Until now, they found that there was one more in the college.

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In the courtyard, the able-bodied men lined up, their families were running, and the crows were about to move. There were hundreds of them, and one person was not so easily seen by everyone because she was too eye-catching
Big red Shu gauze robe, big red embroidered phoenix heald dress, big red four-ring wishful belt, big red cloud head boots and high-pitched bun with red chardonnay hairpin … No one will dress like this except a rich bride.
But the "bride" is not a woman with a height of three feet, green skin, blue face and fangs, nose bleeding, forehead, three sarcoma corners and high muscles. Her fingernails are as black as ink and more than two feet long, so she is a fierce ghost.
No one in Zhenpage Villa holds a wedding ceremony, and there is no such bride in the world.
Cold moon and cold light see the slightest! If it weren’t for the warning of the sword operator, everyone didn’t know that fierce ghosts had concealed their bodies and invaded Zhuang.
The bereavement didn’t expect that his stealth spell would be dispelled, and he was startled and looking forward to Su Jingfei’s body.
"Not good!" In the distance, I suddenly came to exclaim … In the cold month, I came and went into the enemy’s nest. Nie Luoqi Qiao knew that I quickly turned my head in the accident here and saw the evil spirits in the happy robe in the village from a distance. I couldn’t help but exclaim.
It is at this moment that the cold moon suddenly blows up the sharp but firm but gentle silver waterfall, rolls back, slams the robe, growls, crosses his hands and turns his hands to Tianyi! It’s also a moon. It’s her moon that is full of blood and residual as a hook.
As soon as the bloody waning moon came out of Su Jing’s ear, she heard the ghosts crying sadly, and the bloody stench in her nose surged up, and the evil wind was like a knife cutting her whole body like a needle.
The loss of things is the blood moon going to carry the sword of Tianhe in the cold month. Everyone in the courtyard is almost unbearable. If the demon directly shoots at them, how many people can live today? !
The ghost, the blood moon, and the cold moon, Tianhe, the two great magical powers of the family, crashed into each other to fight against the funeral, but they did not fall in the wind! With this hand, you can firmly step into the realm of Yuan God’s cultivation or demon spirit.
The failure to kill at one stroke is not due to the poor repair of Lu Ya’s nine swords, but the sword symbol can’t be compared with the royal sword symbol method, which can bear the sword strength of Lao zu Lu, but he can play many matching spells when he plays his exquisite swordsmanship and fierce battles
"Oh dear!" Also, it’s releasing the magic weapon of red-violet and Qi Qiaoxian makes a second exclamation. Qiao Qiaosha’s eyesight of Zongzhen’s brother during the day makes her see the power of sword symbols, and of course, she also sees the loss of things … Qi Qiaoqiao is an Aquarius who practices himself firmly and can deal with that ghost. She never expected the other party to be so fierce.
When Su Jing saw a sword in the middle of a fierce fight, he didn’t want to wave spells with both hands to make him sing again. The release of two swords in Tianhe in the cold month has gradually disappeared, and the firm but gentle sword has soared. Three rounds of cold months are United, and the three firm but gentle rivers are the same. In the cold mountain waves, the blood moon is shattered and the ghosts are crying!
The ghost with a robe of joy has been suppressed for ten million years, and the loss of strength is serious. Eventually, it can’t stop the three cold months. The Tianhe sword and Fu Qiang attack spells are broken, and then the body is covered up. The firm but gentle blows the rotting body and the thick black blood is scattered …
Sudden fierce battles are all caused by "joining lotus"
The ghost in Xi robe urged the "walking corpse" outside to attack Zhuang to finish her spell as soon as possible, but she didn’t want to do it herself until Yin Yuan came back. But I didn’t expect that she suddenly realized an extremely sweet aura and immediately released Yin Shi to find out and found the little doll that was brought out of the token hole by the crow.
Nourishing natural materials and treasures is exactly what she needs most, and as far as she knows, no one will keep this spiritual thing for too long. She can eat it in one bite at any time. She wants to win the treasure. She must not wait for another sweep in Yin Shi and find that all the people in the field are worthless and can’t afford to recover.
Su Jingze was aware of her former Yin Shi snooping and thought of Shen Lian’s precious place. I dare not neglect to immediately release a sword to protect myself … If it weren’t for the young vigilance, I really don’t even know how I died this time.
"It’s broken!" Desperate to come to the villa, Qi Qiao exclaimed in the third place … But Su Jing did not hesitate to rebuke a "can’t walk" and waved his hands and ascended to heaven in four cold months!
Qi Qiaotian noticed that the vision had been tempered by the sun’s true fire, and the eyes could see clearly. Although the loss was destroyed, the "happiness" of the body was not supported by the body, and the red color became soft and collapsed with the fading. If you don’t pay attention, it will be difficult to detect that this dress is flying with the wind at a very fast speed and fleeing towards Zhuang.
The ghost body is condensed by Shaqi, and the happy robe is the real attachment of the ghost. In those days, this funeral object escaped many times by this smoke screen.
It’s a pity that this time she didn’t expect to look at it and repair it. It’s not worth a teenager’s wearing such a sharp sword and symbol. As soon as she met, she was hit hard and weakened. At this moment, she added serious injuries and lost things and fled. She didn’t expect the teenager’s eyes to be so sharp that she immediately found out her true shape.
