Seeing its magic is like seeing the Sang Men star with a dirty face. "What are you doing here again?"

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God curled his lips before gloating, "which one do you want to hear first, good news and bad news?"
I don’t even want to say "good news"
"The good news is that Grandpa has come back and is entertaining guests in the front hall."
God glared at him. "What good news is this? At best, it is a message. "
God rolled his eyes. "That’s because you didn’t hear the bad news. After listening to it, you will find how good the news is."
"What’s the bad news?"
God immediately screamed with excitement, "The bad news is that Yao Meng Shen’s father will stay at home for dinner!"
This remark froze for a few seconds.
Warm corners of the mouth can’t help but take a sympathetic look at the client. If she hadn’t been calm recently, she would have been embarrassed.
Poor Yao Chuyuan is in distress situation. His eloquence and reaction are good. Now it’s really …
Only the magical reaction is strong. "What? Stay for dinner? "
God nodded excitedly. "Yes, yes, Sir Zhong has gone to the kitchen to prepare!"
Magic doesn’t quite believe in "Can Erbo agree?"
"Madam ordered Sir Zhong to dare to disagree?"
Magic can’t help but whisper, "Erbo won’t take medicine in the meal tonight, will he? Shall I take a detoxification pill first? "
God screamed, "Oh, what nonsense scares away the guests? Madam will spare you!" "
God looked coolly at Yao Chuyuan. "Are you going to run?"
Yao Chuyuan "…"
He really doesn’t want to stay. Is it because he hasn’t been out of the house for too long and doesn’t know how to communicate with people normally?
He looked at God with a wry smile and said, "Is my father like this?"
God thought for a moment and said, "They had a good talk."
Yao Chuyuan doesn’t believe in "true?"
God is sure to say, "It’s true that your father is really good manners and has been quietly laughing. Whether it’s the uncle’s words that are not amazing and endless crushing or the second master’s anger and anger, he is playing a self-sufficient realm, that is, it is difficult for the third master to make him gasp by enjoying the flowers. He is sitting on the mountain. It is a good concentration. It is really sad and admirable!"
Yao Chuyuan "…"
He knew that their father sent the door to be abused by others. Look at both of them. It’s better to deal with the original magic. Who knows, today he seems to be the combination of three brothers of God.
Magically, at this time, there came a sentence, "The grass is still like this. How much I want to eat our meal!"
Yao Chuyuan finally could not bear the stimulation and coughed.
Section 2
Looking at him warmly, I felt sorry for him again, but the beautiful man coughed with a kind of morbid beauty of Lin Daiyu, which was also very eye-catching. She couldn’t help but look at it more.
When he saw the bird’s eyes, he blinked evil. "Oh, it’s really a thousand miles to meet each other. I didn’t meet each other across the street. Hahahaha agreed not to see the result. I went around and finally met."
When I heard the magic, I was annoyed. "Shut up!"
I didn’t dare to continue to show off in an ostentatious manner.
Magic turned his head to despise Yao Chuyuan again. "You are really good at this routine one after another. I think eldest brother should ask you for advice. You figured out a lot of routines when you were alone at night?"
"What?" Yao Chuyuan once again tried to force what routines. Why did he become more and more incomprehensible?
Magic sneer "pretend to continue pretending to hum. First, you come here unexpectedly to play, and then you give me a gift to be attentive. Now you are up to no good, and you want to stay for dinner. Are you going to try your best to stay at my house to sleep again? You are really good. Step by step, step by step, step by step. I think your weakness is simply that you should be too careful … "
Yao Chuyuan rubbed his forehead in distress situation.
Looking at the sky warmly