Then Lin Ying dashed forward with a stamp.

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Lin Ying carried the old man on his back, which seriously affected his fighting.
After he rushed out, the first thing he hit was a short man.
Although the zombie body is short, its muscles are unusually developed.
His arm is almost thicker than Lin Ying’s calf.
Lin Ying crashed into the dwarf but was bounced back.
Lin Ying spirit directly kicked out.
This foot Lin Ying angle is very sharp.
Directly kicked each other’s feet.
Then Lin Ying quickly reached out with another foot and tripped over the zombie.
The zombie an unstable directly fell to the ground.
Zombies fall on the ground with a flips.
The short zombie fell to the ground and immediately alerted the surrounding zombies.
Then this zombie constantly waved his claws around him.
Lin Ying said and immediately rushed forward.
This time in front of Lin Ying is a female zombie.
But this zombie figure is unusually hard, and Lin Ying’s shoulder is deep, which directly overturns the female zombie.
Lin Ying didn’t go to the zombie but ran forward quickly.
There is not much time left for Lin Ying. He must rush out before the more than 20 zombies come through.
There was another zombie blocking Lin Ying’s way forward.
Lin Ying shouted at the old man, "Old man, hurry up."
Say that finish Lin Ying suddenly jumped forward at the same time, his own body weapon directly hit the zombie.
Zombies were knocked down.
However, after he fell to the ground, he habitually grabbed his claws around.
He grabbed a large trouser leg directly from Lin Ying’s calf.
Lin Ying felt the situation on her feet and suddenly broke out in a cold sweat.
If you just caught the meat directly, there is nothing Lin Yinggen can do.