But the cloud drunk makes the kite longitudinal like this.

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It’s really rare.
"The master of the hall is forced by others?" Make the kite faint turned around.
Covering half your face is a bit faint, which makes people feel more and more nervous.
Everyone will also make kite angry, but who knows that he is staring at Yun Zuiyou with malicious intent and saying, "If you bear the stigma of being forced by others, you can do it more in line with some others, and you will really understand what is forced by others …"
Although he didn’t choose what he said, the meaning in it made people know that it was definitely many, many times scarier than it is now.
Yunzui knew that bickering again might make Kite really not so polite.
a wise man does not fight when the odds are against him
The thought of Yunzui immediately turned to words: "You can show me that you really are that person. You don’t need to implement this. I already know what kind of person you are, and you will definitely pay for it!"
It’s so hard to imprison her like this, and he will pay for her freedom like this.
When Yunzui finished speaking, she said to the person in charge of taking her away, "Don’t lead the way?"
She must be covered with dust at this time. She needs to wash it.
After Yunzui left, a woman in a silver robe came up behind Lingyuan and asked, "Don’s being so kind to her can actually hurt her body and punish her."
Wouldn’t it be nice to hurt your face?
Smell speech made the kite look at the cloud drunk and leave the direction, saying, "It’s a pity to see that face look painful."
If it weren’t for Yunzui’s face, he wouldn’t have had half a silk with Yunzui.
Wu Xiang Niang was not silent and then lowered her head.
Make the kite too affectionate to the person who looks like Yunzui.
But fortunately, the woman can’t find it, otherwise it will be a weakness for kite.
After Wu Xiangniang was silent, Kite asked, "What are the preparations? When can I move the knife?"
Smell speech Wu Xiang Niang immediately reported that "it’s ok to want to come to heaven. That face has been raised almost."
Smell speech made the kite nod and then didn’t say anything about walking away.
Wu Xiang Niang couldn’t help sighing.
It would be nice if kite was deeply attached to that girl and all of them were in the country.
It is not necessary to let the evening sunset take his place.
However, fortunately, kite created this killer in the strange pool country, and it is not a success to stop it. It can play a big role in the war between the two countries.
At that time, the country of Mochi will be worried about foreign invasion and want to cope with it!
Moreover, the kite may even command the Jianghu people to defect!
At that time, I was more sure that I could take the country of Mo Chi in one fell swoop!
949 Chapter 949 Change your face
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Trapped in the Lingyou Hall, she can’t get out, and now there are people guarding it outside the hall, and now she can’t do anything.
Even more don’t set fire.
A little unusual behavior was noticed.
For a long time, Yunzui was not in the mood to make any more trouble.
I can’t run out myself but wait for someone to save him.
In a flash, Yunzui was treated with good food, good drink and good accommodation for three days, except that he would lose his freedom, but Yunzui was tied to a couch all day today.
Don’t eat or drink anything, and don’t let her move now.
Yun Zui felt that he was asleep all over. When did he come alone?
Because every time you are in danger, Yunzui will be saved by the cloud, and Yunzui will not worry about his own safety.
Although trapped in the couch, the surrounding environment is very elegant and vaguely fragrant
Yunzui felt that he was hungry for a day, but he didn’t feel anything. He just wanted to turn over. Besides, no one was locked here. Yunzui stared at the ceiling and heard footsteps faintly, and immediately looked sideways.
See four people wearing silver robes carrying a stretcher came up this way.
Moreover, on the stretcher, there was a woman in silver and white, but her face was covered with something.
Yunzui can’t help wondering what experiment this is doing.
The stretcher was carried to Yunzui’s side. Yunzui saw him coming in and wearing a silver robe, which made him wear a mask covering half his face. His temperament was lazy and charming.
As soon as he came in, everything in the room was eclipsed.
"What on earth are you going to do?" Yunzui now feels that it is not as simple as he thought. If it is really body double, what are you doing now?
Yunzui frowned and stared at the kite.
The kite looked at Yunzui and stared at him without any response. Instead, he asked Yunzui, "You can escape from the Ice Temple before, but why did you stay so long this time?"
Didn’t the cloud remember that it was the cloud that saved her at the beginning?
At that time, I was suspicious of death, but I didn’t transfer to the cloud first.
She has a chance not to die
Now, the kite must have been drunk in the previous cloud or left the ice temple on his own.
But now darling doing nothing makes kite feel strange.
"Of course, I want to know what you are doing," Yun said calmly.
The smell made the kite slowly bulge its lip angle and then said indifferently, "You haven’t eaten for a day and now you smell the fragrance for a day, even if you have magic, you can use it."
This is the reason why Yunzui is not allowed to eat, but also lit spices to make Yunzui smell.