In April, when the four swords are issued in unison,
In the cold moon, the shock wave of the silver plate rushed to the sky, and the moon broke, and the silver light cracked and the Tianhe poured out!
"Oh, my God!" God, the Qi Qiaoxian made a strange call for the fourth time. This time, she exclaimed because of Su Jing. What on earth is this small person carrying such a terrible sword … There seems to be endless.
There was no repeated confrontation, and a series of painful hisses were heard in the process of magic fighting. The body of the "happy robe" in the cold month of Tianhe sword struck and blew up a layer of deep and green jack-o’-lantern burning inch by inch fly ash.
Liu Liang felt that his heart was pumping Su Jing’s last blow and he went to four swords in one breath. How could he get such a big deal when he hit an evil spirit with his body broken?
The big black hawk secretly praised a "little Lord Ying". He is a bird of prey, and his fighting experience is much richer than that of Liu Liang. Is this robe-loving ghost terrible? In her heyday, she was even more generous than the bodhi old zu! The simplest reason for such a strong enemy to have to die is that if Su Jing finally hits one or two sword symbols, it will kill her if she fails to finish killing her. The consequence will be that she will fight back and die in the magic field, and no one will live.
At this time, if you want to kill her and blow her up, you have to work together by any means. You must never feel bad about your family.
Playing all the sword symbols at once is not knowing Meng Lang, but a youthful spirit.
"Look out!" For the fifth time, Qi Qiaojian shouted with a look of urgency. The magic weapon was almost directly planted from the sky and rushed to Su Jing. She could see clearly that the four swords were in line with the blow, and the wedding gown had not yet turned into a hard-to-detect virtual shadow and rushed to Su Jing.
Although it was an accident, it’s not surprising that if the lost thing would easily destroy the master who dealt with him in the past, how could it be that a ban was set up to suppress it without directly breaking her up?
However, even the seven strokes of the Tianhe sword before and after the "one and two, two and four" became a spent force. She couldn’t do any powerful spells, and she didn’t even have the strength to escape back to the nest. The last stroke was similar to the ghost-taking technique, which could take away his body. It’s best to erase his soul even if you take a lot, and die with this confused but ruthless little thief when fighting!
"it’s over!" The sixth cry was anxious and depressed. Qiqiao was still half a step late. When she arrived, the wedding gown and funeral objects had already been thrown at the Soviet Union. If it weren’t for the squirrel, she would have kicked the Qiqiao fairy away.
In the same instant, Su Jingshen suddenly rolled up in a light ring, and the light golden night in Yan was particularly enchanting …
The sun really protects Yan!
Suddenly, the shrill screams exploded, and the people in the village became angry. The ordinary people were tortured by this scream and fell down. Even the big black hawk couldn’t help covering his ears.
The sun’s true fire is pure and the sun’s fierce, which is the bane of Yin’s funeral. Su Jing is now practicing shallow and gratifying robes, but isn’t it exhausted? The last rush of mourning met Su Jing’s insulation, and Yan simply waited if he threw himself into the soul furnace.
Su Jing Zhou’s body was ablaze with fire, and everyone else retreated, but Qi Qiao walked into two steps instead, and his eyes were full of accidents … Nello was a true brother of fire, and everyone was an expert at playing with fire, but Qi Qiao didn’t know what fire it was.
The screams gradually faded, and after half a wick of incense, they finally disappeared completely. Six or two people scrambled to take off their robes and wondered if the little ancestors had burned their clothes. Later, they had to come out naked to be demon slaves, so they had to be prepared before they had this vision.
The culprit’s daylights out. The walkers outside stopped going crazy. There was a flash of clarity in his eyes, followed by a confusion, and then his body fell off and fainted.
Soon the morning dawned, not the sunrise, but the real page. The gloom in the mountain city dissipated. The moonlight was bright and the stars were bright, gently shining the city. The yin veins that were scattered all over the streets, brick walls and tiled roofs quickly withered with the demise of their owners …
The seven swordsmen stormed the first world war three times, and the shock wave was vertical and horizontal and thrilling, but they all added up to almost breathing kung fu, otherwise Qi Qiao wouldn’t catch up.
Zhuang is another "bang" sound. Su Jing’s protective Yan dispersed and was about to rush forward with a robe. It was full of accidents. "Yi" even after a follow, I was afraid that I was blinded by fire and rubbed my eyes hard. I was even more surprised to see Liu Liang’s expression … Su Jing was wearing clothes. To be precise, it should be a change of clothes, not the original robe, but a black flying fish robe.
A torch burned Su Jing into a little catcher? It’s too strange that it didn’t happen.
However, Su Jingfei’s fish robe changed slightly, and the big word on his chest was not "catch" but "good", which was extremely out of tune.
The 40th chapter cover don’t hope to quote things to property.
After all, Liu Liang has been mixed up for many years. The monster’s brain turned so fast that he was surprised and asked, "Is this … that wedding gown?"
The wedding gown is a treasure, which is refined into its own shelter by the loss of things. The place where the soul is attached has just lost things and Su Jing desperately. It is a process of fitting in first, then breaking the main soul, and finally monopolizing the body. After the first step, the loss of things is burned to the death, which is also the first step. Su Jing and the loss of things become the owner of this robe at the same time. Adding real fire to refine the loss of things, the robe naturally becomes Su Jing after death.