Lin Ying breathed a long sigh of relief. "That’s good. Being alive is better than anything else."

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Monitor Li was shot badly. It’s luck to be alive.
Li Qing didn’t answer the phone. After a short pause, she suddenly said to Lin Ying, "Lin Ying, I just turned around the factory and found that the motorcycle factory has been surrounded by zombies. We have to get out of there, or we can’t leave if they come in and surround the 319 car."
Lin Ying stared at the fire and said, "I have already discovered this problem, but I am not afraid that they will not come in."
Li Qing has some doubts. "What? Some time ago, we were asked to make a little noise here. After the zombies came in outside, we couldn’t get rid of them. We had to sacrifice many comrades every time to solve those zombies. "
Lin Ying smiled and pulled out a bottle of perfume and threw it to Li Qing. "Here you are."
Li Qing grabbed the perfume and when she saw what was in her hand, her whole face suddenly turned red.
The horse is the year of the dog. I wish you all a happy New Year and all your wishes come true.
Chapter 52 Fairy method royal beast
Li Qing was a little overwhelmed with perfume, and her little face turned red. "That, that brother Lin Ying, is this a little too fast?"
Looking at the red-faced Li Qinglin shadow is a little embarrassed. "Uh, this, I mean, this can isolate zombie tracking."
Li Qing patted his chest and said in surprise, "This can isolate zombie tracking?"
Lin Ying nodded. "Yes, this is hateful to isolate zombies. If you spray a little on yourself, you can isolate and connect with zombies. If zombies spray a little on their way forward, they will be diverted."
"It’s that simple?" Li Qingzheng’s eyes are hard to believe.
"Yes, it’s as simple as that, except perfume, such as toilet water, pesticides and air fresheners with pungent smell." Lin Ying continued to isolate Li Qingpu from zombie knowledge.
When I heard Lin Ying’s words, Li Qing’s eyes gradually became foggy and muttered, "It’s incredibly simple. If I had known this method earlier, we wouldn’t have died so many people, and those comrades wouldn’t have sacrificed blare."
Li Qing was holding perfume in her hand, and tears kept falling in her big eyes.
People who know how to isolate zombies can easily get rid of zombie tracking. Those who don’t know how to isolate zombies must try their best to kill all zombies or be killed by zombies.
In the past ten days, many soldiers in the 319 cars died in the rear. If they didn’t sacrifice, there would be no commander Wang behind them.
Although Li Qing has been crying, she gritted her teeth to prevent herself from crying.
Lin Ying patted Li Qing’s shoulder before "my condolences! The dead will sleep forever, and the living will continue to live. Let’s go and get back to the car. I’ll go and see monitor Li and Lao Yang. "
At present, the oil depot fire continues, but there are no zombies struggling inside. Those zombies who were introduced into the oil depot all died in the fire and turned into a pile of ashes.
Li Qing put away her perfume and wiped her face with tears. "Thank you, brother."
"Again? Come on, shout whatever you want. "Lin Ying shook her head and walked to the front of the black cat. Then she poked her foot at the black cat." Feed Xiaobai and go. "
Black cat millireaction
Lin Ying poked two more times "Hey, let’s go"
The black cat still didn’t respond.
Lin Ying’s command to the black cat through spiritual alliance turned out to be like sinking into the sea without any response.
Lin Ying frowned and squatted down to look at the black cat and found that the black cat curled up into a ball as if asleep.
Lin Ying felt a market strange way "asleep? You shouldn’t have. It was just a few minutes ago. Why did you suddenly fall asleep? I can’t wake up when I shout. "
Suddenly Lin Ying caught a glimpse of the zombie head next to a very dangerous thought. Lin Ying flashed in his heart. "Is it because of that pool of zombie brains? That thing is poisonous? "
Before lying down, the black cat ate that stinky pool more than zombie brains.
Nowadays, the black cat can’t even wake up. Lin Ying suspects that it is that pool of green brains.
At this time, Li Qing also noticed Lin Ying moving "What’s the matter?"
Lin Ying touched the black cat’s body and said, "Before you came, it ate something in a zombie’s brain, and now it’s like this. I can’t wake it up. I wonder if it’s infected and mutated."
Li Qing squatted and touched the black cat. "Let me see if I’m a vet."
After that, Li Qing picked up the black cat and touched its belly to feel the heartbeat of a black cat. "It’s strange that it’s OK to diagnose it initially, but its body has entered a deep sleep state."
Lin Ying some doubts "deep sleep? What is the reason? "
Li Qing handed the black cat to Lin Yingdao. "At present, I lack the equipment method to judge the specific cause and suggest to continue observation."
Lin Ying, holding a black cat, felt that there was no special change in its body, and then she found no abnormality through the spirit union, so she was a little relieved.
Lin Ying returned to the 319 car with the black cat and Li Qing, and the big dog was sent out by Lin Ying to patrol around to prevent zombies from breaking in outside the motorcycle factory.
Lin Ying, who entered the 319 bus, found that monitor Li was still in a coma and was lying next to the doctor and Xiao Liao to take care of him.
While Lao Yang is lying half-way on another inspection desk with a face of pale glasses and constantly talking with him next to him.
Lin Ying greeted everyone and went to another room to put the black cat on a table.
Lin Ying keeps an eye on the situation of black cats at the table.
After all, the black cat ate what was inside the zombie’s head. It didn’t have the evolutionary ability of the big dog. Lin Ying was afraid that it would be infected.
If a black cat is infected and becomes a zombie beast, its initial stage of corpse transformation is the best opportunity to be beheaded.
The black cat is the first animal that Lin Ying royal beast definitely controls. Lin Ying is reluctant to kill it, but if it becomes a zombie beast, Lin Ying has to kill it.
It didn’t take long for Lin Ying to sit in the room before Li Qing came in.
Li Qing found a stool to sit on. "Brother, I once asked you which faction of Xianmen you belong to, but you haven’t told me yet. Can you tell me now?"
Say that finish Li Qingzheng staring at Lin Ying with a pair of big eyes.
Lin Ying corners of the mouth take a smoke andao "again, I knew she would remember it again. I didn’t expect it so soon."
Lin Ying’s vitality and spells are stolen, and he doesn’t know which school he belongs to. Although it is said that the Lins are descendants of Xianmen, no one has told Lin Ying which school they belong to.
Now Li Qing once again asks about Lin Ying, feeling a little overwhelmed. According to Dad, the martial arts circle pays great attention to the classification and generation of sects. When two people from different sects meet, they usually sign up first and then rank their seniority with each other. Presumably, so should the Xianmen circle.
Lin Ying waved a series of complicated handprints with his hands, and his hands changed rapidly. "Which faction do you think my mark belongs to?"
Li Qing looked at Lin Ying’s hands with a serious face.
When Lin Ying’s royal beast was put to use, Li Qing took a long breath. "This is the immortal royal beast. You are a southwest royal beast master."
When I heard Li Qing’s words, Lin Ying’s face remained the same, but her heart was like a thread. "Holy shit, it’s so advanced to royal animals. It’s still a fairy method to royal animals."
Chapter 53 Advanced