’s Wen Hui and Wen Xuan’s father. He ran over to join in the fun!"
"What did you say?" The students here all heard Luping’s words and looked at her in surprise.
"Miss Li is Wen Hui and Wen Xuan’s father, do you understand?"
"That Cheng Huaiyuan is not going to be unlucky!"
"You are also blindly joining in the fun. Didn’t Wen Hui refuse him last semester? What did he run for?"
Chapter five hundred Split
Other students don’t know about Li Wenhui’s engagement, but Lu Ping knows it all.
But this kind of thing she didn’t intend to go out from her mouth.
"My fair lady, you can chase me even if you refuse."
"What do you know!"
Li Chu saw this male student coming, but before he said anything, Cheng Huaiyuan spoke first. "Miss Li, I’m Li Wenhui, the monitor of their class. My name is Cheng Huaiyuan …"
Before he could finish, Wen-hui Li interrupted him to talk behind him.
"Monitor, what are you doing here?"
"I …" He was nervous at the sight of Wen-hui Li, and his face turned a little red and he didn’t know how to speak.
Li Chu looked at this male classmate and his daughter, and finally took a look at Wenxuan.
He didn’t know what the so-called monitor was thinking, but he was too lazy to care about it, believing that his daughter could handle it well.
I raised my hand and rubbed my daughter’s head. "I’ll go first. You take care of things."
Say that finish and took a Wenxuan shoulder "study hard"
Tian Jun has driven to a place not far away, waiting for him to say hello to the two children, and then Li Chu goes to the car.
Just as I was preparing for the car, I saw Lu Ping with a full face of worry.
And luping also happened to look up at this moment.
"Luping will go home with them when she is free on weekends."
"I know uncle Li!" Luping brittle replied
Li Chu smiled and nodded and sat in the car. Oda drove away from the medical school.
The students around Lu Ping also heard the conversation just now and found out, "Lu Ping, do you know Miss Li?"
"Yes, we couldn’t go home the year after military training. I followed Wen Hui to her home for the New Year. Teacher Li is very nice!"
Said Lu Ping had already walked over to Wen-hui li.
Li Wenxuan has said goodbye to Li Wenhui and left her sister. It is better to let her handle her own affairs.
After the younger brother left, Li Wenhui looked at Cheng Huaiyuan with some annoyance. "Monitor, I hope we will be ordinary classmates!"
"I … I … didn’t … didn’t … don’t mean … worried …"
Li Wenhui took Luping’s arm and interrupted the monitor’s words, "I really appreciate your heart, monitor."
With that, she ignored Cheng Huaiyuan pulling Luping and walked in the direction of the dormitory.
There are a few good male students with Cheng Huaiyuan who see that Wen-hui Li has gone away and hurried to come over.
"Huaiyuan, we just learned that Teacher Li turned out to be the father of Li Wenhui and Li Wenxuan."
"What did you say?"